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dm_attack_house_tsgk by gtamike_TSGK
Posted 9 years ago2009-04-06 18:04:30 UTC • Completed • Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
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Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
9 years ago2009-04-06 18:04:30 UTC
9 years ago2009-04-06 18:27:22 UTC
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Name: dm_attack_house_tsgk

Autor: gtamike_TSGK

Let me know what you think of the map feedback will be nice. ;)


The map is a normal looking house map.

You can choose to fight on the ground outside and inside of the house. You can also use some of the house roofs to get around. The gameplay is fast and you can?t get lost if you tried. The house is a very good size for 1 VS 1 or even a team match (theres 32 well placed player spawns).

There?s many escape routes in the map doors, vents, windows and teleporters. The weapon and items layout is well balanced so the players has to move round to collect them instead of staying in one area.

There are 3 traps in the map one is in the super charger room (a spike trap) and the other is a pool trap, the 3rd trap you can find. The traps are for greedy players that like to always have max suit, looking at the trap will make them think twice about going in.

The lighting map took along time to get just right. Most of the textures and models are custom. Some of the hl2 textures (like plaster) I have improved with grain detail like used in ep2, also a nice render on wood floor, tiles and white wall.

There are some other small details in the map like playable radio, moving fish, swimming pool, toilet flush etc... that gives a nice house fill to the map. There are also some small easter eggs/secrets in the map, again does not change gameplay but giving the player a house fill and more fun to the map.

Thanks to maps beta tests, Balle_TSGK, StonedCabbage_TSGK, Shimmy_TSGK and Osiris_TSGK.


Have Fun


Commented 9 years ago2009-04-07 02:29:49 UTC Comment #17422
LUL nice improvements over v.1.00! = )

++beautiful/thoughtful detailing (though you can always add more--trims, doorknobs, more decorations, more furniture, etc. the only thing that stops me from addind detail is performance)
++beautiful realistic water in the pool and hot tub
+neat interactive gadgetry to play with
+neat use of sound and game_texts
++I rather enjoyed your use of textures and color schemes!
+Neat weapon placement
+i like the addition of vents all over to add connections to different places, but could be better implemented imo.
+LOL'd at panic/security room...VERY NICE

-brushwork is adequate and quite nice in area, but quite blocky in many others. You can do better!
-use a 3d skybox for the surrounding neighborhood for more realism.
-Many of your gadgets are neat but are weird and i have know idea what they do. You may find making it more obvious to players what each instance of fun gadgetry does is more appropriate, or you may not! = )
-scale is off and on throughout the map. the bathroom tub is HUGE while many of the exterior walls are paper thin.
-make the basement bigger(did i see the whole thing?--the blue area with the teleport to rainbow room), and add more connections to the outside--vents, service stairs(you already have), stairs to the inside of the house, and windows possibly. Plus for lulz and add rec room stuff like ping pong table, dart machine, and bar for WIN = )
-a crazy house like this needs a tree house, a sand box trap, and some other funny stuff(although you already have it packed with lots of other weird things! = )

Hope some of my comments are useful to you! Nice map and markedly improved from the previous one. Taking into account that i am a sucker for creative detailing and the residential theme, i rate a 3.75 which rounds to 4. DON'T GET ME WRONG this map could use visual improvements mostly in scale and proportion, and realism in some places. If i played this on a server and found it fun, i'd probably round up to 5...

Anyhow, nice map!


Commented 9 years ago2009-04-07 06:44:40 UTC Comment #17423
Thanks for feedback Captain Terror will be useful. :)
I added a forum also

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