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de_dracula - bad map by DiscoStu
Posted 8 years ago2010-01-27 21:54:25 UTC • Unfinished • Counter-Strike
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de_dracula - bad map
DiscoStu DiscoStu
8 years ago2010-01-27 21:54:25 UTC
8 years ago2010-01-28 00:24:31 UTC

Here's the worst architecture you've ever seen! Just to show how bad I was. Back when I started mapping in about 2002, after doing my first killbox I realised I wanted to do something cooler. So I started this castle.

Originally named de_dracula, as the book was my initial inspiration, it doesn't resemble anything Dracula, and it doesn't even have a coffin room. I guess I forgot about that (and the actual theme of the map) when I finished it. Yes, at the time this was considered a finished, fully functional and totally awesome map.

As it is, it's uncompilable. It's composed 99% of invalid solids and mismatching planes. It has the hugest skybox you've ever seen (if it appears far away, it must be far away!). And it borrows textures from cs_italy and de_cbble. Probably more, I don't remember. And, most of it was built using the Carve function. Also, I didn't know what a castle was supposed to look like. So know what to expect.

-Map description-
There is a castle on a large rock, across the ravine there is a city.

Terrorists start at what appears to be some kind of shop, curiously next to a pile of prefab explosive crates, and are intended to bomb the library inside the castle.

Counter-terrorists start inside the castle, in the entrance hallway before the library

Except that there's no way players get into the library, or even outside the castle - unless they jump from a tower. Why? Because I had no idea how to make a door behave like a door. Read, I had not the slightest idea of what an entity was.

This map, as it is, is uncompilable. I can not stress enough that I uploaded it solely for amusement. There is absolutely no way it can be fixed and rescued to a compilable state. It is just intended to show that once upon a time, I did consider some of my maps finished. These were my ambitious plans in 2002. And my mapping skills.

Remember: I don't expect you to like it. I expect you... to lie.


Commented 8 years ago2010-01-28 01:26:01 UTC Comment #17913
Just because it's uncompilable and has a whole bunch of errors like you say, does not mean the map's mesh can't be salvaged and used in some other way. If it's okay with you DiscoStu, I'm going to go ahead and download the map, extract the map's mesh (brush) via a format conversion to another 3D format (.obj or .3ds), and see if I can turn the castle in to the center piece of an online virtual world (Java or X3D powered). I will do this strictly as an experiment, just to see how well it can be done. I will keep you up to date via PM's on the progress.
Commented 8 years ago2010-01-28 01:49:57 UTC Comment #17914
Well sure, go ahead if you like. It'd be cool to see it put to use, anywhere. I do wonder what will you do with it after you look at it :P
Commented 8 years ago2010-01-28 05:15:25 UTC Comment #17915
Castle Disposed?
Commented 8 years ago2010-01-28 15:09:30 UTC Comment #17919
It don't look SO bad.....

you should see some of my first maps. I consider them good cause I spent alot of time on them but when I actually go back and really look at some of these earlier maps I see ALL kinds of errors. It's called learning dude!

I think the reason it takes me so long to finish anything anymore is cause I don't want to have all those errors so I spend enormous amounts of time getting the maps just right from the start.

my first map was a two boxes put together with a couple of lights and posters on the wall. I got giddy like a schoolgirl when it actually come up and I could see my masterpiece unfold--and I have been hooked on mapping ever since.
Commented 8 years ago2010-01-28 15:52:16 UTC Comment #17920
@Darkie: No, it's uncompilable. It'd have to be rebuilt from scratch.

@kdunivan: Yeah, that's the reason it takes me so long to reach completion on any map now. However, even then I was aware of the invalid brushes. I just shrugged and thought, what harm can a couple of bad brushes do? What I'm sure of is that there are no leaks, because the skybox is well sealed :P

And my first map was a 128x128x128 room with some prefabs piled up in a corner. It was AWESOME. It was ORGASMIC.
Commented 8 years ago2010-01-28 17:21:37 UTC Comment #17921
"it's uncompilable"
Sorry, I forgot.
Commented 8 years ago2010-01-29 04:02:16 UTC Comment #17922
I said that was my first "working" map.....

My actual first map was a massive skybox the size of the whole editor--by that I mean as big as you can get it and I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't render on the crappy computer I had at the time. Then I proceeded to create a whole stupid little overground/underground complex that was so out of proportion by the time I actually did get to really render it in any kind of fashion (cordon, which I figured out later) I was really little compared to my buildings, doorways, textures, EVERYTHING! I was really highly disappointed with myself. I spent all this time and it never came to pass. I still have the file around here somewhere. I may upload it for shear laugh purposes. I think I gave up for awhile until I found a tutorial on how to make that room. The rest is history.
Commented 8 years ago2010-01-29 13:37:58 UTC Comment #17924
Hey DiscoStu, look in your PM inbox, I sent you an update....
Commented 7 years ago2011-03-23 08:44:32 UTC Comment #18868
superb and inspiring for a first map. It was a lot of fun roaming around and soaking up all the detail you added to the map, as well as the crazy clipping/carving in places!

1st maps are almost NEVER as good as this, and your's most-definitely shows your mapping potential, even so early on! You made use of almost all the entities needed to make an expert-level map, it's just your understanding of the editor was not on par with your moxy to add things to the level(like the erroneously-placed info_decals! =))

All things considered, truly Great stuff!


Commented 3 years ago2015-04-12 07:27:44 UTC Comment #20847
tried fixing this. Deleted all the invalids and got csg and bsp to work. Tried rad, and there was some brush problems where it didn't identify the problem brush(es). I got the feeling that this map could totally have been fixed if the compiler told me which brushes were causing problems. Did not dare try to run the map in-game. Too bad though, I looked at the map in hammer and the castle interior, although kinda cramped, could be fun to play in. Wish I was skilled enough to fix the problems :(

If you PM, I can send you the half-fixed version. I also deleted the entire town side of the map to simplify things, hope you dont mind.
Commented 3 years ago2015-08-24 23:37:04 UTC Comment #20940
Bad mapula
Commented 9 months ago2018-02-05 17:32:25 UTC Comment #4308
Dracula died seeing this :P

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