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Random Quest by Kasperg
Posted 12 years ago2009-12-19 09:58:22 UTC • Completed • Half-Life 2
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Random Quest
Kasperg Kasperg
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12 years ago2009-12-19 09:58:22 UTC
12 years ago2009-12-19 09:59:00 UTC
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Created by Playbus (and Kasperg) as a fun experiment between The Citizen and its sequel.
Custom models by Cubedude89, narration by Tony Newton and custom music by Kevin McLeod.
This is a slightly experimental mod with an unusual story. It is not set inside the Half Life universe and there are some game mechanics which have been subtley altered. The pace starts out slow, and builds up gradually.
This mod is intended to be more of an adventure rather than a shooter. There are some intense action scenes, but most of these come later on, much of the earlier parts of the mod are focused on adventure and storytelling.
We have tried to make the game as playable as possible no matter what the player does - if you want to run and gun your way through this mod then you can, although the best experience from this mod can be gained by approaching it patiently and using your brain a bit more. The choice is yours.
There are often numerous ways to achieve your goals and these may or may not be obvious. Certain NPC's may ask you to do things for them. It's entirely up to you to decide if these NPC's are in any way relevant to your mission, if they can help you or not, and indeed if you want to let them stay alive.

Before reporting any bugs, please check the text file in the main mod folder entitled known bugs.txt
If you get stuck, first try the tips.txt file in the same location.


Commented 12 years ago2009-12-19 13:45:44 UTC Comment #4396
Is this the same small mod( I believe it was not finished, it was beta), or it's larger now ?
Commented 12 years ago2009-12-19 15:41:44 UTC Comment #4397
Interesting. I'll give this a try and the MODDB comments make it sound different. Will write back after dinrar.

Ok so pretty cool. I liked the imagination of it; in fact it reminded me of the Toast Boy series because of the disturbing minds of the vorts or "masters".

I liked the level design although the levels weren?t the prettiest I've ever seen. Voice work was good for main character but others weren't although I understand how hard it is to find people with a decent mic.

I felt that the levels were a bit too quiet in places and the more open level with the custom mud texture felt a bit wasted as there wasn't much to look at.

By the way what were the cans for? I found 2 and never found a use for them.

So anyway bugs:

Lever in bloody room rotates around 360 if used 4 times.
Radio trigger seems to work when use is pressed before you even get it.

Surprised your testers missed those. You need better testers.
Commented 12 years ago2009-12-19 23:50:17 UTC Comment #4398
Since when did you come back?
Commented 12 years ago2009-12-20 03:17:21 UTC Comment #4400
Habboi, I wasn't around when Playbus released this version, so I don't know exactly how the testing process took place. But thanks for the things you spotted! I'll be sure to collect all this info an relay it him.
The oil cans are used to open several stuck doors in the Vort hideout in case you have become hostile to them and can't follow them around as you would otherwise.
Playbus wasn't too happy with the third map either. There were other plans for it but engine limitations killed it. Most of the lightmaps and texture resolutions are also due to engine limitations.
I think Random Quest could really shine with CryEngine2 if we could do what we know how to do in Hammer :(
Commented 12 years ago2009-12-21 03:20:35 UTC Comment #4376
Good to see you back i'll check it out when I get a chance.
Commented 12 years ago2009-12-22 01:29:54 UTC Comment #4366
I liked it especially the voice overs, and the architectural stylization, but my screen blacked out permanently after the first portal. Is that intended?
Commented 12 years ago2009-12-22 02:45:43 UTC Comment #4353
That's a known bug which hasn't been fixed. Doesn't happen too often though.
If you haven't, load the map rq_vista manually from the console when you reach that point.

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