Half-Life: Deathmatch HLDM
Agm_Orbit by Sajo
Posted 12 years ago2009-04-30 08:22:29 UTC • Completed • Half-Life: Deathmatch
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Sajo Sajo
Half-Life: Deathmatch
12 years ago2009-04-30 08:22:29 UTC
12 years ago2009-04-30 08:34:40 UTC
4.33 (3)
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A deathmatch map that takes place in space. Players can attack each other from any direction. You can also make your own shortcuts in the map with a little bit of practice.


Commented 12 years ago2009-04-30 08:28:33 UTC Comment #17409
WOW ! Impressive screenshot ! I'm downloading it right now !
Commented 12 years ago2009-05-01 10:56:55 UTC Comment #17410
What the hell am I looking at? Checking it out. :D
Commented 12 years ago2009-05-01 16:20:17 UTC Comment #17411
When I try to test the map a message appears saying Hunk_Allok: failed on 2106179016 bytes. And it doesn't work..
Commented 12 years ago2009-05-01 17:47:26 UTC Comment #17186
Fix the crappy download please!! Shouldn't have to open my brower like a piece of swiss cheese to get this. Map looks nice just need to get a better host.
Commented 12 years ago2009-05-02 02:46:38 UTC Comment #17471
works fine for me...

++Impressive texuring, if not a bit repetative
++Impressive structurally, if not a bit repetative
++neat use of scrolling/animating/transparent textures
++neat ambience but it wears after a short while
++superb custom gfx

Pretty neat design and i love the textures(did you make them?), but i would have liked to have seen a more varied design in general and the floating things on the outer edges could have been done better imo. There were some impressive use of texture tricks in here too, but i walked away feeling this whole thing could have been done better.

While it's a pretty cool map in it's own right, i know you being one of the more talented mappers here can do better. I'd rate this map 3.5, but that rounds up to 4, even though i think there is much room for improvement.

Cool map!
Commented 12 years ago2009-05-04 02:52:10 UTC Comment #17475
I didnt make all the textures, check out the readme file for more info. Most of them are from Natural Selection and the yellow-propeller texture is made by Rimrook, I forgot to mention that. Sorry Rim.

I have no idea, zeeba-G. Try downlading it again.

Also thanks Captain Terror for the detailed feedback. I did kinda finish it in a hurry. You can see some of the clipping issues in the map if you look carefully. I was too lazy to remake them so ... copy-paste :P
Commented 12 years ago2009-05-08 11:43:27 UTC Comment #17494
Friggin crazy, but I have no idea what it would play like. I imagine it would be like Utopium, which is sparse and platformy... which plays pretty good by my standards.

Everything is good. Nice use of NS textues. Lighting could be better but multiplayer maps SHOULD be well-lit. Nice color choices, its nice. :D

Its certainly your nicest map this far. :D
Commented 11 years ago2009-05-12 11:35:38 UTC Comment #17499
Ok redownloaded and it worked. This was a really cool looking map for a small platform map. Everything seemed a little copy and pasted too much but the confusing layout made it enjoyable. The platforms looked really neat how the bent up towards the edges. The textures were nice and so were the scrolling lazer looking textures. This would probably be a fun deathmatch map. I thought it looked kinda strange how you died by fire when falling off into outer space but when you fall into the orange glowing lazers nothing happened to you. Overall this map looked really impressive and well put together but it only holds characteristics of a small fast played deathmatch map. My style maps are ones where you have more room to explore and places to hide and secret areas to get to but for this kind of map you definitely pulled it off! If the rating system would change i'd rate it but I also would probably give it 3.5 stars.
Commented 11 years ago2009-05-12 21:47:11 UTC Comment #17500
Was this originally supposed to be an Adrenaline Gamer map?

+ Good layout for a deathmatch, especially without relying on symmetry. The arena looks wide open, but there's plenty of cover at any given point so killbox-style gameplay is kept to a minimum.
+ Great skybox blend. I felt like I was hovering in a planet's orbit.
+ Ambience was pretty good, though some pitch shifts and a lower volume would have really helped the repetitive nature of the main sound.
+ Item placement was great. More powerful weapons were harder to reach than others, and ammo was sparse. Props to requiring the longjump to reach the RPG.
+ Texture alignment was awesome.
  • A lot of the map forced me to hurt myself by fall damage, especially with getting down from the gauss area. I see that you probably meant for the player to use the gauss to reduce fall damage, but it KILLS the flow when two people go up and one person has to wait for the gauss to respawn.
  • I fell 2 inches before dying after falling off the structure. I hate it when maps do this. There's supposed to be a lot of space between me and my deathbed below, and there's plenty of things you could have done to make me feel like I'm falling toward the planet.
  • The jump pads to the gauss pushed me forward before I was in the air. This made the jump unnecessarily difficult, and very prone to resulting in fall damage.
Other notes:
  • The light_environment was 90 degrees out of alignment with the sun.
  • Medkits shouldn't be used to compensate for inevitable fall damage.
  • I really wish this map defaulted with low gravity. It would improve the feel as well as fix most of the fall damage issues.
It's still a very good looking map, though. And it should be very fun to play.
4 stars for this one, and I hope it wins MOTM for April.
Commented 11 years ago2009-05-13 16:58:33 UTC Comment #17503
Thx everyone,

-The reason you die by fire damage is because you are actually burning in the atmosphere.

-The reason I'm teleporting you to a trigger_hurt after falling is because I didnt want to make the map any more larger than it already is... As far as I remember, I was getting an error when I tried to compile it with a large skybox. (I forgot what it was, hmm. I'll go try compiling it again)

-Yes, the map is actually for AG. Thats why the light_enviroment is 90 degress, wanted the map to be well lit for players. And as I heard, AG players didnt like gravity. None of the AG maps ever have gravity anyway, even in their Xen themed CTF maps. I think that it somehow reduces the AG experience. (well, thats what they said or I was going to include it. I still can actually for hldm.)

-To use the jumps, walk onto them and then press jump. They wont fire you when you walk onto them. Also jump onto them from the gauss platfrom to prevent fall damage ^^ But yea...they could have been better, I agree.

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