Operation Overlord

Team Fortress Classic TFC
Operation Overlord by Jobabob
Posted 18 years ago2003-07-12 14:17:34 UTC • Completed • Team Fortress Classic
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Operation Overlord
Jobabob Jobabob
Team Fortress Classic
18 years ago2003-07-12 14:17:34 UTC
3 years ago2017-12-04 22:59:41 UTC
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Op_Overlord(as its now known), has been RELEASED as a BETA TWO status map, meaning its pretty much finished bar a few minor bugs, and the fact I havent actually tested it much in proper game situations online yet.

Screenshots are at: http://www.jobsmaps.com/pages/maps/op_overlord.htm

If you find any BAD errors (meaning not ones ive mentioned in the READ-ME's), inform me here and ill pull the file till later. Two random people on the net have already run through it and found no crashing or major errors.

Enjoy the map, playtest will hopefully be sunday night (13th) on banzai maps http:


Commented 18 years ago2003-07-12 14:18:32 UTC Comment #77
OH AND ITS A TFC MAP! :P (more info on the aforementioned screenshots page)
Commented 18 years ago2003-07-13 04:54:38 UTC Comment #78
Whoa... I like this... Vin de shite Red plonk.. LOL
Smooth play, good r_speeds.. only one little glitch, and that was it sort of stopped after the first flag was capped? Might just be me.. But hey, great mapping concept, and the grappling hooks.. excellent.
Commented 18 years ago2003-07-13 09:25:20 UTC Comment #83
Read the readme when you play the map please!!
Commented 18 years ago2003-07-15 08:24:28 UTC Comment #85
Yeah, reading the readme might just save you from making stupid comments :-) Oh well, I still like the map's.
Commented 15 years ago2006-02-07 23:26:41 UTC Comment #10828
Noooooo! Link no workie :(

I guess I won't see ya on the beach...
Commented 15 years ago2006-03-15 10:50:59 UTC Comment #11232
I'm rating this up for great justice!
Commented 15 years ago2006-05-01 21:40:53 UTC Comment #11622
op_overlord 1
Impressive work. In the whole thing I didn't see the wpolys go above 800, even when you're in the water and can see the whole thing!

Parajump sequence was cool, like de_volare--I think they copied you!

Did you do the modelling work? Very nice stuff.

My fav part of the map tho was the grappling hooks. Quite realistic for HL, since I was pretty scared climbing up, and down especially! Yes, I am afraid of heights :)

sidenote: I never really play TFC, but for some reason I run it with -dev under launch properties, it freezes at the spalsh screen...

Is there a way to noclip in TFC?

op_overlord 2
Most Impressive stuff. The boat ride was realistic with the roll and yaw.

I didn't play it for that long, but I will explore it more later. Also ver impressed by how you blended the sky with the map features--looks pretty good!

op_overlord 3
Have not played it yet, but I'm sure it's excellent.

Outstanding stuff!
5 stars "for great justice"
Commented 14 years ago2006-10-29 07:34:25 UTC Comment #13369
download doesnt seem to work
Commented 14 years ago2006-10-29 08:49:55 UTC Comment #13370
Never bothered updating the link for the new version I made yonks ago
Commented 14 years ago2006-10-29 11:56:41 UTC Comment #13375
These maps are amazing jobabob.

+Entity work at its very best.
+Architecture was realistic
+Ambience-Sounds were great
+Good tricks like fog effect and normany beach texture(took a screenshot of the beach-smart move)
+Lighting was also good

Is Operation Overlord playable in any server?
Commented 14 years ago2006-10-29 12:00:27 UTC Comment #13376
i'm sure a few have it on, I know 1 has it on rota but its not particularly popular because of the insane download size, only played a few games myself unfortunately!
Commented 12 years ago2008-09-02 15:57:20 UTC Comment #15196
sounds cool
Commented 3 years ago2017-12-04 23:01:33 UTC Comment #21083
Fixed after God knows how long. Thank Jessie for streaming. :)
Commented 3 years ago2017-12-05 04:19:22 UTC Comment #21091
I don't know how advanced these maps are for TFC as I've never mapped for it, but these maps sure are impressive. Each has their own setting, and they are all pretty impressive. Those custom-made grappling hooks, the boats on the beach landing, the ruined town... It's clear you put a lot of care into making these maps. I can't vouch for how well they play, but they sure are nice to look at.

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