Space Lasercore H-L Single

Half-Life HL
Space Lasercore H-L Single by Tlax
Posted 19 years ago2004-08-28 10:31:37 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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Space Lasercore H-L Single
Tlax Tlax
19 years ago2004-08-28 10:31:37 UTC
19 years ago2004-08-29 04:10:13 UTC
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This is a Sp map from a contest on Swedish LevelDesign, but the result from the contest have take so long time to publish, so I have decide to publish my map here on TWHL so all of you can play it.
Some of you have seen little from some parts of this map from The project, as have shutting-down.
Read the readme file before you start to play.
Have fun


Commented 19 years ago2004-08-28 10:53:25 UTC Comment #3669
Yes! after two days and many attempt now the download works.
Play it and comment it.
Commented 19 years ago2004-08-28 20:41:16 UTC Comment #3676
WOW!! man I love this! Great job, fun! :)
Commented 19 years ago2004-08-29 04:48:21 UTC Comment #3677
Commented 19 years ago2004-08-30 17:44:48 UTC Comment #3704
Nice work. Your puzzles make my brain hurt! :) Very nice, overall. I really like the way the mission objectives are given to the player using the laptop.
Commented 19 years ago2004-08-30 21:48:27 UTC Comment #3707
yes, that laptop was COOL. the one word to descripe this map would be "COOL". Tlax, all the maps i've seen from you are excellent work. 5 stars.
Commented 19 years ago2004-08-31 14:05:43 UTC Comment #3717
TLax, the elitist swede.
Commented 19 years ago2004-08-31 15:23:17 UTC Comment #3718
Nice thing to play trough. Architecture and texturing and such isn't outstanding but not all that bad overall. Just... nice to play trough. The laptop indeed is a nice touch, good to see you've put work in incorporating the story into the level itself. Keep up the good work!
Commented 19 years ago2004-08-31 16:51:30 UTC Comment #3721
Tlax you make maps as good as VALVe - if anyone doesn't rate this 5/5 they have no idea about whats a good map. There was like one or two errors that I found but nothing too bad. Getting through that one door using barney (the first one with barney) was tough, because it took me like 10 minutes to get him close enefough to go do that. And yes the laptop was very original and well scripted, just a suggestion if you ever do it again - make the laptop "self destruct", like in the Mission Impossible Movies.
Commented 19 years ago2004-08-31 16:52:26 UTC Comment #3722
WOAH, 89 downloads! WTF IS THAT? And only 8 comments and 6 ratings... sad....
Commented 19 years ago2004-08-31 18:11:20 UTC Comment #3723
Hello and thanks for all god word about the map it's make me happy.
davideo59: If you let Barney start to talk and let him do his jobb you don't ned to use "use" on him at all, the script do so he go after you to the end, but you must protect him on some places. Play it again and test to not use "use" on Barney :)
Commented 19 years ago2004-09-01 03:28:13 UTC Comment #3736
I've taken a look at Timefall now and commented. Late, yes, but maybe uesefull for you. I hope... :)
Commented 19 years ago2004-09-04 11:04:28 UTC Comment #3776
Probably the best submission since I've come here.
One single map, with a little story, quite good mapping and no nasty mapping bugs.
Good work!
Commented 19 years ago2004-09-11 15:59:37 UTC Comment #3892
Good job/ Bra gjort
Commented 19 years ago2004-09-11 18:37:01 UTC Comment #3895
Tack :)
Commented 19 years ago2004-09-21 00:16:18 UTC Comment #4005
Brilliant. Puzzles were very hard. 5 stars.
Commented 18 years ago2005-04-17 20:42:43 UTC Comment #6810
Great Mod. Loved the ship design. I agreed that the puzzles were hard and your maps are as good as valve...
Commented 17 years ago2006-11-03 18:35:47 UTC Comment #13417
I played this like 2 year ago but didnt comment ..:P
Everything is nicely done.
+Entity work was great
+Nice Puzzles not too hard or too easy
+Satisfying combat
Commented 17 years ago2006-11-03 18:41:31 UTC Comment #13418
Thanks / Tack
Commented 11 years ago2012-12-01 17:31:05 UTC Comment #20191
Commented 10 years ago2013-04-02 23:26:15 UTC Comment #20274
Great map, very well mapped and scripted!

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