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Just another lab by Ansith
Posted 14 years ago2006-10-17 08:28:38 UTC • Unfinished • Half-Life
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Just another lab
Ansith Ansith
14 years ago2006-10-17 08:28:38 UTC
14 years ago2007-04-09 03:25:19 UTC
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Another Lab map, Well just the start of one. Small, but I still want to know how I'm doing with it. Its going to change from Pre-disaster soon.

Anyway, if you see any problems please tell me, and if you would Rate and comment.


Updated. 09/04/07


Commented 14 years ago2006-10-19 04:54:00 UTC Comment #13202
Looks really nice. Quite a bit of detail in most places (like the wires going to the computers). The architecture is fairly nice, especially how you made the walls in the interconnecting hallways. The lighting is also very well done. The scripted sequences were good, as they never seemed to repetitive.

The only negative things I could find about it were quite subtle, and they may only be a matter of opinion. For instance, there seem to be too many security guards for such a small area, and I would personally change the ceiling texture to something less bland, such as the one used in the original lab environments.

You also might want to null all the faces on the glass chambers, except the ones that are facing the room, so they don't look weird when the see the corners from the side. You can even see an example of this in your screenshot.

Overall, a pretty neat map, but it could definitely use some expanding.
Commented 14 years ago2006-10-19 10:17:49 UTC Comment #13210
Is this the Ansith I know?
You've certainly improved your mapping skills.

The first 2 rooms were really nice and the small sequences were a great touch, then after these 2 rooms, it became really bland, I guess you need to work on those..

I liked the small gman scenary, always does the trick.

Anyway, I do think you need to improve on the ceiling, true the whole map the ceiling was really really bland, same texture all over again with those big bad (slightly unneccasery, those give quite some light you know, you got 4 in 1 room, I think you could lesser them to 2 and then some other ceiling detail) lights. I would also use create some difference between the textures, ofcourse it's a lab, but you had the same floor and ceiling textures all over the map, even the lab textures got some difference between them.

I'm going with a 3, but with a bit more work, it'll be a 4 anytime soon. :)
Commented 14 years ago2006-10-19 15:58:11 UTC Comment #13213
One more thing I forgot to add: I'd really look into replacing those red computer mainframe things. They never look right for some reason.
Commented 14 years ago2006-10-20 05:55:35 UTC Comment #13219
Thanks for the comments, I'll just add some extra stuff then update it here.
Commented 14 years ago2006-10-20 17:38:14 UTC Comment #13223
Im i right when i say that HL:UE inspired you? :P

You got some nice scripted sequences there. But the walls, floors and ceillings are a bit bland. Add some trims, more grating, and some height differences. I like your airducts though. :P
Commented 14 years ago2006-10-27 23:43:54 UTC Comment #13355
Nice Stuff!

+good scritping--random?
+good use of ambients
+competent but boring textures
+Nice but boring, standard HL architecture
+decent detail, but you could use more detail work and props imo

Nice work, but if your going to do BM, why not give it a new, or spiced up slant with some fresh architecture and textures--or use of the textures at least... you're not really covering any ground that hasn't already been covered thousands of times before :)
Commented 14 years ago2006-12-06 00:44:46 UTC Comment #13617
This map has a very different style. It is extremely good.
Commented 14 years ago2006-12-14 01:50:29 UTC Comment #13688
All I can say atm is nice... I can't map good myself so i'll give it 4 stars :-)
Commented 14 years ago2007-04-09 10:25:08 UTC Comment #14588
A very nice, solid map. A few of the lights could've been func_walled to avoid uneccassary vis cuts and bad shadows, but I only saw that a few times. I'd like to see where this winds up.

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