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cs_portugal by secretdesign
Posted 14 years ago2008-04-23 13:54:54 UTC • Completed • Counter-Strike
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secretdesign secretdesign
14 years ago2008-04-23 13:54:54 UTC
14 years ago2008-04-25 21:10:28 UTC
4.00 (3)
full star full star full star full star empty star Download (4.44mb)

This map has been seen MORE than 1000 TIMES in only 3 DAYS, and has been downloaded MORE than 300 TIMES in 3 DAYS too. ps: 11 positive feedbacks.

on www.fpsbanana.com.

here is the map:
(for more screenshots)


This is played well with 22 players, more or less. It contains custom sky, custom texture, and i think is great. Now i'm thinking to try this map with a zombie mod(biohazard) cuz i really love that mod. If you find bugs tell me and in the new versions of the map will be fixed. The graphics are really good, I MADE THIS MAP IN MORE THAN A MONTH WORKING AT LEAST 5 HOURS EVERYDAY, THAT MEANS MORE THAN 150 HOURS OF WORK. So i would be happy if you comment my map. Thx 4 playing. Give me your opinion about the map and if you think is better to change something, don't be afraid to say. I appreciate you for helping me.

see ya!


-32 players slots - no problems, no one die on respawn
-custom textures - are contained in the file, and in the res file(for server uploads)
-advanced rotations
-good looking textures - customs and not, are keeped in less than 100% dimension
-not two or more textures on the same face - like most of the maps i saw here
-team balance - t have view, CT have ways
-hostage in the middle - lol
-hostage - closed under a door, like a prison,like a terrorist prison
-no weapons around - maybe in the next version this option will be available
-ads - it contains some, from known trademarks, but will be changed if yours(read upper)


-change the terrorist building - with a high quality one!
-make an underground station where the ct spawn!

add me to msn, salame2@hotmail.it if you need help or if someone wants to call me to play on my map.

When i will be able to play css(counter-strike source) I will begin to make high quality maps for that game too, but until I haven't i will do maps for cs 1.6

p.s.: This map is for counter-strike 1.6

Thx 4 view!


Call me on msn when someone make a server with my map!bye!

contact: salame2@hotmail.it


Commented 14 years ago2008-04-24 18:58:29 UTC Comment #16569
I like it, but it is a little bit congested for me. The r_speeds is very high (max 7000, avg. 2500). There are some incorrectly selected textures for this theme. It has a good looking, keep going...
Here are some problematic srceens:

Grrr, I lost my well drawn comment just because of the f*cink attachenemt, sorry I cant write it down again, it was too long...
Commented 14 years ago2008-04-25 01:26:24 UTC Comment #16571
Its very easy to get a "TOP MAP" in FPSBanana, most of the users are noobs and don't know any iota of mapping, You should reduce the entry name to the map name only and get a less egoistic behavior, otherwise you'll be bashed from user from here.
Commented 14 years ago2008-04-25 05:20:18 UTC Comment #16572
LOL agent-x is right . I posted my map ( de_dome) on cstrike-planet and in 3 days I had 600 downloads . Now downloading ... I'll post a comment tomorrow maybe ...
Commented 14 years ago2008-04-25 05:56:46 UTC Comment #16573
Man this map deserves to be downloaded . Extremely realistic and very detailed . How long did you work on this map ? I mean , wohooooooooooooooo I really felt in a market !

5 stars . There is a strange thing , thought : the fading lights are func_water ?!

I didn't like the lift . You must think that in this world there are a lot of noobs . I pushed the button and I had to wait quite a lot until the lift came to me . Well , the noobs will keep pushing and finally will say : the lift is broken .

Anyway , the crates are making this map . I like the ads - especially the borat ( it was filmed in Romania with some gipsies...)

You should include an overview - it's quite confusing until you learn the map .

I'll let the experts to comment further ...
Commented 14 years ago2008-04-25 18:38:25 UTC Comment #16574
ok, so thx everyone who commented here...the fading light have not any func water...and is illusionary...but it works like a func_water,and sincerly i dont know how to fix it,then the lift is fixed in the next version.Redka, thank you very much for your attention(for the images), and for the help.The fps and r_speeds, i will fix them, but i still have to read some tutorials.
the others bugs will be fixed too.Ag3nt-x, yes maybe was too egoistic, you r right!i changed it!but dont agree with "Its very easy to get a "TOP MAP" in FPSBanana, most of the users are noobs and don't know any iota of mapping" because my map, after only 3 day has more than 1000 views and 300 dl, and others has around 1000-1300 after 28 days and 8 feedbacks(now 14)...and i had 3-5 sssessments(and now 7assessments with an 9.2/10)...now i say, u still think im noob?
cuz, i want to tell you that i worked more than 150 hours, and im still working on!...may some1 help me with the func_illusionary?thx in advance!
Commented 14 years ago2008-04-25 19:06:23 UTC Comment #16575
p.s: if you search on fps banana "top viewed" and "this month" im the 2th one.

mines has been added 6 days ago the first one 27 days ago.

mines has 1,406 views and the first one 1,501 views.

so im still a noob?bye bye
Commented 14 years ago2008-04-25 19:06:40 UTC Comment #16576
in maps for cs 1.6
Commented 14 years ago2008-04-25 19:16:11 UTC Comment #16577
I'm not saying you're a noob, you isn't a noob, this map proves that, I'm saying that getting a 'Top map' in FPSB is not so hard and their users, unfortunately, just want skins and skins, its not a mapping site at all. Just that, saying that the map is 'Top Map' at FPSB will not get attention from TWHL users as this is a mapping site, people here will know what you did at every brush, and will give constructive critcism instead of 'OH MAI GOD I TOUGHT IT WAS FRO SAUCE!' feedback wich people usually give on fpsb.
About your map, I downloaded and its cool, nice brushwork, but you could work on the r_speeds (null invisible parts of the map and use skyblock).
Are you compiling the map with Qtools? (qrad, qvis,qetc...), if yes then try compiling the map with the newer ZHLT and I think it will get rid of the illusionary problem.
I'll not rate it because it still a beta.
Commented 14 years ago2008-04-25 19:26:38 UTC Comment #16578
ok, thx!!
Commented 14 years ago2008-05-21 06:34:48 UTC Comment #16657
I never get the point of not-including your textures into your BSP file. Now you have single .wad files. If you miss one of them, its very hard to find it back.

Oke I played the map, Sadly I had very bad FPS but I could test it. Now what ive seen is that you can improve your map ALLOT. First of all, give the faces the player normally cant see a NULL texture. IT will save ALLOT of r_speeds. Because you got everything textured.
Commented 14 years ago2008-05-23 18:10:01 UTC Comment #16664
Wow, amazingly detailed and superbly constructed map; you can tell a lot of inspiration went into this map considering it's scope.

That said, this map renders really bad on my old pentium 4 system and crap video card (i see little HOM all over the map and it's really shakey. You get the prize for the highest wpolys i've EVER seen in a map: +8600 ZOMG! = O

Possible tips to improve performance (besides a total redesign of the layout with more vis blockers and perhaps less detail):

-Scale up your textures. If your textures are at 1.00 (or god forbid lower) you might try scaling them to 2 or 3 to improve wpolys.

-try running with VIS -FULL command parameter maybe? (the compile will take forever but it may make it smoother?)

-replace detail brushwork with models

-probably loads of other stuff i'm forgetting

I'm going 5 for this map for the shear attention of detail and beautiful intricate design. Did you map this place from first-hand experience, like you know the place well? Because I get that impression, and that is always so nice getting that feeling in a map.
= )

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