Ruled By Insanity

Half-Life HL
Ruled By Insanity by Elon Yariv
Posted 16 years ago2005-12-20 18:00:51 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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Ruled By Insanity
Elon Yariv Elon Yariv
16 years ago2005-12-20 18:00:51 UTC
16 years ago2005-12-21 10:20:28 UTC
3.71 (7)
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Since many people were having problems with the mod I posted this version that doesn't include the mod.(I also removed the sounds so they wont over write any of your files)

P.S: I know it's hard to climb but it's possible. I couldn't fix that, it was creted by a leaf saw through portal error that heppens in the compiling.(full vis is out of the question cause of the compilig time)

I also added the RMF since rowleybob asked me how I made the cork on the bottle fall like that. You can take a peep and see how thing were done now. You can even take some of the stuff in the map, just remember to give me the credits. ;) One thing you can't do is- STEAL MY MAP!!!

The Plot:

After what heppend in Black Mesa Gordon Freeman turned out mad(who wouldn't) and pissed of the administrator who sent the grunts to kill him. Now Gordon sets on a mission to kill the administrator, Dr.Breen.

Elon Yariv


Commented 16 years ago2005-12-20 18:20:37 UTC Comment #10179
Wasn't this your competition map earlier?
Commented 16 years ago2005-12-20 19:59:50 UTC Comment #10181
.RMF WOOT! Thank you for the nice Christmas Present!

I wrote a review for this previously, an saved it, but can't find it. So here is the "short list" of my likes/dislikes:

++Fav. part was the bullet holes w/fade through the ventilation HVAC duct!

+Architecture/layout were awsome

++PROPS and detail work was perfect--WINE BOTTLE WITH FALLING CORK!

+Lighting and texturing were great.

--mod format no workie/still not in mod format--yes, I red the intro...

-falling off the cliff 50,000 times was pretty annoying

Otherwise this was nearly perfect. Beautiful and inventive work.

5 stars
Commented 16 years ago2005-12-21 03:44:57 UTC Comment #10185
Yes it is satchmo, read the description.
Commented 16 years ago2005-12-22 13:13:46 UTC Comment #10204
No folders in zip file, meaning one has to extract each file seperately. Bad you, you fail.
Commented 16 years ago2005-12-22 13:37:55 UTC Comment #10205
And here's the review.

- Layout:
Pretty shit. I had no idea where to go. After looking around for like 5 mins in the same area, I find tiny steps that're supposed to be climb. The climb itself was quite painful, seeing as I kept flying off when jumping under a cliff. Some ladders would've been better.
The layout of the house isn't much to speak of, like 4 rooms.

- Lighting:
Quite bland. In the starting area there're some faulty shadows in the concrete block above you, caused by who-knows-what. In the house, it's all the same everywhere. Too bright, too standard.

- Gameplay:
Suprisingly good. This maps strong point. The grunt fight in the "living room" is amusing, and the rapelling ones in the start're a nice addition. They use too many grenades though - often blowing themselves up. T-t-t.

- Meh.
The brushwork in the house's quite bad - I mean, the bathroom stuff just looks plain bad. Maybe with better lighting...
The living rooms glassed-in-pool was a nice addition, looks quite funny.
Other areas're just boring.

Ugly, but quite fun to play. Very small, too.

Score: Strong 2, weak 3.
Commented 16 years ago2005-12-22 14:14:43 UTC Comment #10206
Nice map, elon, i'm impressed.

The outside looks very nice, the view on the cliffs was great.

Seeing that train in the cliffs from the spawn already gets me excited.

But it fastly gets ruined by your lil' jumping course. It really anoyed me!

I kept bouncing back, 2 times I died of it and 1 time I got stuck of it!

Once up, I could see a grunt standing on the balcony so I knew I was getting some trouble! That maked me excited again.

Anyway, I went into the cave on the top, wich was really dark.

There for, I had to use my flashlight.

I killed the nasty alien and I took the shotgun next to the skeleton.

This really adds a atmosphere, great thinking'

So, I went into the vent, wich was really cool because I could secretly watch the scientist and the grunts true the open views.

I really got a feeling of a spy, 007 style!!

The shots of lights coming tru the vent actually suprised me, very cool effect you've made there.

Once I shot the 2 grunts, I came in the inside.

The texturing and lightning was okay, it was pretty standerd.

Your lil' prefabs like the toilet were pretty fun.

The fight against the grunts was interesting and it wasn't very easy, good fun. I also liked the gman part with the sentry gun.

Litle things like the fish tank and the round-about-bank were also very nice.

So in pro's and cons

+ Lil' things like the toilet.

+ Layout, just fine, just fine.

+ Architecture, basic, but good.

+ Gameplay, I really liked the 007 style.

+ Gman part and the bullets of lights true the vent.

+/- Lighning, it was alright but to standerd.

+/- Ambience, wasn't bad.

+/- End could have been better.

- Rotating fan in vent had no source.

- Climbing Course

5+* Nice one.. ^^
Commented 16 years ago2005-12-22 14:21:16 UTC Comment #10207
5 stars btw
Commented 16 years ago2005-12-22 16:23:06 UTC Comment #10209
"Pretty shit. I had no idea where to go. After looking around for like 5 mins in the same area, I find tiny steps that're supposed to be climb. The climb itself was quite painful, seeing as I kept flying off when jumping under a cliff. Some ladders would've been better."
"- Climbing Course"
Read the description. That thing was created by a leaf saw into portal, and I couldn't run full vis for it already took 4 hours to compile.
I agree I should have used some kind of rope or something... and to climb on the small first ledgh, is quite annoying I admit. Did you try walking to the other piller there is a secret in there.

As for the lighting I agree, I didn't work so hard on that. But does your house has cool lighting kinds and colors. I don't think so easpesially in a rich man's house.

Artitecture sucks I know. I mostly worked on the props.

"+ Gameplay, I really liked the 007 style."

lol I just placed a few grunts! haha, didn't even think of that like that.
Commented 16 years ago2005-12-22 19:38:47 UTC Comment #10212
No, a regular house might not have all pretty lighting. But a game should. Fewl.
Commented 16 years ago2005-12-23 00:35:01 UTC Comment #10214
I'm going to try this in the morning. prepared to get flamed to death ;)

Commented 16 years ago2005-12-23 05:13:47 UTC Comment #10217
Asshole alert! <Klaxon sounds> Asshole Alert!

2 stars my ass Zombiewhore!!!!

A map of this quality with so many great things--not least of which a 1st-place compo winner--doesn't deserve a 2-star rating and you know it!

Jealous much? Take some more anti-depressents, and then rate this again ;)
Commented 16 years ago2005-12-23 07:35:15 UTC Comment #10218
"No, a regular house might not have all pretty lighting. But a game should. Fewl."

Kasperg said I should be coherent as possible. This is sepposed to be realistic.
Commented 16 years ago2005-12-23 11:47:29 UTC Comment #10223
Ok well heres what i think, The map was well done I like it.

+Liked the xen enclosure

+layout of the house was good

+I liked the way you had to sneak in

+keys I love keys

-Had a hard time getting up the rocks

Thats all I can really remeber from playing, I can't play it again my computer is going hell slow for me. But nice work :D 5*
Commented 16 years ago2005-12-23 12:17:49 UTC Comment #10224
"This is sepposed to be realistic."

Well it isn't realistic.

Time for my review!

+ Gameplay was very good, it was fun and actually quite hard.
+ Some pretty nice details, like the soldiers shooting holes in the ventilation
+ It felt like you were breaking in to a real house ;D

Here comes the bad things

- Lighting. it's the same wherever you go, which kinda sucks
- Architecture is a bit boring. It works but it could look better
- You could have used more ambient sounds
- Texturing is pretty bland
- The climb ;D

Overall i think it's a good map, it isn't exactly the most beautiful map i've seen, but the gameplay is solid and fun. And that is much more important than looks IMO. Next time try to get some nice architecture into the map as well :)

I've had a hard time deciding if i'm going to give it 3 or 4 stars. No offense elon but i think 5 stars is for PERFECT maps, and this sure isn't perfect.

I'll give it 4 stars though, because it was fun to play
Commented 16 years ago2005-12-23 13:28:33 UTC Comment #10226
I never said it's perfect. I think quite the oppisite! I hate this map.

About the realistic bit, I know but in the house it shouldn't have dim or colorfull lighting. This isn't a club and he's sepposed to be rich.
Commented 16 years ago2005-12-23 13:33:03 UTC Comment #10227
"No folders in zip file, meaning one has to extract each file seperately. Bad you, you fail."

Blame winzip which sucks not me!! It ignores all the folders. Winace is better.
Commented 16 years ago2005-12-23 19:03:10 UTC Comment #10234
Stop trying to defend it with "it's not supposed" (it's spelled supposed y'know)

So you're saying that your house has no shadows whatsoever? It's just the same light everywhere with the same nuance and intensity? yeah right.

ffs stop getting so cranky and upset when you get critisism, you obviously didn't think anyone would say something bad about it just because you won a contest that had like 4 entries. grow up
Commented 16 years ago2005-12-24 11:21:04 UTC Comment #10240
Indeed, don't go al defensive!

Sjeesh, I don't care if that jumping thingy got ruined by a error, it still sucks..
Commented 16 years ago2005-12-24 19:28:04 UTC Comment #10261
lol you're right
Commented 16 years ago2006-01-12 11:56:38 UTC Comment #10439
where shall i go? i can't find a way from the climping... PLEASE HELP ME... "but i'ts look like a whery good map..."
Commented 16 years ago2006-01-13 12:00:31 UTC Comment #10454
Now have i try the map and i find out too come trought the climping area and i'ts a wery good idea with the climping, but the two first steps is dificult to climp. (Maybe you can make it a bid longer.) but i give it... 4 stars
Commented 16 years ago2006-02-04 15:54:53 UTC Comment #10798
These two steps... these small one... Grrrr

Sorry about that I was too lazy back then to aglain a ladder to the cliff. And I'm not going through the compiling, again. :( Those steps were the easiest part of the climbing for me, the other parts were much harder.

If I would change it(and I wont) I'll remove all that climb and add a vine that you will climb on (gunman has a texture for that) and will add a face ladder instead the two lower steps!

...Maybe I will remake it... I cant stand having this entery here...
Commented 13 years ago2008-09-05 07:42:15 UTC Comment #16807
This map is awsome ! 5 stars dude !

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