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cs_sarajevo beta 0.86 by 0rth0doX
Posted 12 years ago2009-05-10 18:50:49 UTC • Unfinished • Counter-Strike
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cs_sarajevo beta 0.86
0rth0doX 0rth0doX
12 years ago2009-05-10 18:50:49 UTC
9 years ago2012-06-26 13:42:59 UTC
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Sarajevo Assault - Hostage Rescue / Bomb-Defuse

YouTube preview:

Map theme is based on war events during 1992-95
in Sarajevo to accommodate an alternate
reality concept of post-nuclear environment
that resembles unforeseen aftermath of the
city of Sarajevo.

Edit: It seems that it is impossible to compile everything together because of many errors that surfaced, I'm sorry we will never have chance to play cs_sarajevo as complete map (maybe on source some day who knows) I think gameplay would be great so here is youtube link demonstrating how it should look if I ever manage to compile.


Commented 12 years ago2009-05-11 08:37:19 UTC Comment #17498
.... holy shit
10 stars ???!

[EDIT-16th-may] Time for some constructive appreciation.

You're good. You have surprised a sarajevo war scene, as you say altough the athmosphere doesn't say that. The athmosphere tells me the story of a sad place, in the middle of winter. I say this because I can't see any key objects suggesting this. Or this is just what my eye is telling me.
The arhitecture is a good replica of what you showed in the screenshot. I liked how you cleverly carved in the hard rock of hammer walls. Because your arhitecture, I almost thought that those columns from the texture are actually real, until I got close to them and I saw it's just a texture. Excellent illusion !
You thought even the sidewalks, which are well rounded and complete the street.
You even added a tram which looks very good. I don't know if it's a model but from what I saw I can say it's done in hammer. If it is, then I have no words. It's beautiful.
The building have also extra-detail, which looks rather nice.
The texturing is greatly applied, those road tracks are extra-detail for an eye to make your map more realistic.
Actually I'm trying to find something to reproach but the only thing I can is that with the athmosphere. You have all kind of props, and you preffered to somewhat hide the crates ! That's incredible for me : a cs map without the crates standing in your face every few meters.
Commented 12 years ago2009-05-18 09:50:08 UTC Comment #17507
This is definitely taking a trip up epic lane, I love your progress so far. The detail of finished buildings is overwhelming & the diversity of areas you can access so far is very impressive. Optimizing areas that open and detailed will be one hell of a challenge. :>
I love the overall architecture & texturing - you've captured the looks of an Eastern European city very well. The bridge being destroyed upon c4 exploding is a very nice touch as well. Ambience? Perfect background track, though some randomly triggered sounds (think de_torn crossed with Paranoia?) would be a great addition.

What I don't get, however, is the radiation & mutated corpses lying around (Paranoia props?). Sarajevo was never bombed with nuclear weapons as far as I know. :?
Also, I still dislike the lighting. The one in your very first posted version better suited the theme imo. I'd really stick with plain grey & gloomy instead of the current slightly redish tint.

Anyway, keep up the awesome work! :]

EDIT: Shouldn't it be de_sarajevo by now?
Commented 12 years ago2009-05-22 11:41:10 UTC Comment #17527
yea, I didn't understand those creatures laying on the floor/ground too...
But the map has a PERFECT architecture, nice sounds (I love that geiger sound near to radiation area :p).
I got kinda jealous of your map, because it's REALLY awesome, and I'd never make textures as perfect as those and make them fit that well in the ambience/environment (I'd probably take longer than you to do that).
Peace :)
Commented 12 years ago2009-05-25 18:16:09 UTC Comment #17529
I'm really encouraged by your perceptions and conclusions considering this project
I will upload comparison pictures after the final release of the map.

This project however represents the odd post-war feeling of todays cultural separations ,emphasized differences and negligence between nations who lived together for centuries in at least apparently harmony and tolerance whose traditions and kindness perished along with the sound of mortars and unspeakable scenes.

All I'm trying to do is to incorporate all these impressions to show whole visual and sound impact in every aspect even through hl engine, music and art.
I've even done some music for the final release of the map which, i have planned to evaluate to singleplayer in source engine, but that requires lot of team work which seems kinda impossible cause everybody is "busy" these days.

With the lack of todays creativity, which is framed by stereotype regime, this is just another reflection of apocalyptic sound everything has these days, thats why i put an alienation zones across the city, not sure for corpses but i liked the idea. And believe me if u ever go to Sarajevo you will sense similar atmosphere.
Not so proud to say, but my great inspiration was Pripyat city with same soviet architecture in most parts of the city and similar vegetation.

@ daubster of course, sarajevo was never bombed with nuclear weapons but as i said in the description this is an alternate reality concept and with some partial background story which will be shown full-scale in singleplayer (if I ever gather the right developing team). And what about the lightning? I've tried to get that surreal blue-green lighting to express spooky feeling of the deserted ghost town. Think i will keep cs_sarajevo cause of simplicity and map will be Hostage/defuse there will be 6 hostages in new building and the terrorist will have chance to win earlier by bombing the "last remaing undamaged bridge" as "story" says.
Commented 12 years ago2009-05-28 07:31:15 UTC Comment #17531
"And what about the lightning?"
Personally, I liked the one in the very first beta version of this map you've posted here a while back.

Also, I'd be careful when combining two map scenarios, it makes balancing really hard. Good luck with it though and keep us posted. :>
Commented 12 years ago2009-06-01 16:23:11 UTC Comment #17537
  • * * * *

this is an amazing real-world representation done in an old-as-balls engine and it looks perfectly realistic to me. No pertinent details are left out from the road stripes to the curbs, to any kind of trim or other detail you can think of. If i ever do a top 5 best-looking goldsource maps i've ever seen, this would certainly make it.

Did you do the textures yourself? (i didn't see credits/reamdme). Textures are amazing. World props are amazing: that trolly car i though was a model it's so perfectly done. The atmospheric effects are absolutely gorgeous and just make everything look so real, it's eerie.

There are minor visual glitches i noticed like whole sides of buildings not being rendered and some of the model back faces don't render, but i didn't see anyone else mention it so maybe the problem is on my end.

I can't comment from a gameplay perspective, but it seems rather interesting to see how it would play.

R_speeds are quite high in areas, but i couldn't say how that would effect a multiplayer game nowadays with speedy new comps and gfx cards.

At any rate, a masterpiece of the first order in my book. An inspiration to all who still goldsource map.
Commented 12 years ago2009-06-07 09:39:46 UTC Comment #17550
Thanx Captain Terror, some textures are heavily modified Condition Zero textures and the rest about 80% are done by me.
Some visual glitches are intentionally put there because some of that areas are not planned to be passable and in the final run you won't be able see them.
Yes, r_speeds are quite high in some areas but considering todays pc configurations I doubt that r_speeds would notably affect framerates to ruin the gameplay witch will be set for the most part indoors with certainly decreased wpoly counts after the optimizations and full VIS.
Commented 12 years ago2009-06-08 05:12:26 UTC Comment #17555
Jesus, talk about an atmospheric map. I can't say anything that hasn't already been said. You've got something incredible in the making here.
Commented 12 years ago2009-06-26 06:05:20 UTC Comment #17612
Good map, I like it
...waiting 4 final version :)
Commented 10 months ago2020-09-30 13:54:49 UTC Comment #102922
just in case csm.dev/resources/cs_sarajevo.79/download

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