Split-Second 2.0

Half-Life HL
Split-Second 2.0 by kc8kjp
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-25 22:39:51 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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Split-Second 2.0
kc8kjp kc8kjp
15 years ago2006-12-25 22:39:51 UTC
15 years ago2007-06-20 20:22:35 UTC
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This is an updated version of my very first mod: split-second. This mod includes custom first person models. I make these models because I hate using the HEV hands for someone who doesnt have a hazard suit. For anyone who doesn't have it, this mod requires half life You can only download it through filefront however, I decreased the file size down to 22.25 MB. I hope anyone who liked the first split second will like this one even more. This is a single player mod. The story is simply about a man who works for a carnival, however it is located near black mesa...
Note: this is not a half life source mod. Only the original half life version


Commented 15 years ago2006-12-27 05:29:29 UTC Comment #13832
Thanks!!... this fixed my barney problem. Whatever I liked it (very much). Except the ending and the incompatiblity with Steam Users...
Commented 15 years ago2006-12-27 18:09:28 UTC Comment #13838
Nice updating, this is a much better game now
Commented 15 years ago2006-12-29 05:13:20 UTC Comment #13854
This minimod doesn't work for me--it just crashes back to windows when I try to run it.
Commented 15 years ago2006-12-29 13:31:08 UTC Comment #13855
Do you have half life
Commented 15 years ago2006-12-29 19:44:10 UTC Comment #13856
Same prob with me...
Maybe you're using with steam... ??
Only copy the dlls from your valve/cl_dlls to the split/cl_dlls folder... and you can play...
Hey kc8kjp download steam splash creator, create a background for steam users, delete the client dlls, and release a new version for Steam users... OK??.
Commented 15 years ago2006-12-31 16:55:13 UTC Comment #13869
/ Ignore that. Stick with one and stuff steam-users up the bum. /
Commented 15 years ago2006-12-31 16:55:51 UTC Comment #13870
oops. meant *WON

Commented 15 years ago2007-02-04 23:31:33 UTC Comment #14150
Any other comments?
Commented 15 years ago2007-02-25 13:45:17 UTC Comment #14290
This is brilliant!
but it get's way too difficult at the end and i confess to cheating...
The game play's good fun and lots to shoot at.
-how exactly do you crash a van into a wall at that angle :p?
more plot and people talking to you is always nice...and a little lighting makes all the difference.
How long does something like this take to create?
Commented 15 years ago2007-02-26 23:20:58 UTC Comment #14296
About scence last september.
Commented 15 years ago2007-02-28 23:41:32 UTC Comment #14304
And about...a month.
Commented 15 years ago2007-05-31 22:44:15 UTC Comment #15024
someone comment plz, i like to get feedback!
Commented 15 years ago2007-06-21 14:23:18 UTC Comment #15166
just remember who did your crosshairs...
Commented 15 years ago2007-06-27 14:22:57 UTC Comment #15235
car...thats...for silent running
Commented 10 years ago2011-09-21 17:47:47 UTC Comment #19460
Great fast paced episode, a small rebirth of an well known Redemption mod. Good mapping, challenging combat, small puzzles - all really nicely done.
Commented 9 years ago2013-03-05 01:28:24 UTC Comment #20250
just played it. Pretty good mod with a bit simple design. Really cool concept based on Redemption's second chapter. Reasonable but really steep difficulty ramp up. Overall a nice mod with an interesting theme and setting.

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