The Pool - Compo 23

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The Pool - Compo 23 by alexb911
Posted 16 years ago2007-03-17 18:14:02 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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The Pool - Compo 23
alexb911 alexb911
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16 years ago2007-03-17 18:14:02 UTC
16 years ago2007-03-17 18:14:02 UTC
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The Pool - Compo 23 Entry - ALEXB911

This is my entry to Compo 23 - with a very original title! Although mostly complete (I could have done more outside) it does show some max entity errors in dev mode which resulted in some features not appearing correctly - ie, the outside water feature and the glass walls.

Purely cosmetic, although on entering the indoor area there is a button on the left by the wall light - press and turn around to face the pool - I won't spoil the rest!

MOD FORMAT - with custom menu .avi title
(approx. 5.5mb external host)

Let me know what you think - Thanks!


Commented 16 years ago2007-03-18 09:14:33 UTC Comment #14397
Quite nice. It has a lot of interesting details and very good lighting methods. I liked the circular pools with the little waterfalls. Music was also a very nice touch.
The HL2 textures look good, but the default water texture you chose is actually horrible...
Some tips.
*When making a waterfall, make the scale of the texture in the Y axis a bit higher, to give it a good distortion and sense of speed.
*When making a multiple-brushed waterfall, use alt+right-click to give each brush the same alignment values. In some parts of the mini-waterfalls, some segments had the water moving in a different direction!
Commented 16 years ago2007-03-18 17:27:50 UTC Comment #14400
yea the water looked more like blue slime make it much more transparent.
Commented 16 years ago2007-03-19 23:28:34 UTC Comment #14421
WHAT? you made a pool too? so did I! but, i canned the map, after got annoyed with its lighting
Commented 16 years ago2007-03-20 05:43:45 UTC Comment #14427
External download link is dead.
Commented 16 years ago2007-03-20 12:48:40 UTC Comment #14429
Erm.... it could be but it isn't for me, please try again as it seems fine now. Thanks
Commented 16 years ago2007-03-20 18:52:06 UTC Comment #14432
It worked this time. Very nice map.
Commented 16 years ago2007-03-23 18:13:42 UTC Comment #14464
- ok i played again and saw the scroll textures that are running the wrong way. For such a small map you should have noticed that. And in the bottom pool, the water is split in half which makes it appear to have a line going through it. It looks like you didnt finish the glass on your rails well maybe because of the error but you should have fixed it. In my opinion I hate pools that are the same depth all the way through and they are in yours. Also you could have rounded off the bottoms of them. And in my opinion you shouldnt have added such an annoying sound to the button that turns on the waterfalls. Like i sayed b4 as well, The waterfalls would look much better if much more transparent. And you should have given the beggining waterfalls a sound. Since the error in this map was that there were to many entities, maybe instead of making so many, you could have grouped them together.
+ Anyways, besides all that the map was pretty neat. The splashes coming from the waterfalls was a realy great touch. I realy liked the small waterfall coming from the spa. For a big pool area, i could say you pulled it off.
Commented 16 years ago2007-03-24 14:00:39 UTC Comment #14472
thanks for the feedback

The waterfalls at the beginning did have sound, strange that they didn't work for you though. The glass was also one of the issues I had with the max entity limit, and grouping them didn't seem to help. I agree about the swimming pool depth - i thought about that at one point but completely forgot to take it further.

If I have some spare time, I might work on this some more, and maybe try and show off some more of the HL2 textures.
Commented 15 years ago2007-04-03 18:10:08 UTC Comment #14559
Very nice job, this Water map looked great, I went around the map about 3 times looking at things woundering how you thought of them, but the HL2 textures made the map Much better, 5 Stars.

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