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Tribute by Seventh-Monkey
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-08 06:07:37 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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Seventh-Monkey Seventh-Monkey
15 years ago2004-04-08 06:07:37 UTC
15 years ago2004-04-08 06:10:35 UTC
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Tenacious D - Tribute

Made for some machinima.

Runs in HL or CS and any other mods that use _player_start and _deathmatch as their spawns.


Commented 15 years ago2004-04-08 06:11:06 UTC Comment #1531
w00t - hell yeah 7th! This is just a tribute, u gotta believe it, and I wish u were there, just a matter of opinion............
Commented 15 years ago2004-04-08 22:20:50 UTC Comment #1542
before i download it give me some info like what its abought ps i filled up my 10 gegabytes in my hard drive i have less than a megg left im getting a 40-80 gegabyte har drive soon
Commented 15 years ago2004-04-10 05:11:53 UTC Comment #1550
It's from the music video. Pretty much WYSIWYG, heh.
Commented 15 years ago2004-04-12 15:38:24 UTC Comment #1598
i saw that video, lol
Commented 15 years ago2004-04-17 15:35:51 UTC Comment #1646
lol u actually put this is in the map vault? lol u crazy monkey :D I thought it was just for the filming ?
Commented 15 years ago2004-06-10 12:21:57 UTC Comment #2267
COOL!! I like it.
Commented 15 years ago2005-03-03 10:25:42 UTC Comment #6176
This is the greatest and best map in the world... Tribute...
Long time ago, me and my god seventh, he was makin a map, a long-and-a lonesome map.... All of a sudden, there shined a shiny light_environment.. In the middle... Of the map... AND HE SAID! mmmmaaaake the best map in the world, or i'll eat your soul....
Well me and seventh, we looked at each other... AAnd we each said.... 'okay'
And he made the first thing that came to his head - just so happened to be - the best map in the world, t'was the best map in the woooorld. Look into his eyes and its easy to see 1 and 1 make 2, 2 and 1 make three, it was destiny... Once every hundred thousand years or so when the sun doth shine and the moon doth glow and the grass doth groooooow...

Needless to say... The light was stunned. Whip-Crack went his avatar, and the light was doneth...

He asked us 'Be you angels?' and we said 'NAY! WE ARE BUT MAPPERS' UUUUUHUUUUUHU OOH AHH AHH! AOHOHOH! A OHOHOH AU OHOHOUIO' This is not, the greatest map in the world - no - this is just a tribute... Couldnt remember the greatest map in the world - nooo - this is just a tribute ahh - to the greatest map in the world alllright - to the greatest map in the world alllright - twas the best and the greatest map in the world aaahh- flip fega doobee doo daa flibabeeba ba dooba fligabee ba ba doo ba - and the peculiar thing is this, my friend, the map was made on that faitful night, it didnt actually look anything like this map - THIS IS JUST A TRIBUTE, you gotta believe me and i wish you were there, tis just a matter of opinion oh motherfuck! good god, you gotta love him, im so surprised to find you cant stop him, im finally raining down on this motherfuckin map yeeeahh!!!! alright!!!! alright!!! Greatest map in the wooooorld.. oooooh

Commented 15 years ago2005-03-31 05:58:27 UTC Comment #6480
wtf? are you alright?
Commented 14 years ago2005-07-31 07:12:54 UTC Comment #8341
there was a song like this, Hunter just changed the lyrics
Commented 14 years ago2005-07-31 07:47:56 UTC Comment #8343
It's the song that this box features in the video of.
Commented 14 years ago2005-08-01 06:43:41 UTC Comment #8368
Commented 14 years ago2005-08-15 05:14:14 UTC Comment #8582
fancy :P
Commented 14 years ago2005-10-18 06:09:18 UTC Comment #9471

it doesnt deserve 5 stars. nor does it deserve to be in the 'completed maps' section but god darnit i love that dong
Commented 14 years ago2005-10-18 06:46:12 UTC Comment #9472
Hah, typo and a half :P

1000th map, eh?

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