Ocean Temple

Half-Life HL
Ocean Temple by Elon Yariv
Posted 14 years ago2007-03-15 14:17:01 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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Ocean Temple
Elon Yariv Elon Yariv
14 years ago2007-03-15 14:17:01 UTC
14 years ago2007-03-15 14:17:01 UTC
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This is my entery for the water compo. I posted it so people would give me some constructive comment and then I might think of ways to improve it. So please don't only say that is sucks or rocks, explain how I could improve it.

This map is for sight seeing only, no gameplay.


Commented 14 years ago2007-03-15 15:02:29 UTC Comment #14383
Wow.. Just wow..
Where to begin.. The architecture's extremely sexy. Love the arched ceilings and the textures there. The pool is also very nicely made, I really liked the detail there.
The overall texturing is very nice. The frescos on the ceilings really add to the temple-ish feeling.

I'd say, that the lighting and ambience need improving. The yellow lighting in the corners doesn't add to the water feeling of the map. The fire torches look out of place too. Make something more fitting, like a plant-like blue-ish light, or something.

The ambience overall was a bit.. weak. I think the map needs some background ambience (try the cave ambience sounds from HL2) to strengthen the feel. The burning fire sounds didn't fit the theme at all. If you want to keep them - a least make them a bit more silent.

Even with the small glitches - the map was quite spectacular. Improve it and you've got yourself a trophy-winner.
Commented 14 years ago2007-03-15 17:05:09 UTC Comment #14384
Thanks for the comment. I indeed feel the same about the ambience, needs and echo and cave ambience.(I don't have Hl2) The burning sound from the torches needs to be tuned I agree, too strong. My problem was that I can't compile it on my own computer, so I'll update it as soon as I can. I thought about some chanting monks sounds but I couldn't get any, would solve all my problems if I had some, vox used some once in a map but I cannot download it anymore.

As for lighting... something bluish? All the light sources I know are electric, torches, alien, holy and netural. It can't be electric for the map is of an acient temple, and since it's clean it doesn't look like it is old and was lost for a thosand years untill it was discovered. I don't want alien from an obvious reason, doesn't fit the theme. Netural is ok and can be blue too but the only thing I can think of is water and it'll look silly. Holy maybe, like the one around the statue.
But what did you have in mind, I'd like to know what you mean by plant-like.

But my problem is that it'll look extremely boring with only one kind of lighting, blue. Maps need contrast, plus having this yellow light makes the blue parts more high lighted. It also gives me a nice feeling about the place, makes it look more like acient times where there was no strong electric lighting that produced a strong WHITE light. Also yellow and blue are the oppisite colours so each one high light the other, especially when it comes to textures.

Thanks for your comment.
Commented 14 years ago2007-03-15 17:17:17 UTC Comment #14385
It looks great, at the cost of +5000 wpolys. A good candidate for a Source map, no doubt.
Besides some places where you used the null texture and the void can be seen, texturing is great. (remember to use gl_clear 1 to see what faces have null)
As for the water, I don't really like the bright blue you picked. And my ripple effect is better achieved with scroll textures, as seen in Idol Hunt.
Commented 14 years ago2007-03-15 22:29:49 UTC Comment #14388
Great map, if a bit... Uninspired. It's just the standard temple type setting, although admittedly done extremely well, especially for Half-Life. I personally found no problem with the ambience, although the waterfall sprites struck me as being out of place and quite strange looking, for some reason. I realize, you would have had more chance to test things like that if you were able to compile as much as you wanted to, but you could have done better there, methinks. I'm just nitpicking though, and almost everything about it is professionally made. Good job.
Commented 14 years ago2007-03-16 07:44:09 UTC Comment #14390
I think I should move it to unfinished but then again it's only minor problems which I have to fix. Also if I'll move it to unfinished less people will check it, so I'll keep it in the finished maps untill I'll reupload the new version.

Thanks for all the comments. I can still change it for I can't compile it for a few days and I still need to think more on places.
Commented 14 years ago2007-03-16 14:52:04 UTC Comment #14392
pretty neat, kinda simple setup thow lots of detail but looks kool. The water would look better if a little more clear in my opinion. fish heads were kewlness. played laggy on my comp.
Commented 14 years ago2007-03-17 12:14:11 UTC Comment #14393
Overall **
  • Big ol' leak right in the front, where the door curls backward.
  • Go behind the model of the god and you can see the glowy thing through him.
  • Feel is somewhat misleading. It is beautiful, but there is a bloody table for sacrifice to the gods, which gives it a... freaky feel. In a video game, blood = human blood.
  • Fire sound hurt my ears, and was behind the door for some reason... not by the... well... fire.
  • Small, no actual gameplay, or even background story of what it is.
  • For some nice shiny gold models, the walls are REALLY cracked. inconsistant. Is it old or new? there are in tact paintings on the ceiling and walls, yet... everything is all cracked up.
+ Great Feel and environment.
+ Love your water
+ Good Models
+ Looks beautiful
Commented 14 years ago2007-03-17 15:43:31 UTC Comment #14394

Some damn fine mapping by Elon! To all Elon haters (looks at m0p): Elon might be dumb in your eyes, his mapping is pretty darn impressive!

R_speeds r_crap (5000 +) but it ran fine on my machine. No lag or framedrops for me.
I agree with all the stuff mentioned by Bratty, but im adding this:
  • config.cfg included in your mod folder. I don't want to play with your keyboard settings, i have my own! :P
+ I see a lot of Alt + Rightclick usage, for best texturing results. Way to go!
Commented 14 years ago2007-03-18 07:01:58 UTC Comment #14396
The key configuration file was included in the zip? Sorry about that, I remember I removed it. Probebly played it once after I removed the config.cfg.

About the leak, it's nothing, the seem between the doors was covered with a small clip brush, so I just didn't notice the small brush bellow the door. As for the glowy thing, it's a Hl1 bug, env_glows are seen through models. Maybe I should block the player from getting around that statue.

I don't see whats misleading about the table. Nearly every god asked for sucrifices and some of them had temples that looked just as pretty. For example: The devouring Moloch, Inca, Yehova(God, though he didn't ask for human sucrifice) and there are plenty more. I guess they must have poured water into the victims mouth then when his soul left him cut off his head. I must add the tools that were used. Fire sounds were already tuned and moved the ambient from the door to the torches. Cracked? I didn't mean it, I wanted it to look like marbel, maybe I sould try to make a better marble overlay texture.

Gameplay? This is a compo entery! There isn't sepposed to be any, plus what kind of enemies can I put in this map? All the Hl1 ones don't fit! I might think of adding some puzzles though, then again I might not for I'm not good at puzzles.
Commented 14 years ago2007-03-19 05:32:07 UTC Comment #14401
Great work!

Some great mapping here, along with the models and textures it makes it look great.

I would like to see some gameplay in this if you continue further.

Some things I liked were

+ Great architecture
+ Nice word with the texturing
+ 20000% better then anything I can make (But I guess thats easy)

Only thing I didn't like was the door, From memory it looked a bit plain. Would have been nice to have some metal over it or something to make it look a bit fortified.
Commented 14 years ago2007-03-19 11:00:07 UTC Comment #14403
Definitely nice enough for some kind of award!

+ Archetecture, texturing, lighting, and overall design was very, very well done.

Ambiance was kinda off, maybe its just the defaults. Since being in a minimod format, you could have fished up some sounds.

  • Could've used a scroll_textures for smoother waterfall animations.
  • water felt default. with new textures, you could've done up a better texture, not just that, there are better looking ways to apply it.
Commented 14 years ago2007-03-19 14:30:18 UTC Comment #14411
Yes, I think I'll try to make some costum water textures, I recently discovered some filters that might help me in the procces.
Commented 14 years ago2007-03-27 11:08:44 UTC Comment #14499
ahhh, Invalid Dll version, Im guessing I need HL to be version or however many numbers are for it, if thats the case then ill get that and view this map later, but it looks good from the screenshot
Commented 14 years ago2007-04-17 09:36:27 UTC Comment #14641
It reminded me of one of those tomb raider games.
Commented 14 years ago2007-04-19 19:14:29 UTC Comment #14669
me too... oh wait, oh yeah, time for me to comment on this. I thought that this was really... umm... really... good for architecture, the models were also really good, and the textures were really good, why am I useing the word (really) so much? It was a very short and small map but its great for showing skills, maby sombody will make a map simlar to somthing like this, cause the Tomb Raider idea would be great. 5 Stars

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