Dead labs

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Dead labs by Ansith
Posted 15 years ago2005-09-12 09:01:45 UTC • Unfinished • Half-Life
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Dead labs
Ansith Ansith
15 years ago2005-09-12 09:01:45 UTC
15 years ago2005-10-21 03:54:32 UTC
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this was going to be updated but it cant


Commented 15 years ago2005-09-12 09:44:49 UTC Comment #8968
try to ignore th halls im not very good with them
Commented 15 years ago2005-09-12 12:43:01 UTC Comment #8970
Nice improvment!

-You used thin walls(only 4 units or something like that) I noticed it in the corridor before the room with the enemies. Try using 8 size grid(and walls) then you will probebly avoid most leaks And it doesn't metter how thick the wall is ingame for the parts that are open to the void or will be covered by another world brush wont be rendered anyway.
-All the bodies head torword one direction.(0) In the pitch yaw roll value you'll see three zeros. Insted of the second one write the desiered angle or if you're using hammer 3.5 move the upper dail in the direction you want the body to head to.
-Really short. But it's okey for it's only your second map and it's unfinished.
-You haven't applied any textures. Learn how to use the texture application tool.(tutorial called "texture application") This is seen when you look at the lamps, they are textured with a lamp texture on all their sides and the botom texture doesn't fit.

-/+This map had the exect mesuare of bulltes. I missed those annoying baby headcrabs many times!
-/+You didn't used carving/hollowing which is seen on the walls that doesn't always look like one pice and little bumps. The stuff that proved it are bad and should be removed. You can avoid those stuff if you'll use thicker walls!
-/+The gameplay and layout are much better. No more senceless fighting aginst thousand of grunts crammed in a small room.

+You used texture lights!!(the bevrige mechine) But for the lamps you used light entities.
+Lightning is much better. A little flickering lights and the light from the bevrige mechine makes that room look nice!
+You edited the prefabs!! Some are rotated and some are broken.
Commented 15 years ago2005-09-12 20:59:12 UTC Comment #8976
ok well soon this will be updated and the bodys will be turned i just learnt how to do that after i put this up it will be longer :D
Commented 15 years ago2005-09-13 04:53:26 UTC Comment #8979
Commented 15 years ago2005-09-13 13:18:33 UTC Comment #8984
Hmm, quite an improvement over your first map. Monster and weapon placement is a lot better this time.

Some additional comments (again, much has been said already by others):
  • Avoid flickering lights, they gets painfull on the eyes quickly. Yes, they can be used to create a good athmosphere, but use them with care
  • Give your maps a goal, and let the player know it. It's nice to play, but without a reason, players quickly get bored or annoyed
Good luck, and keep improving. :)
Commented 15 years ago2005-09-13 21:21:14 UTC Comment #8988
im going to make a story for this soon and a goal its just very hard to keep testing it it takes around 10mins to compile for some reason
Commented 15 years ago2005-09-13 21:25:29 UTC Comment #8989
oh and i forgot to add the big door going into the big room would anyone have a good texture to fit that or do you think its fine the way it is
Commented 15 years ago2005-09-14 10:10:51 UTC Comment #8993
Dude, that was almost awsome!

The textuiring needs improvment, and that metal floor surprised me, it was a bit of a distraction... And yeah, make it darker!

But the rest was awsome, you must complete the map!

I love it already ;)
Commented 15 years ago2005-09-14 10:11:19 UTC Comment #8994
Commented 15 years ago2005-09-14 10:19:06 UTC Comment #8995
wow thanks :)
Commented 15 years ago2005-09-14 10:23:50 UTC Comment #8996
did the sec pull out his gun when he tryed to shoot the zombie?
Commented 15 years ago2005-09-14 10:32:13 UTC Comment #8997
There were zombies in the map ?
Commented 15 years ago2005-09-14 11:22:31 UTC Comment #8998
yea the scientists with headcrabs on the heads
Commented 15 years ago2005-09-14 12:22:48 UTC Comment #9000
I didn?t see any :o
Commented 15 years ago2005-09-15 02:03:19 UTC Comment #9001
omg dident you the map is full of em
Commented 15 years ago2005-09-15 05:15:12 UTC Comment #9003
there will be a 2nd update after i resolve a problem in the map
Commented 15 years ago2005-09-16 03:18:16 UTC Comment #9019
i would be making better but i have a few problems like im trying to get a gonome in and a machine sound but it stuffs up every time after compileing
Commented 15 years ago2005-09-26 17:21:29 UTC Comment #9185
+nice scripthing--barney shooting at the zombie when you walk in
+nice placement of monsters
+good lighting/texturing
+fair architecture

Good Job!

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