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Posted 14 years ago2004-07-27 09:45:53 UTC • Problems • Half-Life
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CallMeN00b CallMeN00b
14 years ago2004-07-27 09:45:53 UTC
14 years ago2004-07-27 14:41:00 UTC

Well, not quite sure what the problem is...when i run the .bsp it gives me a error, Texture Lump.
This map is a map i have spent a hour on, i like it so much because its got: secret rooms, nulch area, ctf , and the mood is right(i think).
ps:i think i might need ot add lights...
So if you can find it in your heart...please help me :D




Commented 14 years ago2004-07-27 10:11:22 UTC Comment #2949
Don't have TFC, but have you tried recompiling after restart Hammer?
Commented 14 years ago2004-07-27 10:28:01 UTC Comment #2950
TFC can be free can't it, just a update to half-life? i'll try that...thanks
but i don't think thats the problem
Commented 14 years ago2004-07-27 15:37:11 UTC Comment #2963
A part of the map is outside the grid, move it to within the grid limitations.
Some buildings are a bit rotated, this may cause some anomalies (since vertices are set to the nearest grid point, while after rotating the nearly never match up exactly, giving slightly different faces than in the editor. Sometimes this causes leaks too. So, best to keep everything 90 or 45 degree angled, or use the Translate tool instead of the Rotate tool).
The map has no sky brushes around it, rather a black textured box. A sky might be better for the mood... :)
Also, the fences around could better be made func_walls, with Render Mode: Solid, and Render Amount: 255, so the bleu parts become invisible.
The overall layout is quite open, this may give high r_speeds, thus lower performance. 800-900 should be considered a good maximum for multiplayer levels, so lower-end systems can also handle the map.

As for the Texture Lump problem, I don't know. Since I don't have all the .wad files you used (and I don't know what files you used), I can't compile. However, I felt it might be helpfull to give you some tips. They might not solve the problems but it can be helpfull later on... :)
Commented 14 years ago2004-07-27 17:03:05 UTC Comment #2969
read tommy14's error site for the texture lump prob. i dont know the link off hand, but its the first site that comes up when you google :)
Commented 14 years ago2004-07-27 19:33:30 UTC Comment #2974
hmm, i didn't use any special wads, and how the ygot even is i wa making one fort, just copyed the other, and switched it around, unfortunatly it turned out uneven, being outside the grid, that was also a problem i started on the wrong side...all in all how does it look, d oyou think that the ping would be that high? and i did check tommys14 error no avail... :(
Commented 14 years ago2004-07-28 07:43:06 UTC Comment #3000
Things shouldn't be outside the grid limit. To solve it without getting your textures all bad aligned, tick the Texture Lock button (in one of the top bars), so it's on, then select all of your brushes and move them to somewhere in the middle of the grid.
As for the rotated walls, when you press Shift while rotating you rotate in steps of 15 degrees. Rotating things 90 degrees is the most safe. For slightly rotated walls, it's best to Translate them or use the Vertex Manipulation tool. But that one requires some experience, as it can give quite some errors when you don't truly understand it...

As for the Texture Lump error, I have never heard about that before. Strange...

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