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Spearhead by Blueblade
Posted 14 years ago2004-04-10 11:48:17 UTC • Unfinished • Half-Life
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Blueblade Blueblade
14 years ago2004-04-10 11:48:17 UTC
14 years ago2004-04-10 12:18:18 UTC
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Spearhead is a singleplayer level, but since it's an unfinished version, you can only get to the entrance of the storage facility. Tell me what you think of it, if you have any suggestions, if you've found a bug (when I tested it, it ran great with no errors), etc. Note: Spearhead is supposed to be hard, so if you find that it's easy, please tell me. :)


Commented 14 years ago2004-04-10 12:37:16 UTC Comment #1556
The details in the readme are wrong. Quote marks are unnecessary usually, and you do NOT type '"C:SierraHalf-Lifehl.exe" +map Spearhead' into the HL console ;) just trying the map now...
Commented 14 years ago2004-04-10 12:44:03 UTC Comment #1557
Oops! I knew that statement looked a little strange. As for the quotations, I couldn't get it to work without them. Guess it's just something to do with Windows 2000. shrugs
Commented 14 years ago2004-04-10 12:50:33 UTC Comment #1558
Some very good bits... and some rather dodgy bits. First time I played the cinematic got stuck forever, lol, the grunts all walked up to me and I could just watch while gordy got surrounded. Love the run-the-gauntlet bit though. Sort out the first two bit grey doors, make them thinner otherwise they appear flickering in the wall when you're a long way away. 4/5
Commented 14 years ago2004-04-10 13:02:50 UTC Comment #1559
Okay, I'll work on the double doors. I also need to work on the big red door at the entrance of the storage facility that slams shut behind you. :D
Commented 14 years ago2004-04-10 17:38:13 UTC Comment #1568
Alright, I'm finishing up the first level. I'm planning on making Spearhead three levels.
Commented 14 years ago2004-04-10 18:03:52 UTC Comment #1569
Make a cool MOD witha storyline, and make it a whole bunch of levels. IT might take a few months, but it fun and you really accomplish something, like I'M trying to do with New Problem
Commented 14 years ago2004-04-10 18:56:27 UTC Comment #1570
I don't have rain.wad
Commented 14 years ago2004-04-11 01:11:52 UTC Comment #1575
It asks you for rain.wad? There's no rain textures used in Spearhead, though. . . I had a similar problem with barney.wad when switching back and forth between games, and the only way I fixed that was to load a new map. : I'll go back and see what .wad's were used.

Anyway, I'm currently working on the second level, though I may need to go back to the first and fix a weird problem with an env_sound I was having. What happens is that it seems to follow you around, which is really awkward because it's set as water. Oh well, I'll fix it somehow.

As for a storyline, hmmmmmmm. . . I may just make it a long mod. . . :)
Commented 14 years ago2004-04-11 07:25:24 UTC Comment #1576
Barney.wad/ Could it be...someone actually maps for Blue-Shift? Maybe I should...
Commented 14 years ago2004-04-11 11:02:40 UTC Comment #1579
If I were you I wouldn't include the rmf in your zip. Those are pretty big and if you have a map file it works better.
Commented 14 years ago2004-04-11 20:01:42 UTC Comment #1589
Hmmmmm . . . Okay. :) Let's say this mod had several .bsp's when it was finished. Instead of filling your maps folder with all of them, how could you put them all into one file?
Commented 14 years ago2004-04-11 20:05:41 UTC Comment #1590
Oh, and about the rain.wad . . . I may just use that .wad in level 3, so I'll add that in the .zip file for those who don't have it when I post the next "update."

In the meantime, you can always get it from the rain tutorial. :D
Commented 14 years ago2004-04-12 07:59:45 UTC Comment #1593
BlueBlade, you cannot put several bsp files in one file. I bet some guy has put together a crappy freeware that does and probably makes everything in the maps go crap. But as far as I know, no one has made a crap freeware like that yet.
Commented 14 years ago2004-04-12 08:19:47 UTC Comment #1594
"I had a similar problem with barney.wad"
Try removing unused WADs from the options before you compile. I get have that problem all the time... from not removing ricochet.wad before I map a regular map.

"if you have a map file it works better."
No, it doesn't. MAP files lose all their groupings, RMF is better... but a BSP is all you should publish unless you want people looking behind the scenes.

"how could you put them all into one file?"
Check out "Setting up a Mod" in the tuts section.
Commented 14 years ago2004-04-12 22:00:19 UTC Comment #1604
You can have multiple bsps in one file. It's called a .pak file, but they are compiled seperately and stored seperately.
Commented 14 years ago2004-04-14 16:48:56 UTC Comment #1620
I do plan on making a mod with this, so how could I create an install program that would include all the necessary files, rather than making a huge .zip file? I know that there are some install programs out there, but I was wondering what would be the best one, or if that would even be the best method . . .
Commented 14 years ago2004-04-23 16:32:16 UTC Comment #1675
iif im right www.clickteam.com
Commented 14 years ago2004-05-01 21:09:16 UTC Comment #1759
InstallShield for an installer? Methinks theres a demo version around somewhere...
Commented 14 years ago2004-05-01 21:32:21 UTC Comment #1761
Also, the outdoor corridoor hovered off the ground in my test, showing some sky through it.
Commented 14 years ago2004-05-01 21:44:31 UTC Comment #1762
Also, the outdoor corridoor hovered off the ground in my test, showing some sky through it.
Commented 14 years ago2004-05-02 20:02:23 UTC Comment #1770
Hmmmmmm . . . that's odd. Maybe I fixed that after Version 0.9.
Commented 12 years ago2006-01-11 18:25:25 UTC Comment #10437
Fun map with tons-o-grunts!

+funny that the door flops down on the grunts!
-add an autosave! :)
+liked the individual ammo crates with all the well, ammo :)
-camera holdtime is to long as i'm getting pwned and can't do anything useful while the camera is showing!
-end is abrupt an anti-climatic, no real story which would have been nice as well!

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