func_door_rotating angle tests

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func_door_rotating angle tests by DiscoStu
Posted 9 years ago2010-02-26 17:17:17 UTC • Examples • Half-Life
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func_door_rotating angle tests
DiscoStu DiscoStu
9 years ago2010-02-26 17:17:17 UTC
9 years ago2010-02-26 18:00:03 UTC

In an attempt to find out whether I could make a func_door_rotating rotate on a tilted axis instead of "only" X, Y or Z, I found out this weird behaviour.

There are three doors in this map, all of them have their default rotating axis (a.k.a. "Z"). The first door is the "control subject", with all values left as default. The second and third doors have 30 degrees set on Pitch/Yaw/Roll - one of them in X, the other one in Y.

Setting Pitch/Yaw/Roll makes them appear in game in a different position than the brushes were placed in Hammer, but the rotating axis remains absolute (X, Y or Z) instead of sticking to the rotated door. The weird thing is that the doors behave differently depending on which side they are approached from: Going one way they rotate normally, going the other way they rotate... in a weird way.

The semitransparent green sticks next to the doors are just func_illusionaries to illustrate the axes the doors are intended to rotate on.

It appears it's not possible to make a door rotate on a tilted axis like I wanted. I suppose whoever wants to do that will have to make a model door, with opening animations in whichever axis they want.

I don't know whether anyone will consider this useful insight or just map spam, but since I've seen some weird hacks with entities to pull off cool stunts, I can hope that someday, someone will find a use for this.

I also hope that in a vague future, a new version of TWHL will give its errors without trashing everything you've typed, making you type all your map description again because you clicked the .bmp screenshot instead of the .jpg.


Commented 9 years ago2010-03-10 18:23:50 UTC Comment #17966
not map spam at all! i love test maps like this exploring the limits and capabilities (as well bugs) in hammer entities.

i just checked out the map, and now i can tell what you mean! that is really strange, and something i never noticed before, tho i must say i never found the need to dicker with the pitch/yaw/roll for my func_rotating, tho i have for some fancy sliding func_doors..

That said, i'm not sure i understand completely what you are trying to accomplish. like, could you eliminate the bug by changing the orientation of the origin brush, and only dickering with the with the z axis if necessary?

if you could give me a real-world description of what your trying to do, I'M SURE we can figure out how to do this in hammer, if you're still interested..


Commented 9 years ago2010-03-16 23:06:53 UTC Comment #17988
Sorry about reading your comment late. This is something I've never had to use, as I could never make it work, so I guess I avoided it.

The idea is that the door should turn on a tilted axis - like outside basement doors in country houses. Doors at an angle like the one in the middle of the map screenshot above.

The first Google result for "basement door" is this:

The front page has pictures of exactly what I'm talking about.
Commented 9 years ago2010-03-17 16:00:06 UTC Comment #17989
okk! as long as you tilt the orgin and make the necessary adjustment to the flags (x, y, and "reverse direction"), it should work.. i'll try to work up an example in a bit..

edit: also, this should be in problem maps probably?
Commented 9 years ago2010-03-17 18:45:49 UTC Comment #17990
I couldn't get it to work right, but what about muzz's solution listed in NemoStein's thread?

Here's my attempt to unsuccessfully reproduce muzz's door. Also as far as i can tell, it seems it only works pointed in an easterly direction?

edit: here is an updated version of my map that demonstrates muzz's door works from both directions.
Commented 9 years ago2010-03-17 23:10:26 UTC Comment #17975
Ooo! Gotta check that out! Thanks for the tip!

clicky clicky

I really didn't remember that thread.
Commented 9 years ago2010-03-20 22:41:51 UTC Comment #17993
to make clear:

"here is an updated version of my map that demonstrates muzz's door works from both directions."

meaning, you can enter and exit, and the door will open the same way(partially probably because the door is triggered, and you aren't "pushing" or "using" it open).

Most importantly tho, the basement doors MUST BE oriented East, like Atom's example, or they will NOT work correctly..


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