Half-Life Office (beta name and content)

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Half-Life Office (beta name and content) by Cro-man
Posted 8 years ago2010-10-24 13:03:16 UTC • Unfinished • Half-Life
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Half-Life Office (beta name and content)
Cro-man Cro-man
8 years ago2010-10-24 13:03:16 UTC
8 years ago2010-11-21 16:11:53 UTC
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Well this is my first map pack which I intend to release into public. The maps are more of an adventure type with elements of easy puzzles, action and horror. This map is about the victims of the tragic incident and horrific aliens. You will see dead persons around in some unusal places making you think what happened there (that's what I liked in Half-Life 1). This is my first upload ever, and I hope you all will like it.

Known bug: When you walk from office3 map to office2 you get stuck in the floor, unless you jump before you hit the change level trigger ; some dead npcs appear on the floor, I have no idea how to fix that.

Note: The ending map (office4) has a metal wall behind the openable door. Thats because the map is unfinished so I will remove the wall after I make some more.

Update: New map versions here! I managed to make it more player friendly, fixed some stuff and I added MORE details. I am still fixing other stuff in it. The fourth map is in the making.

People who helped and what they did:

CharlieTheZombieHunter a.k.a. Xload123 (helping me compile the maps)
"This map pack has took cro-man a long time too make it. So i hope you all enjoy it!"


Commented 8 years ago2010-10-24 13:20:26 UTC Comment #5654
Looks neet, gonna play now

Damn, can't play
WARNING: couldn't open myblooddecals.wad
remove that or include it
Commented 8 years ago2010-10-24 13:32:32 UTC Comment #5649
I apologize for this. I was experimenting with Wally and it seems like you need those wads (uploaded now). The problems is, as Joebama told me, that Hammer had those wads loaded up but there are none of those decals in the map (because those decals do not work somehow). Again I'm sorry for that.
Commented 8 years ago2010-10-24 14:56:02 UTC Comment #5644
uploaded? what did you upload? it's the same...
Commented 8 years ago2010-10-24 15:29:37 UTC Comment #5635
Now I don't know, Joebama told me how to fix this new problem and I did what he told me. Try it now.
Commented 8 years ago2010-10-24 15:41:33 UTC Comment #5636
Commented 8 years ago2010-10-24 15:48:08 UTC Comment #5637
What is it now I added the wad files in the package, didn't I?
Commented 8 years ago2010-10-24 15:51:34 UTC Comment #5638
oh god now it's there,... gonna go see some stuff
Commented 8 years ago2010-10-24 16:00:44 UTC Comment #5639
that was... um... you know I'm just sitting in the dark now and that was not cool. In other case very nice...except for the guy under the fan unit1(WHERE IS HIS HEAD?!) I'll take a look here in the morning, or later...
Q1 how did you do the body parts frew up?
p.s. give me a gun not a stick :D
Commented 8 years ago2010-10-24 16:09:13 UTC Comment #5205
1. The guy didn't lose his head, it's just that story incoming after the resonance cascade he was searching for an exit but then a earhquake was starting to shake everything up so he tripped and fell under the door which closed on him cutting his neck. If you take a good look at him youl see his head behind the door.
2. The body parts were thrown down useing the env_shooter.
3: Yeah you'l get fire weapons later on.

Btw., what did you mean with "and that was not cool". If you didn't like something tell me what it is and I will try not to do the same mistakes later on in other maps.

And thank you very much for the comments and rating, I appreciate it!
Commented 8 years ago2010-10-24 16:55:42 UTC Comment #5187
"and that was not cool" :D I didnt like horror in the middle of the nite :D
sorry but I got to explore only the first map (My HL is messed up) I couldnt get to the other level quickly so I just took a look around. Mabe if I have time I'll see it tommorw. Its 23:54 or 11pm 54 like you understand...bis sleapy...gonna go wats TopGear rerun:D nite!
Commented 8 years ago2010-10-24 17:21:00 UTC Comment #4711
Hello new member:
So I tried your mappack and it took me a while but here is what I thought
So, the first area, the ventilation system, you know how you put that breakable there that activates the broken door? Well I kinda thought it was really hard to find and anyone with no patience is going to start cheating (or worse, quitting). There is nothing about that breakable that looked like it was breakable, you know? So I was stuck wandering there for a while.

Second, the insta-death fan. I didn't know how to turn it off so I had to walk into it repeatedly and try to survive. Took about 6 tries. Was this intentional? It is really annoying to say.

Third, that explosion right when you enter the trainstation. It knocks off about 85. So I was wondering, if I arrived there under 85 HP even with those two medkits added, will I be stuck forever? I suspect you put that because so that players won't be cheap and take fall damage shortcuts in that area, but honestly the 85 HP explosion is a very bad design choice.

Finally, the bottom door, where only the top part opens. I really had NO IDEA how to get through that. Like, at all. Can you explain?

No autosaves? I find from experience that lacking of autosaves will make people lose patience really quickly (added to your death fan and 85 explosion) which made me really want to quit and give up.)

Mapping-wise, it is very nice to look at. That storage shaft was really nice and I've not seen anything like it (and I've seen alot of maps). The sequence with the scientist was also pretty nice. But of course, the people around the facility who died in the strangest ways was a pretty good theme. I like it.

Anyway, just consider the stuff I mentioned; and well if you expand beyond that 4th map I'll prolly try it too!
Commented 8 years ago2010-10-24 18:26:19 UTC Comment #4471
@2muchvideogames, Thank you for your comment.
1. About the breakable thing, I thought if i put it somewhere on a clear wall it would be to obvious, now that you told me how it looks like i will change the placement.
2. The fan is supposed to be a timing puzzle where you have to go quickly between the blades from corner to corner. I will slow the fan down and won't make it kill the player quick.
3. Well I see what you mean but if I went somewhere under 85 hp loss the players would just be able to jump down and survive. If it would be okay I would add a few more medkits before the explosion (althought not at the same place) and will try to make it look like the pipe is damaged if I get an idea how to so it will warn the players that something bad will happen. Or I will just move the train from its position there so you can't jump on it and stay alive, but then again you will atleast have more health (that means I'll maybe place the pipe somewhere else in the same room but just for decoration and harmless explosions).
4. The bottom door at the broken platform worked good for me, everything opened correctly.
5. Yeah, I will add quicksaves before the dangerous parts.

Thanks for the criticism and help. I guess I just didn't know how other players play (that means players who sometimes play Half-Life and the others who just find those kind of games hard. I will try to fix all that stuff to make it more player friendly.

Thanks again for your comment, you helped me a lot with this.
Commented 8 years ago2010-10-26 05:02:52 UTC Comment #18602
Oh man I couldnt get from office1 to office2, from office2 to office3, but I think I made it to office4 with noclip...
Commented 8 years ago2010-10-27 19:59:18 UTC Comment #18604
^Ahaha, see what I mean? ppl will cheat if they don't know what to doo.

Anyways, you're welcome. Welcome to TWHL, that is. Ha ha. It's a joke.
Commented 8 years ago2010-10-29 08:44:41 UTC Comment #18606
notice all the negative comments to your map for over 75% of the comments because of missing/fucked-up content?! Maybe you should fix everything and re-upload?

wadinclude all your bullshit wads into your bullshit maps or remove them, it's not hard...

i quit after you reach the third room and can't smash through the duct vent, though you were able to easily do so for the 2 previous rooms--makes absolutely no sense..

one star
Commented 8 years ago2010-10-29 16:14:13 UTC Comment #18607
Woah, never seen CT flip out like that.

May I remind you that this guy is a new mapper?

Well, I was able to get through it. :/
Commented 8 years ago2010-11-04 18:12:54 UTC Comment #18621
yeah i apologized unreservedly, 'twas out-of-my-tree drunk when i wrote those comments. ='(

i will play again and re-rate/comment.
Commented 8 years ago2010-11-14 16:13:49 UTC Comment #18633
I accept the apology and you can't imagine how happy I am to hear that you didn't mean it!
Commented 8 years ago2010-12-28 11:06:43 UTC Comment #18550
Hmm.. wish i had HL1 now, i'll be sure to play this map when i get it.
Commented 8 years ago2010-12-31 10:55:18 UTC Comment #18540
Great-looking stuff! (can't believe how skewed/wrong my previous impression was!

+well-detailed nice architecture through most
++fun/good scripting!
+nice entity touches like the gibs and other things

+/-texturing very nice in some places, very bad in others.
+/-that strobe you used in one where you see the scientist being pulled through the vent is kinda a bad effect in general. tho it works i would experiment with other strobes in the future, or even use light flicker properties or other means to get desired effect.

-some brushwork a bit blocky
-overuse of some original prefabs imo (like the valve, i would redesign or use a model!)
-scale in places is a bit off/strange but no big deal

I loved the big "stairway" map at the end of the 3rd map.. really nice! I will say i had a very hard time figuring out what to do to get to the next map, for almost every level, and i found myself noclipping or even doing manual map changes when i couldn't figure out what to do. (i am not the greatest puzzle-solver, so take this criticism with a grain of salt!)

Anyway, some real solid mapping with a few flaws, is 3.5 from me which rounds up to a 4. I can tell you spent some time and worked hard on this, even though it could use some polishing.

Commented 8 years ago2011-03-23 19:10:49 UTC Comment #18911
Thanks for the kind words! I apologize for the late response, I didn't log in till now because I was too lazy to do so :P. Anyways guys, I hope you will be glad to hear that I learned more about mapping and am already creating other maps. I will either remake these uploaded maps or will take the best parts of it out and implement them in the other maps.
Commented 8 years ago2011-09-05 10:17:13 UTC Comment #15771
Actually I would love it to see a continuation of this mappack. I really liked it.. The atmosphere was great in it.

I really liked your choice of textures in here.. They fit perfectly to each other. Also the details were impressive while I never understood why everything in BM was damaged like the buttons if there were no indications for any explosions at all it still resembled the feeling very fell. Not sure why so many scientists and barneys were in the vents in the first map but it rocks.

Except some small glitches (pictures etc.) not being func_wall = causing shadow glitches.
Or a regular door giving you electro shocks while opening.
And a simulation of a ceiling that collapsed at a scientist, but the ceiling itself was still being intact everything else was fine.

Your maps are really high quality stuff.. Looking forward your next releases. And I hope you will continue this one. When you already have a decent starting number on maps you shouldn't scratch all of them and start a new. Better polish the current maps and continue on with this office mod.

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