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remmizchamber1 by Remmiz
Posted 11 years ago2007-11-14 15:44:41 UTC • Completed • Portal
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Remmiz Remmiz
11 years ago2007-11-14 15:44:41 UTC
8 years ago2011-01-12 09:07:54 UTC
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*Remmiz Test Chamber 1 (v1.2)*
Released: November 13th, 2007
Created by: Remmiz (
Created in: 6 Days (~25 hours total)

This is the first in a group of chambers created to test your mind and skill.

1. Extract the entire zip into your "Steam/steamapps/username/portal/" directory.
2. Open Portal and the map will be listed under "Bonus Maps".
3. Enjoy!

*Change Log*
-Fixed bug where boxes would not deploy after being put through fizzler or in slime

-Added Challenge version
-Fixed bugs where players could put a Portal a surface below them and get stuck
-Added cleanser after first box room so it cannot be removed from it
-Fixed invisible brushes on doors
-Fixed cleanser before exit elevator
-Lifts in first room now start to lower if you step on any of them

  • Initial Release


Commented 11 years ago2007-11-14 20:55:23 UTC Comment #15985
Prepare for review. Downloading.
Commented 11 years ago2007-11-14 21:23:24 UTC Comment #15986
Well I'm glad this is the first in a group, because I want more! The portal maps stopped flowing here recently.

Anyways, hooray for file structure and what-not. I enjoy this being in my bonus maps. Also it's great you included the challenges.

The map itself was quite good. It didn't take very long, but then again most portal maps don't. It helps that you included the challenges. The difficulty was ok, a little easy but that depends on the player I guess. I liked that the puzzles made sense. I didn't have to figure them out by just guessing a hundred different times, they are all pretty good. Took me a few minutes to notice the second cube up with the turret, perhaps a light to get the player's attention? The turret's laser might do the trick, but you can't see it from the floor.

I would definitely recommend this to people looking for more Portal fun but may have found a couple of the other Portal maps in our vault too challenging to be fun. This map is just fun.

All in all, what a Portal map should be.
Commented 11 years ago2007-11-15 08:05:32 UTC Comment #15988
Enjoyed it a lot. You stuck to VALVe's style and I like that.

There are a couple of bugs I noticed though:
-You can get stuck in the timed door if it closes as you go through it. Make it crush the player or something.
-The surface at the end of the corridor in the last part of the chamber after you've pressed the first button down and you need to shoot a portal down to the other end to get to the cube protected by turret... it's kind of dodgy. It won't let you shoot portals on the left side, and sometimes the right. It seems random.

Either way, I enjoyed the map and it seemed well made. Good job.

4 stars.
Commented 11 years ago2007-11-15 14:14:48 UTC Comment #15990
Thanks Blitzkreig and Trapt. I tried to make it more fun than difficult and it's very hard to achieve a nice balance of the two. Regarding the bugs you listed Trapt: I must have forgotten to set the flag on that door for it to damage the player, my bad. And I also noticed the shooting through door part was kinda dodgy. Although, I couldn't figure out a way to fix it since it mainly has to do with the model for the door frame.

I am working on remmizchamber2 which will be a little more difficult than this one. So be on the lookout for that!
Commented 11 years ago2007-12-01 19:16:05 UTC Comment #16072
In one part you can get stuck if you really want(after cross the right door form the picture), but I dont think this is a negative point. Portal's maps are short and are nothing that you can do again.

Really liked it. I am waiting the second one. Thanks for the map!

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