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Forage (L4D) by RabidMonkey
Posted 10 years ago2009-12-18 07:46:03 UTC • Completed • Left 4 Dead
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Forage (L4D)
RabidMonkey RabidMonkey
Left 4 Dead
10 years ago2009-12-18 07:46:03 UTC
9 years ago2011-01-11 16:36:31 UTC
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Forage is a survival mode map for Left 4 Dead - the initial concept was to create a quick survival map to learn the basics of navigation graph editing in preparation for the release of the L4D2 toolset.

Many other survival maps force players into a specific spot of a level where they have the best chance of surviving and discourage players from holding out in others, and some maps confine players into small areas where they must hold out - I wanted to do something that was the complete opposite of this and create a more open environment that offered options for players. As such there are multiple weapons and ammunition points throughout the level and two radios from which the survival timer can be started; with the idea that a cohesive team will formulate their own strategy and choose what they feel is the best position, while teams comprised of random players from public servers can also enjoy the level and have a chance of surviving (at least for a little while).

The current revision of the map is in beta (version 6) and has gone through some initial play testing, but your feedback and bug reports are greatly appreciated!

More screenshots, and the source file, are available on my website.

Updated 12/19/09 to latest revision (fixes minor clipping and navigation issues)


Commented 10 years ago2009-12-19 23:55:18 UTC Comment #4399
man that sky is sweet. sorry don't have l4d.
Commented 10 years ago2010-01-30 03:50:07 UTC Comment #17925
This map is well done and really fits in nice with the L4D theme. I liked the fact that there are multiple places to hold up with the house, outside and the store.

My biggest gripe would be that it is too open. This allows you to spot tanks a mile away and then everyone can focus to take them down before they even reach you. Counterattacking hordes is also made easier and I easily passed gold on my first play. Maybe a few more cars that tanks can knock around would mix it up and less ammo and supplies nearby (make it so the survivors have to strive to get to the guns if they decide to hold up in the open).

That being said, things can still get very hairy and overall I really liked this map. 4 stars.
Commented 9 years ago2010-05-08 23:24:14 UTC Comment #18049
(should preface this by saying i'm fairly new to l4d so if my comments seem noobish it's because they are!)

The attention to detail in this map is amazing. Every place felt believable and real due to correct proportions for all the brushwork, and high volume/good placement of small props, decals, and textures to make every area complete in every way. It is very rare to find this much work into a level. to put it mildly i'm blown away by this map.

++superbly built map
++superbly detailed map
+Great/interesting weapons placement: propane tanks by grills, shotty in gun case in the house, etc all like you would find in the real world, not just random guns and ammo laying on the street. very apt and very well done!
+plenty of resources (ammo and fire)

+/- agree it's a little to easy cuz it so wide open (i made gold standard first run and i not that good) but i still thouroughly enjoyed it.
+/-it took me a long while to figure out the officer's radio is the way to start the mission, but still, it's again a well done/apt way to start the game like everything else in this map! =)
+/- the blowing papers were neat if not a bit overdone (never seen them before in a l4d map)
+/- flares were neat but could have been better implemented imo

Superbly done, superbly realistic, a joy to play
5 stars

edit: is there a way to make this map a singleplayer addon? i've found if i try to play it at home (wherst i have no internets) i am unable to create a server/lobby and therefore unable to play the game. i can load it from the console, but fsr the horde never comes after activating the radio.

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