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fy_canion by Striker
Posted 10 years ago2008-04-25 04:37:03 UTC • Completed • Counter-Strike
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Striker Striker
10 years ago2008-04-25 04:37:03 UTC
10 years ago2008-04-25 04:37:03 UTC
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Map by Samurai Jack . FY_CANYON

The map should work fine if you have a proper installed 1.6 version of CS - all the wads except cs_assault.wad and halflife.wad are included . All the sounds used are from \cstrike or \valve sound folder .

Known bugs ( and things aren't supposed to be like they are ) :

*One of the trains can only be controled near the seats . Also , one of the train's texture is mixed with the track texture . Sorry for that :D .

*Some of the buttons are placed under the elevators. Conclusion : Push and go back , fast !

*In one of the houses , the swinging light is going towards the ceiling . That's what happens when I forget to set the angle X( .

*The wooden bridges - use them , but try not to fall in the middle of them . If the enemy spots you blocked there , it's pure death .

*This isn't a bug or something , but I forgot to place a ladder in case of falling off the cliff in the water :D .

Negative aspects(my opinion) * The cliffs aren't very detailed .
* The map should be a little larger ...
* Poor detail in some places
* I had no idea what to place underwater , I just placed a lamp :D
* If you spawn on the first floor of the building , you won't be able to use immediatly the elevator : you'll have to wait for it to come :D
* The watch towers : it's a prefab I didn't make :(
* No bridge between the cliffs. This isn't really my opinion but some of my friends told me that . I thought the map without bridges .
Positive aspects(my opinion) *If you observe the small hole on the first floor of the building , the one with a brick near it : make use of it . The enemy will hardly spot you .
* Awps placed only in the watch towers . This will atract people in the middle of action.
*Underground : No bridges but some trains . This is a really great way to infiltrate the enemy camp - if you can , of course :D
*The ads - holy cow ! A new method for advertisment( for me ...) . Anyway the ads are place so they aren't bothering the player . On the contrary - they improve athmosphere .
*No custom resources in the zip\rar .
*Automatically equiped . No need for buying.
*A little war ambience :D
*The whole idea .
*The trains : they offer great cover in the middle of the map !
* +- water : offers protection , but offers death : you'll never escape from there :D
* You'll have fun in this map !
This was my ..... hmm... "short" description of my map . Now I'll wait your description !


Commented 10 years ago2008-05-17 21:39:15 UTC Comment #16639
Did you make this map? If you didn't i don't really see the point of leaving comments for someone other than the author, but what the heck i will anyway.

A very beginnerish map, but not without very nice and inspiring attributes.

I liked all the interactive bits, doodads, and random effects, from:

-swinging light fixture
-random gunshot sounds
-lifts (thou they tend to crush you a lot)
-multiple doors
-other stuff

I also liked the small props like computers and shelves, chairs an a bunch of other things all nicely made. the cliff terrain was interesting looking at the water level too. Nice structures too like the guard towers, trams, and other stuff

Texturing is bad but it is an FY map, so who cares.

Anyway, neat, especially detailed for an fy map, but pretty average/rough around the edges. 3 stars for attention to detail with the props and effects.
Commented 10 years ago2008-05-18 03:22:19 UTC Comment #16642
Yes I made it and I wrote the big list to show what I think is good and what I think is bad about it .

I forgot to tell you : Samurai Jack is my original nick , Striker is only on TWHL .
Commented 10 years ago2008-05-29 12:53:00 UTC Comment #16686
You need a way to get out of the water. Try putting in a tunnel with one opening under water, a ladder to climb up inside the tunnel, and the other opening on the tram platform. (One for each side would be helpful) Also, those half-round platforms next to the sniper towers, you get stuck in the hole. The music could also be better. Other than that, a good map.

Make the buttons shootable: then people won't be splattered trying to go up.
Commented 10 years ago2008-08-29 18:31:11 UTC Comment #16054
Good Idea

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