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cs_lounge by The Creeper
Posted 17 years ago2003-10-05 15:58:28 UTC • Completed • Counter-Strike
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The Creeper The Creeper
17 years ago2003-10-05 15:58:28 UTC
17 years ago2003-12-14 12:20:10 UTC
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You find yourself in an large office building's
lounge, where all the employees come
for breaks. But you're not here for a cup of

Counter-Terrorists: Dispose of terrorists, or enjoy
a nice cup of coffee if you like.
Terrorists: Same old story, kill CT's

Let me know if you find any bugs:

Don't let me know if it lags, because you
can't tell me anything about lag...
I only get 7 frames a second on this map!


Commented 17 years ago2003-10-07 00:47:59 UTC Comment #296
whoa.... from the screenie that looks awesome...(drool drips fron my mouth)
Commented 17 years ago2003-10-14 05:24:36 UTC Comment #313
No it doesn't. Lighting appears to be non-existant, and the level appears to be poorly constructed. A lot of detail does not make a map good, you will need to learn more about when and where to put large amounts of detail such as this.

Take a glance at this screenshot:

There is far less detail but through use of the detail and blending using lighting and ambience, the author has made the map look and feel a lot better.

One of my screenshots:

Again, a lot less deail is used but the detail which is used is blended and enhanced using lighting and fine texturing. R-speeds in this area are about 400, making an educated guess, I'd say that your screenshot will have in excess of 5000. Software users will start dropping polygons at 800 and most people will start to experience frame rate dropping at 1000.

You need to learn how to use lighting to create ambience and you need to badly read up on r-speeds. You have too much detail in one area, which is why you have low fps.
Commented 17 years ago2003-10-22 15:44:03 UTC Comment #350
Well I think it looks good. Although I guess you can't judge a book by its cover. But the lighting looks ok in the screenie. You're being a bit harsh, KingNic! So shut it!
Commented 17 years ago2003-10-22 15:45:46 UTC Comment #351
R-Speeds are a big problem though. And you should try and reduce 'em in future maps. And kingnic is right: There is a LOT of detail. It looks good, but does it play well? In future, you can have detail, but reduce it a bit.
Commented 17 years ago2003-10-24 14:05:37 UTC Comment #358
Mmmm... Is the detail worth the massive lag you get on this map? I think for people with good graphics cards this map is fine. Not excellent, but fine.
Commented 17 years ago2003-10-24 17:21:52 UTC Comment #360
No, the detail doesn't even fit into the map. If the detail fit into the map then it would be good. but the detail sticks out and looks out of place.
Commented 17 years ago2003-10-24 17:30:19 UTC Comment #361
Ok I downloaded the map. As I suspected, almost all of the map is prefabs. Putting hundreds of prefabs into a map and putting it under your name doesn't make a good map. Without the prefabs, all you have is 2 SQUARE rooms. You are not using texture lighting, and the lighting does look dreadful.

And just because you can make floors reflective, doesn't mean that you should. Effects shouldn't be put in because they can, they should be put in to make something look good. And it doesn't make the map look good. And for those who were wondering, r-speeds in that shot above are in excess of 8500.
Commented 15 years ago2006-02-07 23:39:57 UTC Comment #10831
Link no workie :(

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