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Half-Life: Destiny by Daubster
Posted 12 years ago2005-09-30 10:59:53 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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Half-Life: Destiny
Daubster Daubster
12 years ago2005-09-30 10:59:53 UTC
6 years ago2011-08-01 11:35:23 UTC
4.63 (8)
full star full star full star full star full star Download (Hosted Externally)

Massive thank-you to Captain Terror for resurrecting this!

It's my entry to the competition "Xen Transport".

Took me ~10-14 days to make while mapping full-time.. -.-

Unzip the file to your half-life directory.
Good luck in the compo for everyone else.. :)


Commented 12 years ago2005-09-30 11:26:18 UTC Comment #9262
Did you enter to the compotition a text file with a link to this map?
Commented 12 years ago2005-09-30 11:46:07 UTC Comment #9263
Loved the way you linked it to the original half-life story!
Would have got 5 stars but I got stuck in the wall a few times.
Commented 12 years ago2005-09-30 11:47:19 UTC Comment #9264
youve won hands down.

mine is utter S*** compared to this



+ textures
+ layout
+ ambience
+ scripted squences
+ realism
  • cant really think of much!
  • i couldnt plant the bomb :( take it you do need cs to run it
Commented 12 years ago2005-09-30 11:50:22 UTC Comment #9265
take it you do need cs to run it
Nope I ran it fine in HL, just copied the folder "Daubster15" to my Half-Life directoy instead of Cstrike.
Commented 12 years ago2005-09-30 11:52:49 UTC Comment #9266
lol didn't read what you wrote! I'll download it and see whats better-kasperg's or yours!
Commented 12 years ago2005-09-30 11:57:07 UTC Comment #9267
Counter-Strike??? WTF? DISQUALLIFIED.

I'll try to test it in Hl1.
Commented 12 years ago2005-09-30 12:04:25 UTC Comment #9268
? Guess that the paths are wrong.. Sorry.. Just unzip the "daubster15" folder to your hl directory.. :)
Commented 12 years ago2005-09-30 12:11:12 UTC Comment #9269
You don't need cs to plant it. Just press use at the switch, which opens the cover, when you get the command. Theres an invisible func_button there which plants the bom. when the bomb is planted, the other security door should open and you should hear some beeps and a bomb plant sound.

You DO NOT need cs or any other mod for this map to work, I just made the paths in the .zip wrong!
Commented 12 years ago2005-09-30 12:13:24 UTC Comment #9270
How was that sepposed to be xen?? It could have been that you just teleported to a diffrent place on earth! It doesn't fit the theme.
Commented 12 years ago2005-09-30 12:13:36 UTC Comment #9271
Nice map anyway.
Commented 12 years ago2005-09-30 12:14:27 UTC Comment #9273
Look throught the window at the lab in the beginning.. It's Xen. ;)
Commented 12 years ago2005-09-30 12:16:07 UTC Comment #9274
Hmmm...I'm now confused! So you teleport from xen to destroy that crystal?
Commented 12 years ago2005-09-30 12:16:42 UTC Comment #9275
Commented 12 years ago2005-09-30 12:17:21 UTC Comment #9276
To change the DESTINY. So that aliens would have never come to earth..
Commented 12 years ago2005-09-30 12:23:52 UTC Comment #9277
Nice, some texture issues, but it's good ayways. :)
Cool voice acting.
Commented 12 years ago2005-09-30 12:30:05 UTC Comment #9278
Ok I listened to the scientist! You teleport back in time to stop the experiment, EXACTLY like tlax's timefall mod! It's in xen and now I'm really confused...is it connected to the theme, "XEN'S TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM"?
Commented 12 years ago2005-09-30 12:32:56 UTC Comment #9279
And in the level with the crystal the infor_landmark isn't placed corractly so I got stuck in the train!
Commented 12 years ago2005-09-30 12:34:20 UTC Comment #9280
And I think it's better then kasperg. But I'm not sure...I'll check it later.
Commented 12 years ago2005-09-30 12:56:52 UTC Comment #9281
Nah, no, he just has it in a counter-strike folder in his .zip file. Not really a good idea to do so, but it's a HL mod anyway.

I think this map shows some nice idea's, I found the time travel nicely done. Care for details (though it misses some polishing-up) and all... nice one.

I think that the gameplay is somewhat sober: it's just pushing buttons and running around. The rooms also looked like an abandoned part of Black Mesa while it's really just 2 days before the cascade. Also, some music during the transport rather than leaving it for the end would've been better, though the music was a nice touch.
Oh, and next time, please don't include your config.cfg... I had to adjust my mouse sensitivity as well as restore the keyboard commands to their default before I could play it as I'm used to.

All in all, nice map, good entry. Could've used a little polishing though. ;)
Commented 12 years ago2005-09-30 13:02:59 UTC Comment #9282
Good point about the config, I was starting to think my mouse was broken at one point!
Commented 12 years ago2005-09-30 13:23:14 UTC Comment #9283
Thanks. I know that it needs some polishing and I would have added to it to improve things, but I was very short on time and mapped full-time this week.
The tunnel you arrive in is supposed to be abbandoned. Listen to the speach of the scientist...
Anyways - thanks for the comments! :D
Commented 12 years ago2005-09-30 13:45:18 UTC Comment #9284
Yeah now that I think of it, it quallifes and I really like this map. It's great and I liked the way the vehicle is created. The first room is fullbright!
Commented 12 years ago2005-09-30 16:50:42 UTC Comment #9287
Looks awesome! Wow! I didnt' finish it, my hl is f*cked up, all the keys got unbound, and I don't have time to rebind them right now, but it is just...wow. Great detail, scripting, effects, sequences, wow!
Commented 12 years ago2005-10-01 07:47:52 UTC Comment #9293
Very nice map, specially because of entity work.
Sounds are also great, and the whole minimod clearly shows a lot of work has been put into it, very nice !!
As Captain P said, the map could have been a bit improved. Some areas had strange lighting, and I had to use noclip after the levelchanges: landmark problems, which are always hard to solve :(
I would've liked to see more of Xen, since this looked more like a human transportation system in a human map ;)
Commented 12 years ago2005-10-02 11:25:51 UTC Comment #9306
Yea, that was the hardest thing to do... To link it to Xen, coz the idea was too hl-ish. Anyways - bronze suits me just fine! :D
Commented 12 years ago2005-10-04 11:56:14 UTC Comment #9325
Told you there is little connection!
Commented 12 years ago2005-10-11 15:53:43 UTC Comment #9409
Blown away by this!

To give a proper review, I should prolly play it a few more times, but here goes anyway. Among all the goodies that were my favourites:

+Red screener
+The sounds and when the door closes to the time machine, and you hear that little seqence and the lights pop up--sprites?--, really cool!
+cool that you got the teleport to work with the func_train. whenever i try to spawn inside a train, it doesn't work!
+beautiful sequences throughout and nice, detailed story--with a nice way to account for finding a clear space to return to in the past
+great voice acting
+I loved how the time pod 'materializes' and pretty much the whole time travel sequence.

The only minuses I can think of are:
-I got stuck and had to noclip to exit timepod
-the ending was sort of blah
-should have been more Xen for purposes of the compo

This is definitely a 5 in my opinion, bugs notwithstanding!
Great job!
Commented 12 years ago2005-10-17 10:37:12 UTC Comment #9458
Timecops(or something like that) ripoff! And the scanner is ripped of timefall!

Xenish part is ugly! Bad texuring and artitecture in it.
Why was there a rail system near the crystal. Not much thought on that part...
Got stuck in the train when the level changed.
The part after the crystal was horrible and block. You probebly had no time for that.
First room is full bright.
Good artitecture and detail over all!
I like the way the train was created but since I'm not sure that wasn't done in timecops so I wont rate it...
You could have made the bomb visable!(Func_wall_toggle)

Good map it has some texturing problems thou. And it's hardly connected to xen!!
Commented 12 years ago2005-10-17 10:39:03 UTC Comment #9459
And the lightning was OK exept the first room with the scanner that should have had red light in it!
Commented 12 years ago2005-10-18 10:28:27 UTC Comment #9478
Well to make things clear:
I never played timecoops or whatever that mod is called.
And I don't remember a red scanner being in timefall.. :?
So I didn't rip anything..
Commented 12 years ago2005-10-18 10:28:55 UTC Comment #9479
Anyways - thanks for the 5* rating.. :)
Commented 12 years ago2005-10-31 13:17:44 UTC Comment #9694
Timecops is a movie! :P And in timefall ,before you enter a room that in it a scientist brifes you through a computer there was a simler scanner only not red.(the big block thingy that moves)
Commented 12 years ago2005-10-31 13:21:16 UTC Comment #9695
Yeah about timecops it's almost the same as there.(atlist thats exactly as what my brother told me) Anyway we both thought on the same ideas. I thought on a train that travles through a teleporter(almost as yours) into xen and bring people to there. I know decided it deserves a full mod for opfor.
Commented 12 years ago2005-12-08 07:47:45 UTC Comment #10033
Bad level_change,no clip at the second station so I jumped down..and there was no ladder so I couldnt get up..
But the building the ship part was great...it had very much entity work.But I jumped onto the hologram device then the hologram thing got stuck and couldnt ope....nevermind...But you have to think about the posiblities that the player can do crazy things...in map.Like trying to get stuck in the ship or trying to get out of the map...and stuff...And I couldnt understand the splash?
Commented 7 years ago2011-04-06 19:05:26 UTC Comment #18948
file dead :(
Commented 6 years ago2011-08-01 12:06:32 UTC Comment #19404
Found a mirror for this, and hopefully, Pengy will be updating the link and the hosting soon!

Temporary Mirror:

A great SP mod, excellent work that we have come to expect--and wish we'd see more of--from Daubster.

Please take my comments with a grain of salt, since i don't expect you to update this after all this time, and i'll try to keep the minor nitpicks to a minimum! ;)

+Excellent custom splash, sounds, and text effects!
++Superb cutscenes and special effects(the whole timepod/timetravel sequence part is very impressive!)
+good use of scripting and custom voice acting
+general good mapping as we've come to expect from you.
+great use of ambient sounds
+the "reactor" room(BM past) with the pipes is SO COOL-LOOKING!

+/- sweet lift(BM past) in future black mesa, though it has bugs reseting.
+/- Excellent implementation of the time pod, though it could be textured better.

-ends rather abrupbtly and feels a bit unfinished.. you could base a whole mod off this and it'd be rather interesting!
-couple clipping issues, but nothing you can't manuever with a jump or two.
-some texturing could be better
-scale seems a bit squished to me in most areas, but not horribly so. (past BM seemed much better mapping)
-i was standing on top of the "projetor thingie", perhaps it should be clipped and textured with the black/yellow caution stripes?

Minor Nitpicks:
-Plz delete config.cfg to avoid resetting a users keybinds

Even some room for improvement, i'm going 5 for excellent effects, attention to detail, and fact that this is an excellent example of one of your earlier works. Would love to see a sequel where you get stuck and eventually get back with the timepod!

great work!
Commented 6 years ago2011-08-01 13:50:28 UTC Comment #19405
Thanks for the review, appreciate it. :]

I remember leaving it all to the last moment, blitzing through the final maps in a day, which really could have used a lot more work. There was plenty of room for puzzles, etc. - like getting the power running again or something. Maybe even a small stealth section.

I agree with the scale being a bit small in most of the areas. The transport tunnels could've easily been made 2x the size to give it a slightly more epic feel.

And yeah, there's level change issues as well. Misplaced my info_landmarks in some of the maps.

Either way, thanks again for finding this. Brings back memories. ^^
Commented 6 years ago2012-05-04 21:54:42 UTC Comment #19945
Mirror 404 :/
Commented 9 months ago2017-09-16 12:25:12 UTC Comment #20642
Downloads gone.

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