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Sabotage by ministeve
Posted 18 years ago2004-05-17 16:22:46 UTC • Unfinished • Half-Life
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ministeve ministeve
18 years ago2004-05-17 16:22:46 UTC
18 years ago2004-05-25 13:40:57 UTC

ive been working on this map for a long time. basically, your objective is to sabotage a small convoy of transport spaceships. a few things to go over.
1. BIG thanks to PTS for the texture.
2. when the map loads hl will take the size in vid modes down, so put it back 2 your seting when it starts.
3. the small ship at the left side is a drone controllled by the middle ship. just to avoid any questions.
4. to play just unzip it and put the bsp and wad into the valve/maps folder.
5. give me feedback!


Commented 18 years ago2004-05-18 03:20:19 UTC Comment #1907
You might want to wadinclude ship_tex.wad into the map...
Commented 18 years ago2004-05-18 06:09:33 UTC Comment #1910
Or attach the wad file
Commented 18 years ago2004-05-18 06:47:08 UTC Comment #1911
texturing looks kinda cruddy
Commented 18 years ago2004-05-18 09:37:01 UTC Comment #1913
And the lighting too, seeing from the screenshot...
Commented 18 years ago2004-05-18 21:00:18 UTC Comment #1924
Well this map could be great if you changed some things.
1. Space has no light. It should be pitch black outside the ships.
2. How is gordon breathing outside the ships?
3. The ships textures are really bad. Add some diversity or change them altogether.
4. The ships are too unrealistic. Add some engine exaust pipes or something. Make it look like the thing could actually fly.
Then you've got a good little mod.
Commented 18 years ago2004-05-18 21:01:26 UTC Comment #1925
Oh and if you have no lights outside the ships, put little lights ON the main hull so the player can see.
Commented 18 years ago2004-05-19 01:52:33 UTC Comment #1928
What is that thing in the screen shot? That better not be the ship. Ill download it tonight and give it a run and rate it tomorrow.
Commented 18 years ago2004-05-19 07:34:31 UTC Comment #1932
My opinion:

Bad designed spaceships. Bad texture usage. R_speeds are way too high for such an undetailed environment, so I'd say it's overall bad designed. No challenge in the fights too (Gauss versus grunts...).

The whole map didn't convince me. The only way I saw it was in space was the sky, and somewhat the shape of the spaceships. It's a nice idea IMO, but worked out very meagre.
Commented 18 years ago2004-05-19 11:12:30 UTC Comment #1940
i really shouldve put this in the unfinished maps, since it needed a lot of updating. all feedback taken into account. about the texture: it was originally a metal texture from the hl wad, but i had pts make me a new one. a little more info on how to improve the texture would b welcoming.
Commented 18 years ago2004-05-19 11:12:52 UTC Comment #1941
and its not space, its xen.
Commented 18 years ago2004-05-19 13:06:17 UTC Comment #1942
The texture itself isn't so bad-looking. More the fact that you used only one texture for all the spaceships. A little bit of variation would be welcome.

It's Xen? As I said before, it doesn't convince me. It has a very weak atmosphere. If a player can't see it's Xen after 10 minutes, the level has a bad sense of place.

Oh, and the wind sound was very, very annoying... :(
Commented 18 years ago2004-05-20 11:46:57 UTC Comment #1950
the wind is to indicate its high up. as for movement i was thinking of a scrolling texture. any ideas? the texture, ill have to ask pts for some more texture work. im getting to work on making the shpis look more realistic now.
Commented 18 years ago2004-05-20 12:09:40 UTC Comment #1951
btw, i appreciate the help but no one has actually given any good comments. did anyone even remotely like this?
Commented 18 years ago2004-05-20 17:09:29 UTC Comment #1954
No good comments? What do you consider a good comment then?

Well, I didn't really like it. Visually of low quality, and there wasn't really a clue in it altogether. When you pressed that button, a spaceship came near so you could jump on the heavy spaceship, right? And then? Is that the end? Pretty lame. Let us at least know when it ends. Even better, give it a satisfying end, like you actually acomplished something. For example, make the player escape on the small spaceship.

BTW, how did that little door to the 'control room' open? I had to noclip trough it...
Commented 18 years ago2004-05-20 19:46:46 UTC Comment #1955
Captain P:
There's some little button somewhere to open that door - cant remember where.
And, on the end space ship (teh heavy one) shoot the last/first of the cannons - they will kapboom.
Commented 18 years ago2004-05-21 01:55:03 UTC Comment #1957
Ah, I see... the cannons go kaboom... well, at least that's funny. Strange though that I can't destroy them myself, except for the last one.

Look, funny idea, but who knows they're destructible? It's not obvious. At least give us a hint. In HL, you always knew what you had to do. Here, I don't had a single clue...

Oh, and I still didn't find that little button... very annoying. Being stuck in an area really hinders the gameplay.
Commented 18 years ago2004-05-21 03:57:31 UTC Comment #1958
Hmmm... Where's my post gone? I put it here yesterday! Never mind.

There's is one: good concept! Keep it up!

I read for the textures, but I don't really get it. Do you want me to do a scrolling sky texture? It's normally impossible and a normal texture so stretched will be ugly or will produce high r_speeds. Custom textures for each ship sounds accomplishable and I'll make you some sprites that will make your level look good.

I see that people don't like your space... do you need a good example of space map? Or at least good form for the ships?
Commented 18 years ago2004-05-21 18:29:08 UTC Comment #1967
i need more variation on the ship textures. to open the door destroy the restraints on the cargo bit of the lil ship. for the turret i put a crack decal at the turret u destroy. as i asid its in a state of being finished but still has areas to work on. the idea was u enter the big ship and do something which is being put into a later map. i consider a good comment something liek "the *** was good" or "good points ***** bad points *******"
Commented 18 years ago2004-05-22 02:16:07 UTC Comment #1971
Then you have gotten good comments. Albeit more bad points than good point. But hey, at least you have some feedback what player like and don't like.

Let me think... you damage the drone wich causes a warning on the medium ship so the control rooms door opens, right? Then, you control the drone to get into position between the medium and the large ship, then you destroy the large ships small defences. Right.
I like the idea. But... your level requires people to know that they have to damage the drone. And that's definitely NOT obvious in this level. After defeating the grunts I had no single idea how to open that door. I wouldn't think of shooting on an object nearby as it seems that can have no influence on a door in another ship. It's not logical. Besides that, the door looks more like a vent entrance than a control room door. But that's just the look and not the gameplay. I suggest making it either more obvious and clear to the player or give him tips with text messages. Although the first option would be better.
I must admit that the crack decal does give the player an identification that these guns can be destroyed. That's a good sign towards the player.

OK, I get the point the level has to continue. OK, succes with it!
Commented 18 years ago2004-05-22 03:00:06 UTC Comment #1975
Forgive me my extensive bugtesting but when the drone is in place, you can jump off from it's lowest part and fall on the sky below. A trigger_hurt might fix this... ;)
Commented 18 years ago2004-05-22 14:20:12 UTC Comment #1996
Make an alarm panel that says WARNING Alarm will sound and some security override things. And the drone on a monitor, that should be enought for the player.
Commented 18 years ago2004-05-23 07:13:29 UTC Comment #2005
hey, u make the textures pts
Commented 18 years ago2004-05-26 11:18:40 UTC Comment #2074
moved to unfinished vault. partly because it seems unfinished after the reviews, partly to void serious spamming of the completed vault.
Commented 18 years ago2004-05-28 10:53:36 UTC Comment #2102
How's progress BTW?
Commented 18 years ago2004-05-29 16:49:53 UTC Comment #2121
i need textures. and what else i should do i cant remembe. tell me what i should do n ill do it.
Commented 18 years ago2004-05-31 06:36:14 UTC Comment #2152
Well, spice up the spaceships achitecture. Maybe larger spaceships as they can be really large. Try to make the inside realistic, watching Star Wars and such films can be very helpfull here.

Make the path the player has to follow (e.g. the things he has to do, how he can proceed) a bit more obvious to take away the confusion about 'what am I supposed to do?'.

Oh, and beware face splitting. Those little lamps on the walls split up the walls into a lot of faces. Make these little lamps entities.
Commented 18 years ago2004-06-02 11:08:22 UTC Comment #2193
ill do alll that. actualy if u look really closely theres a little bug i coudnt b bothered 2 work out in the lights that r part of the swinging door ;)

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