Headcrab Revenge

Half-Life HL
Headcrab Revenge by Darth Duvet
Posted 18 years ago2005-11-15 05:39:49 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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Headcrab Revenge
Darth Duvet Darth Duvet
18 years ago2005-11-15 05:39:49 UTC
18 years ago2005-11-17 13:02:40 UTC
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Headcrab Revenge

Remember the first time a headcrab jumped out on you, well now is your chance for revenge.
Eight deaths, infinite headcrabs, hours of fun.

This is one of my first proper maps so I hope you enjoy it. Depending on its success I may make an extreme version sometime next year.

Please note this map is NOT 'fullbright', but my screenshot wouldn't come out any better.


Commented 18 years ago2005-11-15 07:37:12 UTC Comment #9892
quote This is one of my first proper maps so I hope you enjoy it /quote
are you sure?
Commented 18 years ago2005-11-15 07:58:53 UTC Comment #9893
wow! it came out quite cool!
its a first map Saco - chill! could be a bit of fun
Commented 18 years ago2005-11-15 09:10:00 UTC Comment #9894
oh,right...Didnt see that.Anyway I cannot download it atm but it seems that you have done your first env_laser entity work. :)
Commented 18 years ago2005-11-15 13:50:55 UTC Comment #9895
...and? whats the problem with that?
Commented 18 years ago2005-11-15 23:56:01 UTC Comment #9896
i thought it was great, I laughed so hard when the hammer came out

I managed to, umm, crash it, by hitting all the buttons at the same time (going down the line), the puncher that came out of the backwall got stuck and headcrabs got spawned to the right. But I loved it :D
Commented 18 years ago2005-11-16 05:31:26 UTC Comment #9897
yeah i know the masher/crusher gets stuck, that is an error i want to work on by extreme version, so you can go mental and still have it all reset. Any ideas for the extreme version would be appreciated, ie anvils, demolition balls ect...
Commented 18 years ago2005-11-16 09:33:53 UTC Comment #9898
Use your imagination.. :)
(or watch Tom & Jerry ) ;)
Commented 18 years ago2005-11-16 13:11:59 UTC Comment #9901
For shear novelty value I'm going to give it 3 stars. Its more of an example map/effects showcase though, so it really shouldn't be in here though.
Commented 18 years ago2005-11-16 13:54:38 UTC Comment #9902
Try not to stretch the textures.. if anything, make the scale of the textures smaller ;D
Commented 18 years ago2005-11-16 19:06:17 UTC Comment #9904
that ain't textures lighting! he he he!
Commented 18 years ago2005-11-16 20:46:33 UTC Comment #9905
I like it. Kinda reminds me of Scientist Slaughterhouse, only with headcrabs.
Commented 18 years ago2005-11-19 10:59:49 UTC Comment #9919
Pure fun!
awaits version 2
Commented 18 years ago2005-11-20 02:42:41 UTC Comment #9922
It can use more detail, but that hammer makes it excellent!:))
Commented 18 years ago2005-11-20 15:59:09 UTC Comment #9933
reminds me of my torture a headcrab:D
Commented 18 years ago2005-11-24 13:04:06 UTC Comment #9963
Quite nice. It was really much like Torture that alien..
And some of the traps were stolen, but if it's a first map - then it's really great. The hammer was very nice. You could have made a locked door, showing the player, how he got there.
Anywho - great first one. :)
Commented 17 years ago2005-12-07 18:52:57 UTC Comment #10030
Of course it's been done, but yours was quite nice. I especially liked the hammer and the spikes lolol.

Nice job. Quite amazing for a first map.

I agree that maps such as these probably would be better placed in the "Example" section.
Commented 17 years ago2005-12-20 12:34:34 UTC Comment #10161
I understand you didn't really care for the lightnings so I'm just going to comment on the mechines!

+ Nice traps I liked how you made these props.

+ Nice texturing on the props.

+ Entitywork was good too! I liked the hammer that it's two parts are well aglained.

First trap: Nothing special, just another explosion...

Second trap: A turret. Wasn't intresting!

Third trap: Poisnios blood shooter! W00t. Really strange. You probebly used a trigger_hurt.

Forth trap: Just another lazer beam. Nothing to see.

Fifth trap: Trap doors below the headcrab! I liked it. Watch them fall.

Sixth trap: I liked smashing them too! Probebly a func_door.

Seventh trap: A hammer. Cool one! How did you make the upper part folow the lower part of the hammer? Nice entitywork.

Eighth trap: Big spikes from the sides... stab it to death, or to gibs!

I was really fun and the traps are good. I'll give it three since the rest isn't that good:

+/- Texturing was ok. No misaglainments but the textures on the walls are streched!

+/- Lightning was ok. It doesn't need complex lightning so white bright light is good.

- Blocky artitcecture. Only two blocks connected together!
Commented 17 years ago2005-12-20 16:15:27 UTC Comment #10176
My Review:

+ Concept: The whole concept itself was amusing :).

+ Traps: The traps themselves were excellent, nice entity work!

- Architecture: Very bland and blocky.

- Texturing: Again, very bland.. and they're stretched.

- Lighting: Although it looked fullbright it actually wasnt... turn down the properties of the lights a bit!

It's fun for a while but then it tends to get boring. 3 from me.
Commented 17 years ago2005-12-22 15:32:59 UTC Comment #10208
Thanks for all your feedback. I willl try to work on a less blockier version 2. I will also add loads more traps, but fitting them in will be quite hard. and actually Elon, i couldn't get my trigger hurt to work even after my friend (alexb911) had a go at fixing it, so i used a very fast invisible door instead!

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