TWHL Dedication Project

Half-Life 2: Deathmatch HL2DM
TWHL Dedication Project by Habboi
Posted 16 years ago2005-09-26 15:53:06 UTC • Completed • Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
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TWHL Dedication Project
Habboi Habboi
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
16 years ago2005-09-26 15:53:06 UTC
16 years ago2005-09-26 16:45:52 UTC
4.80 (15)
full star full star full star full star full star Download (Hosted Externally)

Here is the beast of the map!

Textures are huge so they have to be a seperate download!


12,000 KB

This map started out as a mini project where I would make a small map with all the members faces on the wall.
It later changed to rooms and I begun making a room suited for each member!

Ok so I started this 5 months ago so my skills differ now! You will notice that as you go from SariBous onwards...

I actually like this map! One of my favourites and I hope you like it too!

Credits go to Atom and the TWHL Crew!

Thanks for the support, I can finally rest with this map off my conscience!

Until next time!


Commented 16 years ago2005-09-26 16:34:49 UTC Comment #9171
Oh you need a sound also which goes in sounds/MP3 folder
Link here:

Ok I can't find it dumb me! Well Hunter has it!
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-26 16:35:39 UTC Comment #9172
I had the privelgae of playing this since its early stages and the complete transformation that thism ap has gone through in five months is spectacular.

When Habboi finally completed IEMC's map, it seemed like he was back on track after a long period of doing nothing. Mappers block you might say.
But after that he mapped like a steam engine!

Habboi's own room is like playing HL2 itself its so good.

I really feel that although gameplay isnt fantastic (how could it be on such a huge map)
this map is something for everyone to download. i even learnt some things about TWHL members that i didnt previously know from reading habboi's description of them.

All in all a fantastic map, especially sincei t has my beautiful face in it.

14,000 stars (rounded down to five)
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-26 16:37:45 UTC Comment #9173
oh, and a little bit of info -
there are some easter egg rooms... if you really care :)

try to find the hidden room
and perhaps you might want to check enitity names in the vmf :P
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-26 16:40:29 UTC Comment #9174
HEy sshhh!
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-26 16:44:55 UTC Comment #9175
"Mod_LoadBrushModel: maps/dedication.bsp has wrong number (1347633750 should be 30)" ive tried it in cs and hl both got the same result.... any ideas?
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-26 16:45:09 UTC Comment #9176
Quite liked it. My room was by far the best.
Some descriptions of people were quite out of line, and the asskissing alarm went off constantly, but the design on most of the latter parts were good and you did a overall very good work. Keep it up.

[Copied to forum post]
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-26 16:46:28 UTC Comment #9177
Oh yeah, and some textures where black/pink checkered - IEMCs and Habbois descriptions.
Rating: 4.
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-26 16:46:38 UTC Comment #9178
Aw, I didn't get a room? I saw my textures listed :/

It's for HL2DM, Mario, it was mis-labelled.
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-26 16:56:49 UTC Comment #9179
ahh ha! ehhhhh i gotta install... but i guess its worth it
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-26 17:07:56 UTC Comment #9180
Is it true that IEMC's and my pics are missing?
Ah I checked the zip and it seems you will see mytexes and some random files outside well copy and paste them in and it will work!
Sorry for the rush!

Ok Zombieloffe! Thats really nice! Thanks for that reply, I did try hard and I think it does deserve a 4 but no more...Ok so architecture is bland in places but when I finalised it, I just couldn't think of anything to bump it up!

Sorry Seventh, I hope I didn't dissapoint you! If you are 'that' desperate I could redo it :S

Dang Hunter you have a way with words!

Ok so the missing song can be found here:

Copy into sound/MP3
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-26 17:09:20 UTC Comment #9181

Commented 16 years ago2005-09-26 17:11:48 UTC Comment #9182
When I try to extract the file it says:

File skipped, unknown compression method.
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-26 17:12:25 UTC Comment #9183
The map that is, textures came out fine.
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-26 17:15:09 UTC Comment #9184
Well you need a newer ZIP extract as I used a new method that only new zip things use!
Ah man if I knew people were outdated I would have used RAR's!
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-26 17:21:59 UTC Comment #9186
zips only as many people [mysterious whisper]me[/mysterious whisper] dont have RAR ;)
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-26 17:30:38 UTC Comment #9188
L0V3 17
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-26 18:50:01 UTC Comment #9198
Damn sweet map !!

Is this the final version ? or is there gonna be more ?

and Seventh, shares a room with.. Ant I think ?
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-26 19:47:10 UTC Comment #9202
nooooes, I'll never get to play it!!! please Somebody make screenies of my completed area so I can see, also want to be able to read my description!1
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-26 21:35:32 UTC Comment #9203
Hmm.. None of the textures worked for me... and yes, I did put them in the right folder...

waaay..... too big...
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-26 22:27:42 UTC Comment #9205
Thank you Habboi!

I loved my section, a beautifully constructed cell block!

The bio textures didn't work for me for your room--which rocked hard btw!

Long Live Habboi you just made my day! :)

<runs looking for mom screaming: mom mom! i'm in a map!! mom mom!! :P
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-27 01:06:19 UTC Comment #9206
why... bother...?
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-27 03:50:59 UTC Comment #9208
That is... teh pwn!

Will there be a TWHL Dedication Project Part 2?

Im sure i will participate in that. ^^
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-27 04:06:21 UTC Comment #9209
Very nice map indeed. I can clearly see why it took you so much time and effort. There were lots of interesting parts, and your own combine room had very interesting brushwork.
As a dm map, it seems a bit rushed in some areas, but as a dedication map this is very good. I'd say 4.5 stars which turn out to be 5.
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-27 04:39:26 UTC Comment #9210
I can't wait to get home so i can try it :D
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-27 05:36:24 UTC Comment #9211
Am I the only one who's textures all worked ?
I made a folder in materials called mytexes, and put EVERYTHING * in there.
I made a folder inside mytexes called mytexes and put EVERYTHING * in there too.
And didn't see any pink/black.

* by everything, I mean every single file in the whole "mytexes" zip
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-27 09:10:06 UTC Comment #9214
Ok just to keep things clear:

You need the latest .zip extractor!
You need to download the map, the textures and the 1 song for hunters room!
Some textures are outside of the mytexes folder so copy them IN!
e.g. habboiabout, hunterface2 etc

Now there could be a TWHL dedication 2 perhaps for the ones I missed but not at this moment in time...

Your comments have been very kind and i'm glad you lot liked it!
Umm thanks to Seventh for posting it on news, thanks to hunter for testing it, and sorry for those who did not make it in namely Elon, Rat, jaardsi, jahzel etc!

Kasperg you are right it is rushed in 'a' way and this is the FINAL version unless people have problems with the fact that they are not in it.

Finally I never considered gameplay at all and 2 rooms were made by the public:

Saco made his in HL1 and I added the 2 rooms and props and vents etc...
Hunter made his room all by himself which is quite funky with the entity work!

Thanks again >D
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-27 09:24:40 UTC Comment #9215
I don't have HL on here right now, but can you give me a list of members in the map?
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-27 10:46:31 UTC Comment #9217
SariBous - done
Seventh - done
Ant - done
Hunter - done
Rabid - done
Unbreakable - done
IEMC - done
M_garg - done
MiniSteve - done
Zombieloffe - done
Trapt - done
Merc - done
Rowleybob - yes
Urbanebula - done
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-27 11:36:54 UTC Comment #9219
I could not see any pictures at all :(
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-27 11:37:15 UTC Comment #9220
Bah, nevermind. i saw it now;D
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-27 11:43:02 UTC Comment #9221
This probably is good but it's FUCK co's its HL2 .. so it's useless to some people.
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-27 12:02:27 UTC Comment #9222
Well if HL1 could handle this map, had hi-res textures and was easy to map then I would map for Hl1 :)
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-27 12:10:14 UTC Comment #9224
Okay no i've played it WITH pictures, and wow. This map is awesome. that's all i can say. AWESOME!

they only thing i can complain about is that my room is a bit square, but that's not a big deal. :)

i give this map 5 stars without the slightest hesitation, great job habboi
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-27 12:15:21 UTC Comment #9225
5 Starts! I love it!

I couldn't find my room though :P
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-27 12:17:58 UTC Comment #9226
Yeah i'm deeply sorry SariBous! You remember I started off with yours and Hunter told me it looked basic so I added some supports but I made your room so obsaleet that it was difficult to improve.

I hope you don't mind and thanks for that SUPER reply :D
Ok tbh I expected no more than 4 stars as it can be improved in a way but you must consider the work of the textures, each individual idea for the rooms, the text was chosen quite well, the bugs which scared me as I didn't make a copy and almost lost it :|
Lets just say I used func_detail too much which sorta screwed it up!

It looks like it's a success! I can relax hoo ra :D
Um ok so everyone has downloaded the song also? It makes Hunters space a lot more funky :D
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-27 12:40:21 UTC Comment #9227
also, i know its not my map, but i did make my room and i'd really like to know what people think of the entity work. it took quite a while :)
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-27 12:52:14 UTC Comment #9228

Link to pictures for those who do not have HL2...

And has anyone found the secret room?

Hunter made that room, the architecture isn't the best but the entities sure rocked :)
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-27 13:17:56 UTC Comment #9230
haha yea! I got the biggist room!
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-28 04:59:35 UTC Comment #9234
Whats the secret room? Is that the room with the working camera screen, with those two red lasers?

Commented 16 years ago2005-09-28 11:06:32 UTC Comment #9238
no :'( thats my room... i made it
Commented 16 years ago2005-09-29 11:00:54 UTC Comment #9249
Well the secret room is the old Hunter room, to find it, theres a wall in Trapts room thats not solid ;)
Commented 16 years ago2005-10-06 15:56:32 UTC Comment #9343
I'm just curious but is this it then :) Is the excitement over? I wonder if anyone has played this on a server?

Well to end this i'm going to say i enjoyed it, I enjoyed playing it and I enjoyed the comments!

Thanks ;)
Commented 16 years ago2005-10-11 21:54:35 UTC Comment #9413
Hurr Hurr, guess im not in there :(
Oh well, I don't really hang around here much anymore.
Commented 16 years ago2005-10-21 07:10:31 UTC Comment #9487
Finally i got hldm going normally so i tested it. GOOD JOB Habboi. Very nice. Although i noticed some weird lightning and other bugs.
Maybe my dm is b0rk? oh well
Commented 16 years ago2005-10-21 07:11:00 UTC Comment #9488
My room pwns :> It has cactuses in it.
Commented 16 years ago2005-10-27 09:26:42 UTC Comment #9610
Oooh, am I in it? :D
Commented 16 years ago2005-10-30 12:34:08 UTC Comment #9675
404 on the download
Commented 16 years ago2005-10-30 12:42:28 UTC Comment #9676
Yeah I had to remove it to free up some space for some images...Might as well put it back up now :)
Commented 16 years ago2005-11-04 18:09:28 UTC Comment #9724
Hahaaa, sweet! Never got to play it yet, but from the screenshots of my part, and others, its one unbelievable map. So for those who never downloaded... DOWNLOAD it ASAP!!!

Very good work Habboi.

I only expect the best from you... and what do you give me.. well.. THE BEST OF THE BEST!
Commented 16 years ago2005-11-05 11:54:39 UTC Comment #9725
Ah nice . Make me a room :>
Commented 16 years ago2005-11-08 10:48:52 UTC Comment #9796
He allready finished this project and won't be adding anything to it, i suppose.
Commented 16 years ago2005-11-17 18:40:49 UTC Comment #9909
Oh what an anamzing map this truly was! Perhaps my best...Will my future maps live up to it? Only time may tell...

On a side note I feel like making version 2 for those poor members who didn't get chosen...I decided I might do it after (and this is a might) I might do it after I have done my Gang-life map and Hunters prison map...

So don't expect it any time soon.
Commented 16 years ago2006-01-11 17:38:50 UTC Comment #10435

Brilliant map Habboi, Brilliant! I want more! Lol!
Commented 16 years ago2006-01-17 15:15:15 UTC Comment #10516
If you want more then wait...I have my other project to get on with...
Thanks for the comment.
Commented 16 years ago2006-01-23 14:31:58 UTC Comment #10652
Heh well i'm going to make a second version after my Resident Evil map project.

Should be a few months...

Until then say if you want to be in it.
Commented 16 years ago2006-01-26 08:04:14 UTC Comment #10692
*Saco made his in HL1 and I added the 2 rooms and props and vents etc...*

Commented 16 years ago2006-01-26 16:43:02 UTC Comment #10697
Ignore that..I always confuse you and Spag...
Commented 16 years ago2006-01-30 02:21:22 UTC Comment #10739
Uhhh...don't know if anyone cares or not but the link is broken.

FYI: Was in a hurry and didn't reaf comments. Don't know if something was already mentioned about this.
Commented 16 years ago2006-01-30 12:39:02 UTC Comment #10741
I took it down yesterday because no one else is downloading it so you know...

I mean every time I take it down the next day someone complains so unless you want it ask someone else!!!!
Commented 16 years ago2006-03-01 10:25:30 UTC Comment #11060
The link is broken...why did you take it down anyway..Its a map vault you know..
Commented 16 years ago2006-03-01 11:17:34 UTC Comment #11062
no one else is downloading it so you know...
Commented 16 years ago2006-03-01 14:08:51 UTC Comment #11065
New members will, or people who didnt got it at the 1st time.So put it back :/
Commented 16 years ago2006-03-01 14:45:31 UTC Comment #11066
Commented 16 years ago2006-06-07 07:12:35 UTC Comment #12138
Ill give it 4 because there was not me =P
But nah 5*
Commented 15 years ago2006-07-17 15:44:41 UTC Comment #12564

Commented 15 years ago2006-07-18 04:22:42 UTC Comment #12574
Well thank you...Although the caps lock is a bit over the top :|
I'm going to work on Dedication 2 again sometime...I promise.
Commented 15 years ago2006-07-20 09:19:38 UTC Comment #12597
=) i didn't use caps lock. it was shift
Commented 15 years ago2006-09-05 07:42:18 UTC Comment #12956
why dont i have a room :)
Commented 15 years ago2006-09-05 08:11:47 UTC Comment #12957
Because there was a party in my mouth and you weren?t invited!
Commented 15 years ago2007-04-04 13:31:00 UTC Comment #14567
Note to self: Finish Dedication 2, School Recreation and Horror Map.

Commented 14 years ago2007-08-27 15:07:19 UTC Comment #15613
Can I help? :D
Commented 14 years ago2007-08-27 15:45:21 UTC Comment #15615
Oh man that is quite old :) Horror map dead. School on hold. Dedication 2...Hunter can answer that one :)
Commented 14 years ago2007-12-18 11:44:17 UTC Comment #16115
Habboi, I have still not forgiven you for not including me in this map
Commented 14 years ago2008-02-15 18:10:25 UTC Comment #16390
Is Erty there? :D
Commented 10 years ago2011-07-01 14:50:37 UTC Comment #19309
Moooooocow :P
Commented 7 years ago2015-05-28 12:05:27 UTC Comment #20895
Tis broken :(

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