Rockets for Spirit

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Rockets for Spirit by Elon Yariv
Posted 14 years ago2006-06-22 16:32:53 UTC • Examples • Spirit of Half-Life
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Rockets for Spirit
Elon Yariv Elon Yariv
Spirit of Half-Life
14 years ago2006-06-22 16:32:53 UTC
14 years ago2006-06-22 17:21:53 UTC

This map demonstrates two ways of making missles that are shot from a particular spot!

This map also shows how to make rain in spirit and Info_texlights in both spirit and Hl1.

No need for having spirit to check this one, it's in a Minimod format and the Dll and stuff are included. Bigger Screeni included in the zip!!


Commented 14 years ago2006-06-22 16:37:33 UTC Comment #12286
Nice effect. Very good example.
Commented 14 years ago2006-06-22 16:38:09 UTC Comment #12287
yea but, its always been easy things in spirit.I mean your other example is better.Well, good thing you keep trying for better :)
Commented 14 years ago2006-06-22 16:42:15 UTC Comment #12288
Hmm.. You could have merged those 2 examples. They are the same kind aren't they? Just include a readme telling that the other file is for spirit and that's all.
Commented 14 years ago2006-06-22 17:19:39 UTC Comment #12289
Hey saco, You didn't even download! :x

SpaG, If I will I'll have to host the map somewhere. ;)
Commented 14 years ago2006-06-24 21:14:30 UTC Comment #12344
I'm sure this is cool--looks cool from the screenie--but what's the point of using spirit?

I never realized it, but I suppose I'm a bit of a hl/cs purist after-all :)
Commented 14 years ago2006-06-25 02:30:41 UTC Comment #12363
Spirit doesn't make it that easy! It's quite the same as Hl1's one, in technical terms.

You guy seem to have too much prejudice against spirit. Everytime you see something with spirit you back off and say that it doesn't worth anything, it's easy to map for it and that it has not point. Spirit doesn't have an env_shootmissle entity, it doesn't have entities for everything. It's still is a chalange mapping for it.
I myself didn't use many of spirit's stuff, but what I used was needed. I didn't use all that alias/locus/calc/motion stuff.
Commented 14 years ago2006-06-27 12:03:57 UTC Comment #12401
Elon.. your absolutely correct! I don't know how many times I had to argue about spirit. Everyone thinks it's so different from hl, that they continue mapping for hl simply because they seem scared.. what else could it be!?
Spirit is the EXACT same as Half-Lifes dlls. It just has some added features. If you choose not to use the added features, then don't.

I never could understand why experienced mappers still choose to map for Half-life instead of spirit. It just makes no sense whatsoever. But hey, it's there loss. :)
Commented 12 years ago2008-10-01 16:01:23 UTC Comment #16904
I agree that HL mappers should upgrade to spirit, especially if they use source too, but players would have to upgrade to spirit too, and not everyone sees the point. LONG LIVE SOHL!

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