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ChickenMix by ChickenFist
Posted 17 years ago2005-06-13 18:19:09 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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ChickenFist ChickenFist
17 years ago2005-06-13 18:19:09 UTC
6 years ago2016-08-13 21:33:07 UTC
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Small HL1:SP mod.
Also play part 2:

Fixed bugs, all models included now.

After the Xen incident, the scientist built a base on one of xen's moons,
and sent soldiers there but somewhere on the way the commander decided to keep the base
for himself. You are ordered to go there to stop him.

Fixed download link!


Commented 17 years ago2005-06-13 21:01:24 UTC Comment #7735
Looks rad from screenie...will test later.
Commented 17 years ago2005-06-13 23:33:54 UTC Comment #7738
Looks cool, cant wait to test
Commented 17 years ago2005-06-13 23:46:32 UTC Comment #7739
Well, nice job mapping dude, nice details, textures, and whatnot. although near the end, the door above the gargantua that is at the end, the button that opens it is slightly off the wall. In other words, its floating in mid air close to the wall. Otherwise, nice job, cant wait for it to be continued (hopefully you're doing that, thats what it said at the end)
Commented 17 years ago2005-06-13 23:48:12 UTC Comment #7740
Oh i almost forgot, the little models for earth and mars, i think you need to place them farther apary and make them bigger, you could tell they were really small because they came up close to you quickly when you went towards the window.
Commented 17 years ago2005-06-14 06:13:50 UTC Comment #7744
Wooho,liked ur story.
Commented 17 years ago2005-06-14 08:27:54 UTC Comment #7747
Thanks, and I've fixed those bugs Android
Commented 17 years ago2005-06-14 08:53:27 UTC Comment #7748
Great,someone is still mapping for Hl1!! Lately there were only cs maps and Hl2 maps!
Commented 17 years ago2005-06-14 09:00:30 UTC Comment #7749
Commented 17 years ago2005-06-14 09:55:25 UTC Comment #7750
Missing camera.mdl :(
Commented 17 years ago2005-06-14 10:03:41 UTC Comment #7751
Oh crap, I forgot! Fixed, please re-download.
Commented 17 years ago2005-06-14 10:08:41 UTC Comment #7752
Thats why I couldn't play your map!!
Commented 17 years ago2005-06-15 08:00:38 UTC Comment #7762
It was nice!! Only whay did you create shadows with a func_illousenery below each lamp?
Commented 17 years ago2005-06-15 12:32:53 UTC Comment #7767
It thibk it looks nice
Commented 17 years ago2005-06-15 14:23:30 UTC Comment #7768
great costum textures,chickenfist!!!
Commented 17 years ago2005-06-15 16:40:03 UTC Comment #7770
Nice texturing and lighting; puzzles and transitions; and overall ambience. Good Job!
Commented 17 years ago2005-06-26 16:59:47 UTC Comment #7934
mmmm,,, chickenmix...

Map looks great from the screenshot!
I'll D-load it as soon as I get HL instaled! ( lazy.. )
Commented 17 years ago2005-07-03 18:57:31 UTC Comment #8030
Download link fixed.
Commented 16 years ago2005-10-03 10:52:47 UTC Comment #9314
downloading.. :)
Commented 16 years ago2005-10-03 11:20:55 UTC Comment #9315
I liked it! :)
There was a few bugs but I liked it!
+Game play
+Some time, you need skillzz.. :P (I played at medium though. :) )
+Nice placing of enemies, no spam, but could have used some more enemies.

-To few info_nodes I think, the monsters navigates bad.
-Sitting scientist was sinking in to the chair and the hands where inside the desk (hart to make though)
-Teleport problems.
-In the end, you saw that the place/walk that you where in stoped, there was a big wall in the way.

Teleporting problems:
When I jumped through the last teleport that leaded to the place where the garg was.
I went stuck in a wall.
I dunno why but it worked the second time.. :S

In all, great mod, but where were the new models? :S
Worth a 4,5, wich is rounded of to 5. :)
Commented 15 years ago2006-12-21 20:04:58 UTC Comment #13775
"The compressed (zipped) folder is invalid or corrupt"

I tried opening it with WinRAR too, but with no luck... Just thought I'd let you know. :)
Commented 15 years ago2006-12-24 07:49:36 UTC Comment #13808
Link fixed

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