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HLywood by SlayerA
Posted 20 years ago2003-12-10 19:29:13 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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20 years ago2003-12-10 19:29:13 UTC
18 years ago2005-08-12 09:06:04 UTC
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I challenge you not to laugh! This is a quick, fun mod to play! Download is 2.6Mb, place the entire HLywood folder in your C:SierraHalf-life directory and choose HLywood from the custom games menu.


Commented 20 years ago2003-12-11 15:37:13 UTC Comment #549
Commented 20 years ago2003-12-12 06:54:00 UTC Comment #552
It was pretty cool but I left my barney a little behind so he wouldn't get hurt by the action ahead.....when I then came back I found monsters spawned right nxt to my barney without warning and kept killing him....it was pretty annoying...anyhow I sorted it a while later by using myself as a shield for barney with a crowbar....oh yeah and nice lip sync stuff.....how u do that lol...it was done pretty well :D
Commented 20 years ago2003-12-12 18:52:57 UTC Comment #557
Heh heh, I planned it that way. At the beginning of the level it says to 'Escort' barney and the scientist to the end. Websters dictionary defines the word 'Escort' as "Keeping Barney with you at all times." :)
Commented 20 years ago2003-12-12 19:09:46 UTC Comment #559
Enable ratings. I want to give this five stars.
Commented 20 years ago2003-12-13 07:55:10 UTC Comment #562
Ha ha ha ha ha
Funny map, amusing to listen on all the comments from Barney and the scientist. But I missing the classic reply from the Terminator...
Commented 20 years ago2003-12-13 11:25:08 UTC Comment #563
Thanks Tlax! The Terminator's "I'll be back!" is in there along with Dr. Evil, Austin Powers, James Bond, Dirty Harry and Golom (from Lord of the Rings), just to name just a few. They say different stuff every time you play the map, so play through it more than once to hear everything. I'm glad to hear people are enjoying this. It was fun to make!
Commented 20 years ago2003-12-14 16:48:56 UTC Comment #573
Hahaha, very funny :) Too bad it's so short, but I liked it.
Commented 20 years ago2004-01-01 03:41:13 UTC Comment #645
i couldn't get it to work it said "WARNING could not open valve/fonts.wad"
Commented 20 years ago2004-01-01 16:03:39 UTC Comment #647
Anthony, "valve/fonts.wad" comes with Half-life, I'm not sure why it's missing on your setup. This is working for everyone else who tries it. Hopefully you'll figure it out, this map is worth the effort. :)
Commented 20 years ago2004-01-02 01:40:18 UTC Comment #653
Hmmm how strange...i'll reinstall half-life, i really want to try this map!
Commented 20 years ago2004-01-02 01:54:31 UTC Comment #655
damn it didn't work its still not there...could it be because my half-life is old? It has NEVER been updated
Commented 19 years ago2004-07-28 11:58:27 UTC Comment #3009
10000000 stars mate
Commented 19 years ago2004-11-21 15:02:35 UTC Comment #5131
I dont care if it hasnt been reviewed since july.. just omfg.. lol the knights who say nee LOL good job i love it
Commented 19 years ago2005-01-23 17:58:31 UTC Comment #5699
That was one of the best single maps, EVER! Great job SlayerA, I loved it all! hahahahhaha
Commented 19 years ago2005-05-02 05:27:20 UTC Comment #7103
OMG! (I like teh houndeyes who say NI!)
Commented 18 years ago2005-09-07 12:05:12 UTC Comment #8922
I know I'm a bit late, but this was hilarious!
I love it!

And that space ship scene, bush got owned! ^^

A clear five, worth more though.
Commented 18 years ago2005-09-07 12:05:46 UTC Comment #8923
Uhh, as I said, a five!
(Didn't vote first time)
Commented 18 years ago2005-12-20 13:42:36 UTC Comment #10165
It was pretty cool but when i didnt have barney the first time and i walked up to the door it would fade out then reposition me and it kept doing that even when i wasnt near the door. but as i figured it out it was pretty cool the hownd eyes that say NI was the greatest. 4 stars
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-16 06:01:03 UTC Comment #11892
I played this a year ago but never had the chance to comment on it.Very creative and it must have took much effort to find those voice files.Its been up on some mod sites, as far as I know.I remember seeing it somewhere.Anyway, a very creative and great work.(nice UFO)
Commented 17 years ago2006-12-18 00:52:46 UTC Comment #13738
All the changes in the sound were pretty funny, me and my friend Carpocolypse300 thought it was hiarious!
Commented 6 years ago2017-12-17 10:12:25 UTC Comment #21151
My problem with this is that I don't know how much of this was the map itself being funny or of it was just the lines that you poured into it. I had the odd chuckle here and there, but those actors sure did die easily.
Still, was mapped pretty well on the whole, so can't complain too much.

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