Radiation: Day one

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Radiation: Day one by JeffMOD
Posted 9 years ago2008-10-13 15:49:43 UTC • Completed • Not Listed (HL1 Engine)
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Radiation: Day one
Not Listed (HL1 Engine)
9 years ago2008-10-13 15:49:43 UTC
9 years ago2008-10-16 16:12:40 UTC
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This is for Flat-life...
You are an employee at the Machinima Nuclear Research Facility. one day, mutants and parasites come out from a chemical spill in the courtyard. three days afterwards, the core becomes unstable and you are sent to turn it off before it explodes and kills everybody. Full story included in the Zip file. This is my first Hl2D Map, so keep that in mind.
EDIT: Version 1.4: All known bugs fixed, release version does'nt use custom models.


Commented 9 years ago2008-10-13 15:52:20 UTC Comment #16996
Okay, third time was the charm, it seems... This took me two days to map, right after I got flat-life. This is acually easier that HL because I only have to detail 1/2 the map! YAY! Im gonna start working on a sequel soon. You've been Evac'ed, but then... Nah, I'll build up suspense... Enjoy!
Commented 9 years ago2008-10-13 15:58:09 UTC Comment #16997
you know what's really funny about flat-life ? Flat-Life maps played in Half-Life are fun ^_^ . I'm going to try out this map !
Commented 9 years ago2008-10-13 16:29:11 UTC Comment #16998
eh, it's short :)
Commented 9 years ago2008-10-13 16:44:45 UTC Comment #16999
Yeah. Like I said, two days. and they are fun in HL. and weird. Anyway, like I said, I am making a sequel, or more than one. I'll try to make them longer as I go along. (The reactor control room had 2 or three designs before I got one that looked good.) I think I did the fade and text well for my first time using them. I should probably try a Game_end too, Huh?
Commented 9 years ago2008-10-13 18:20:55 UTC Comment #17000
Erh, i cant really take the "Machinima Nuclear Research Facility" name seriously, as machinima the term used for making movies with game engines
Commented 9 years ago2008-10-13 20:31:04 UTC Comment #17001
I know. I came up with it on short notice, as I wanted to release the map today. Its... the nearby town... or something... It was on the spot... I'll fix it when Im done the rest of the maps and have a better name.
Commented 9 years ago2008-10-14 03:59:51 UTC Comment #17003
nice to see some one mapping for flat-life... ill try it out now

Edit: missing zombie_barney model
Edit2: fatal error: slicksci.mdl not prechased bla bla...

i say you fix this up.
Commented 9 years ago2008-10-14 15:38:48 UTC Comment #17008
I though I fixed that... I'll test it out. I was about to release an update, too!
EDIT: Update is out, I found if forgot to reset one of the zombies to normal. Slicksci is inlcuded in the ZIP, so that shouldnt be a problem...
EDIT2: Make sure you use the panel in the reactor to see the ending. It may only be a small sequence, but It's kinda cool.
Commented 9 years ago2008-10-15 12:08:23 UTC Comment #16882
dude... use a different model for the player. please...

Commented 9 years ago2008-10-15 17:59:19 UTC Comment #16867
Uh... Skals? The player model is part of the storyline... I can't just toss it... Besides, whats wrong with good ol' slick?
EDIT: I named the map wrong in the ZIP. until I can find time to re-upload use this workaround: Rename "Rd1-pooredition" to "Rd1".
Commented 9 years ago2008-10-16 02:54:43 UTC Comment #16860
ffs fix the model and look at the screenshot.
Commented 9 years ago2008-10-16 06:51:15 UTC Comment #16849
Seeing as I don't have a login to there and it looks like it costs money... Is it a Technical problem or do you just think it's ugly? If its just ugly, all you need to do is copy and rename player.mdl to Slicksci.mdl, and if its techical, let me know whether its the model or the game crashing because of it.
Commented 9 years ago2008-10-16 13:01:20 UTC Comment #16837
just fucking look at the screenshot i posted.
Commented 9 years ago2008-10-16 15:38:49 UTC Comment #16839
2 things...
You are really edgy today, and
The link redirects me to http://imageshack.us/ So I can't really look at it.
EDIT: I don't trust ANY website with my email, because I'm a bit paranoid.
Commented 9 years ago2008-10-16 15:57:11 UTC Comment #17009
Skals, drop the attitude. Instead, just say what's going wrong ("I'm still getting the 'slicksci.mdl is not precached' error").

JeffMOD, imageshack is a well-known site for uploading images to for free. I'd say links to it can be trusted.
Commented 9 years ago2008-10-16 16:26:24 UTC Comment #17010
I know that now, but putting the URL into my browser just wouldn't work, I needed a link for some reason. And Skals... You're on a site with gentlemen (and me) Please try to not type the attitude, you're really just getting angry at me because im an internet n00b.
Commented 9 years ago2008-10-16 20:23:27 UTC Comment #17011
Okay. I think I have all the bugs out, as long as you walk through doors slowly (Glitch in Platformer mode in all maps, I find) So please give me feedback, tell me what I did right, what I did wrong, and what I can improve on. thanks in advance.
Commented 9 years ago2008-10-17 02:59:26 UTC Comment #17012
we wouldnt be having this conversation right now if he would of just checked out the immage.
Commented 9 years ago2008-10-17 11:04:39 UTC Comment #17014
You wouldn't of had that conversation if you weren't an edgy little prat. There are NICE ways to say things to people who deserve it, and JeffMOD clearly does. He wants to fix it, but you're not making it easy, start being nice.

JeffMOD: try this link:

Our linking system in the comments sections are a bit dodgy at the moment, sadly.
Commented 9 years ago2008-10-17 17:33:04 UTC Comment #17019
Its OK, Some sites make my browser crash.
EDIT: As the sequel ends in a cliffhanger, And I'm no longer working on the series, I've decided to not release said sequel.
Commented 9 years ago2008-11-12 03:28:30 UTC Comment #17167
I must say I really liked this. Screenie does very little justice. :>

It was overall enjoyable and fairly easy. Visuals weren't anything too special, yet did the job very well. Plenty of background detail made the setting believableand realistic. Lighting and ambience were the strongest parts of the map imo.

Very nice work. My only real complaint is that its way too short.
Why'd you decide not to finish this? :<
Commented 9 years ago2008-11-28 20:02:32 UTC Comment #9058
Well, if you want, I can upload the other one, I guess. I probably won't finish the series, and if I do, It'll be a while, as I'm working on a new project... But yeah, I'll try to remember to upload day 2.
EDIT: And Daubster, 4 stars is really nice to give me, especially as this was my first official release! Thanks for being kind.
Commented 9 years ago2008-12-07 20:49:15 UTC Comment #7277
Atta go JEFFIE! Nice map. i would try it out(if i had half-life). but i'll try it out as soon as i download it!
Commented 9 years ago2008-12-10 13:43:27 UTC Comment #17178
WHAT? How do you know it's a nice map if you can't play it???

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