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My First Map - IckyLab by Dave932932
Posted 13 years ago2006-08-02 14:07:06 UTC • Problems • Half-Life
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My First Map - IckyLab
Dave932932 Dave932932
13 years ago2006-08-02 14:07:06 UTC
12 years ago2007-07-30 00:08:21 UTC

Hi there! I just learned how to set up hammer, create brushes, etc. I started out wanting to make a map based on Half-Life cliches, but now the theme is of a lab where they test on and observe ickythasours. I haven't added a real ending though, so that's why it's "unfinished". Tell me what you all think of it.

12/01/06: I can't get lighting (RAD) to run. I'd like someone to help fix these problems with me:
  • The ending sequence is totally screwed up
  • A bookend in one area falls into the shelf instead of onto it
  • Get lighting to run!
  • Included is the BSP and RMF


Commented 13 years ago2006-08-02 15:46:50 UTC Comment #12719
from the screen it looks better than most of the stuff in the vault.
Commented 13 years ago2006-08-07 21:20:54 UTC Comment #12783
Very slight detailing changes made to map. Uploaded. August 7th, 2006.
Commented 13 years ago2006-08-10 22:01:12 UTC Comment #12809
Superb for a first map!

+fun gameplay
+Nice detail--ammo boxes ftw!!
+generally nice mapping all around
-ending unclear.
Commented 13 years ago2006-08-10 22:04:14 UTC Comment #12810
-wadinclude your custom textures
-provide the proper directory stucture for your content in a folder called VALVE. This way, somebody playing your map needs only copy/paste one folder to get your map up and running.

I'll try to play later to give more detailed comments, but keep up the work! seem to be doing fine on your own :)
Commented 13 years ago2006-08-13 22:39:49 UTC Comment #12834

Spiced up the storage area. Uploaded.

Thanks for the comments. I cut an ammo box in half, moved the top half up and copy pasted the thing lol. -wadinclude crashes hammer for some reason :( Right now there's no ending.

Just for now i'll type out the rest of my concept. I'm planning to have the explosives blow a hole in the rock wall to continue to the rest of the map.The player will go through the hole, see a large drawbridge. It'll have broken down, blown up cars strewn across its road surface. I'm thinking about a wheel to turn to lower the drawbridge. Across it, there will be a grunt vs. vortigaunt battle. The player will kill the winners. A few broken teleport machines will there, but one will still be operational. There will have a big red button linked by cable to all the machines broken or not. (to tempt the player heh heh). Once it's presssed, a votigaunt will spawn in, the doors to the booth will swing open it'll charge up an attack. After that, the player will enter Area 51, the sector of Black Mesa that manufactures explosive crates and barrels.

But I don't have any skills or know-how to do any of that :( But until I then, don't steal my ideas :P
Commented 13 years ago2006-08-25 02:43:13 UTC Comment #12890

Status Update!

-Tweaked vending machine exterior
-Fixed plunger!
-Added bookshelves, with bookends that tip over when you destroy the books
-Added frame for skylight
-Some texture alignment tweaking
-Added new hallway and spawn area
-Added spiral staircase
-Added lots of barrels
-Texture lighting in the new hallway
-Tripmine decided to compile yay!


-Lightswitches won't control texture lighting
-hgrunt still has grenades even thought I set weapons value to 1(MP5 only) he keep blowing himself up
-office chair and compute refuse to move when pushed even when func_pushable(d)
-will need to make gman walk away when leaning againist window
-VIS takes 30 minutes!!!


-barney will operate scanner letting player into building.
-add hint brushes to lower r_speeds and compile time (lows around 40-100, busy and more roomier areas balloon to 650)
-Gman in scene talking with soldier, looks at player when playr leans againist locked door
Commented 13 years ago2006-08-25 02:45:19 UTC Comment #12894
Sorry need to compile that stuff, haven't uploaded those changes yet.
Commented 13 years ago2006-11-29 06:50:58 UTC Comment #13577
i love this guy ^_^

Obviously has a real passion for mapping :)
Commented 13 years ago2006-12-04 16:48:42 UTC Comment #13604
Compile log from RAD-less map.
Commented 12 years ago2007-08-23 17:21:17 UTC Comment #15587
I always made IckyCages :P then went on to spooky maps...

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