SwirusMap (call it "Dream")

Half-Life HL
SwirusMap (call it "Dream") by Crusader_bin
Posted 13 years ago2004-07-16 15:09:49 UTC • Problems • Half-Life
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SwirusMap (call it "Dream")
Crusader_bin Crusader_bin
13 years ago2004-07-16 15:09:49 UTC
13 years ago2004-07-18 06:30:52 UTC

That's my map! It's not best (for now) but i'm going to change maaany textures after i've get rid of few problems i can't solve. I want scripted_sentence to run correctly(scripted sequence also if something CAN actualy be done), change teleport so that its only on when the button is pressed (messed something with master) and, finnaly get those boxes at end to go up with the water, and go down when there is no water (for now 1 is ok, 1 stays in water and 1 stays in ...the air.) And besides that map "is" already playable but wait till i'm done with texturing, light improvments and the re


Commented 13 years ago2004-07-16 23:53:05 UTC Comment #2746
That map is crap. It took me about an hour to figure out how to get into the water room. And whats up with the constant damage? I picked up the antidote, but I was still being damaged. This map really sucks! I would give it 0/5, but 1/5 is the min.
Commented 13 years ago2004-07-17 07:07:06 UTC Comment #2751
lol when i've taken antidote it stopped taking damage after 4 secs, thats not finished map to play actualy. I've need to texture it, add better lighting fix boxes and scientcist AND add a text msg so that you know what to do (something like: A button. But how can i acctivate it?) i'll add another sectiosn of that map or just make onother (continuations). I'll repeat THATS NOT version for map for ratings. Thats a PROBLEM map. Wait ti'll i'm done, textures are crap i'm still looking for some cool ones on net (and don't rate, you can actually tell me what to fix. )
Commented 13 years ago2004-07-18 03:01:38 UTC Comment #2761
Turn the rating feature off if you don't want ratings.
Commented 13 years ago2004-07-18 11:54:42 UTC Comment #2769
So? Any1 already know why those boxes in water room don't float properly?
Commented 13 years ago2004-07-18 11:56:02 UTC Comment #2770
btw i'm almost done with texturing, still need to download only 1 wad more to download and i'll be done.
Commented 13 years ago2004-07-18 16:26:42 UTC Comment #2773
You also need to make getting the antidote easier.
Commented 13 years ago2004-07-19 06:33:18 UTC Comment #2780
why? it's easy. I thought that i need to make it harder lol but if you say so it'll stay as it is :D Hey, anyone already know how to fix that boxes problem? I just want the hole to be not visible when water is iside the room. You destroy the wooden box, water can escape than and you see beggining part of next outdoor section. PLZ i've posted a problem map (i belive i know how to fix teleport problem, still boxes and scripted sentence remains. I wan scientist to say: "Freeman you fool!" :D)
Commented 13 years ago2004-07-23 04:48:23 UTC Comment #2829
Why no one want to help me fix that map? :(
Commented 12 years ago2006-01-26 02:46:01 UTC Comment #10688
I wouldn't say it's too hard, but it's not too fun either. Kudos though for putting the autosave right before the puzzles :)

If you want to make a good go of this kind of map, I would recommend checking out some of Alexb911's or The Hunter's hazard maps.

Yours is way too small imo. The darkness was actually sort of interesting--Remo Williams' style.

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