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Shadow Example by Snpbond
Posted 16 years ago2006-04-09 12:30:19 UTC • Examples • Half-Life 2
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Shadow Example
Snpbond Snpbond
Half-Life 2
16 years ago2006-04-09 12:30:19 UTC
16 years ago2006-04-09 12:30:19 UTC
Download (20.23kb)

A simple example map that demonstrates how to use shadows to hide from the enemy :D


Commented 16 years ago2006-04-09 12:30:57 UTC Comment #11463
Sorry for the bad picture, not much to see in the map :( Just interesting what some people could do with it
Commented 16 years ago2006-04-09 15:52:41 UTC Comment #11464
I don't really get it but,, downloading
Commented 16 years ago2006-04-09 15:57:30 UTC Comment #11465
Hehhhey! That's really clever!
I had no idea what LOS was untill now, that's great!
Finnaly I can do my stealth map idea!
You pwn man
Commented 16 years ago2006-04-09 18:15:05 UTC Comment #11466
:D was gonna make a full out stealth map, but I didnt really want to work it all out, maybe I'll do it soon though
Commented 16 years ago2006-04-09 18:15:55 UTC Comment #11467
make sure you look at the vmf, the LOS doesnt make them not see you, its a trick, us trigger_proximity to turn a ai_relationship on and off, it works well, only make one and then copy it :D
Commented 16 years ago2006-04-10 10:31:19 UTC Comment #11468
Oh, I see.
What does the LOS do then? :)
Commented 16 years ago2006-04-10 17:24:17 UTC Comment #11471
the LOS creates the shadow, its just there to block the light so the person can see if they can hide there :D

I orginially thought it would blcok the npc seeing you but learned it wouldnt :(
Commented 16 years ago2006-04-10 18:50:14 UTC Comment #11472
Heh not to brag but NF (The Mod) is also using this technique for their stealth maps...

Brilliant example!
Commented 16 years ago2006-04-10 22:59:45 UTC Comment #11474
NF? Could you give me the link to that mod? That would be sweet to play through an entire map using this! I might make one myself, who knows ;)
Commented 16 years ago2006-04-11 08:27:56 UTC Comment #11477
Commented 16 years ago2006-04-26 17:59:09 UTC Comment #11593
Good example. I like the idea!

Note: only 1 ai_relationship is really needed. The default disposition of metropolice to the player is "hate."

The map can be simplified by deleting one of the ai_relationship entities. For the remaining ai_relationship, set disposition to "Like," "Start Active" to NO, and trigger that ai_relationship with the trigger_prox's (entering the prox triggers Apply, leaving triggers Revert).
Commented 16 years ago2006-04-26 18:20:39 UTC Comment #11594
For what it's worth:

Playing around with the LOS texture, I found that it does have an effect on the metropolice. I added an LOS area away from the trigger_prox's which does, indeed, create a shadowed area.

When in that shadowed area, the NPCs will draw and aim at the player but do not fire. Weird. Other than for shadowed areas, it would seem to have limited use blocking line-of-sight of NPCs.
Commented 16 years ago2006-04-26 19:21:43 UTC Comment #11595
Oh, yeah I was trying some other things and must have forgotten to delete that one :(

I originally had a trigger_once parented to an npc but when he moved it wouldnt turn, only move with him sort of thing
Commented 13 years ago2009-07-21 12:36:17 UTC Comment #17670
maintain offset
yeah old map is old.
may not even work. idk

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