ba_tram1 - Recreate Competition Entry

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ba_tram1 - Recreate Competition Entry by Habboi
Posted 15 years ago2006-08-05 09:26:03 UTC • Completed • Counter-Strike: Source
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ba_tram1 - Recreate Competition Entry
Habboi Habboi
Counter-Strike: Source
15 years ago2006-08-05 09:26:03 UTC
15 years ago2006-08-05 14:27:24 UTC
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This is my entry for TWHL's 2006 Source Competition.

After trying the other entries I now know I shant win any place but I did enjoy making it and the reward for it is a nice portfolio piece in my recreating folder.

Thanks folks.

Notes: This map uses both CS:S and HL2 Materials so copy them over or you miss out. - To save time - Gmod uses all materials so you can play it in that mod as well.

Good luck to Trapt, Kasperg and Doodle. - Who I know will get 1st, 2nd and 3rd.


Commented 15 years ago2006-08-05 10:41:09 UTC Comment #12744
This entry is the most faithful to the original. It could be a positive comment if you had used displacement maps instead of the traditional blocky terrain method ;)
Congrats on fixing the train problem.
Commented 15 years ago2006-08-05 12:29:00 UTC Comment #12746
Phew, I thought the first comment would be "It's crap"...

A few things: Half-way through I just noticed 'Unique Theme' and tried to change my ideas...It was too late so I spent a 'VERY' long time recreating everything. If you copied ba_tram1 over it then you'd get a pretty close scale.

I got lazy near the end and as you can tell from the cave...A bit blocky.

I could have used displacements but I'm still not confident with them yet so I opted for faithful blocks.

The train was so simple...I had FX set to 0 instead of 255. >_<
Commented 15 years ago2006-08-05 12:51:30 UTC Comment #12747
90% of the textures could not be found.
Commented 15 years ago2006-08-05 13:05:46 UTC Comment #12751
Notes: This map uses both CS:S and HL2 Materials so copy them over or you miss out.
Nubface :P
Commented 15 years ago2006-08-05 13:59:59 UTC Comment #12752
Change the label to CS:S then. I think people get confused the way it is.
Commented 15 years ago2006-08-05 14:27:36 UTC Comment #12753
Done and dusted.
Commented 15 years ago2006-08-05 14:47:08 UTC Comment #12754
Habboi: ah. :D
Well, it looks nice!
Why didn't I think of copying them over..
Commented 15 years ago2006-08-05 14:52:53 UTC Comment #12758
To be honest I think it only uses like 2 or 3 HL2 textures anyway...Heh.

Comment Read Maddymoo - Shame this isn't a voting competiton eh ;)
Commented 15 years ago2006-08-05 16:33:16 UTC Comment #12761
You should of used pakrat to zip the materials with the bsp. it only takes 5 seconds.

Anyway, I dont know if I will rate it since you thought it was supposed to be a exact recreation.

It really needed displacements.

The env_sun was too big.

everything was too blocky.

It was a good recreation of the map to the EXACT brushwork.

The curve for the train stop area on the roof was nice.

Thats really all I can say. It was really missing the "source" feeling too I guess. Felt like HL1.

I do understand it is an exact recreation, so thats why I will not rate.

If you made the rocks displacements that would really make a BIG difference.

A little trick I do for displacements, is I transform the brushwork down with the map (a copy of course) and create the displacement while its small. it prevents spiky terrain, and lumps. Resize it, and place :)

If it was a Hl1 map I would give it a 5.

A source map, it gets a 3.
Commented 15 years ago2006-08-05 16:44:33 UTC Comment #12762
Fair Review.
Commented 15 years ago2006-08-05 21:18:48 UTC Comment #12763
Hmm, interesting..
I haven't played it yet but I'll find some time today...
tbh the 3d skybox looks like the best part of the map... in terms of 'sourcified'ness.
Although you were going for a recreation... next time you could add a lot of brushwork to the existing beef em up a bit and give them a better feel.
I think everyone used displacements... so it's a shame you didn't... try making a few test maps with them until you get confident, so you can use them when another compo comes along.
For instance: the sand seems to bring the map down (not talking about the skybox in this case) , generally because it's so repetitive.. the dust blend textures would've helped.. and are generally a preferable option.
yeh 3 or 2/5 because of the obvious mainly. (and the others deserve the 4's and 5's :P)
Commented 15 years ago2006-08-05 21:42:05 UTC Comment #12764
I don't know how I'm going to do this without sounding like an arsehole, but I'll try (since you've been so nice to me lately).

This map is WAY below your standards, Mr. Habboi. No displacements and blocky architecture meant the only real improvements over the original was the lighting and 3d skybox.

Also, you've marked the map as CS:S, and you've got the zip set up with HL2 structure! This is RIDICULOUS, as if you open in CS:S there are no player starts, and if you open in HL2 there are a whole bunch of missing textures which you should've included in the zip. Asking people to copy over CS:S textures to HL2 is stupid, especially when people won't know WHICH to copy over and would have to copy all of them over.

Habboi, I know you can do better than this. I was seriously disappointed with this effort.

2 stars (sorry :<)
Commented 15 years ago2006-08-06 07:32:13 UTC Comment #12768
Fair enough.

So had I used displacements and added detail I would get a better rating right? I can understand the displacement part but I cannot agree to more detail on anything else. Buildings don't get more realistic than that and my artistic designs stretch no further.

I'm happy with the result, first real SP map I've ever made and it works out as a great portfolio piece for the recreating part.

Anyway thanks for the reviews because I was expecting replies like that. One more thing...I had it set to HL2 but Kasperg suggested otherwise. - Blame him.
Commented 15 years ago2006-08-06 08:11:26 UTC Comment #12769
Oh and I almost forgot:

This map is WAY below your standards, Mr. Habboi.

This line makes me smile because you think my standards are better and that touches me. Thanks.
Commented 15 years ago2006-08-06 08:46:58 UTC Comment #12770
Yes, it was a drop in standard. Your dedication map was (somewhat) decent, and this was certainly a step backwards in terms of standard.

Vertical depth and in general more interesting architecture on the buildings were certainly possible. Your buildings almost seemed like textured blocks with windows on them.

As for the criticism, I apologise for maybe seeming too harsh, but it's how I feel on the matter and I'd like my opinion to be noted. And yes, NAUGHTY KASPERG!

Good luck. =)
Commented 15 years ago2006-08-06 09:20:25 UTC Comment #12772
Good Luck also =O
Commented 15 years ago2006-08-06 10:49:33 UTC Comment #12773
Pakrat FTW!

Its got a 1 min video tutorial too to use it. (Even though its sooo easy to use anyway. It scans the BSP for custom content and adds all to the BSP so it can be played in any mod! XD)
Commented 15 years ago2006-08-06 12:07:32 UTC Comment #12775
Just what I needed ;O
Commented 15 years ago2006-08-11 12:34:44 UTC Comment #12812
Actually I just thought...This map deserves a 3 and 4 at the most...I put so much work into it and to be honest only fullbright blocks get 2 star...I find it slightly insulting.
Commented 15 years ago2006-08-18 07:31:32 UTC Comment #12862
fullbright blocks are generally created by noobs, who have never mapped before, therefor the rating system is used diffferently from experienced mappers.

I honestly dont think its worht more than 2/3 stars.. I told you on MSN to use displacements and you didnt.. Silly decision i think.
Commented 15 years ago2006-08-18 08:21:46 UTC Comment #12863
I think it is...I worked harder on this than Kasperg and Trapt did put together.
Commented 15 years ago2006-08-18 14:13:29 UTC Comment #12865
"first real SP map I've ever made"

welcome to the fold

also a warning about pakrat which isn't a sure fire method of getting ALL of your custom stuff in the BSP, it has worked sometimes fully and other times it won't grab many textures. The author does know this and has improved it somewhat. Just a shoutout to the twhl pakrat users.
Commented 15 years ago2006-08-31 19:16:34 UTC Comment #12931
Trapt, I definitely agree with Habboi. 1's and 2's are reserved for total pieces of shit, and this is far from it.
Commented 15 years ago2006-11-08 18:46:11 UTC Comment #13446
Could someone please rate this higher with a fair score once you've tried it...I promise you it is much better than what people have said...:P
Commented 15 years ago2007-05-16 07:18:07 UTC Comment #14893
Commented 15 years ago2007-05-22 17:46:16 UTC Comment #14969
: O All over my new jacket! :D

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