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sp_vengeance by satchmo
Posted 7 years ago2011-07-09 11:47:42 UTC • Completed • Portal 2
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satchmo satchmo
Portal 2
7 years ago2011-07-09 11:47:42 UTC
7 years ago2011-07-12 15:40:55 UTC
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sp_gravity + sp_labyrinth + sp_suspended = sp_vengeance

. . . or Portal 2 elements with a twist.

Think outside the cube.

Version 1.55 updated on 7/12/2011.


Commented 7 years ago2011-07-10 06:35:50 UTC Comment #19328
Wasn't a big fan of the labyrinth section, satch. All the glass walls vanishing and stuff was just confusing. It took me ages to work out that I had to fling myself either side of the light bridge too... maybe a little sign would be helpful.

Aside from that, you already know my thoughts on the other two areas. They haven't changed really.
Commented 7 years ago2011-07-10 11:58:36 UTC Comment #19329
Thanks for the feedback.

I did not put signs in the beginning because there really isn't any other way to go except to get to the other side of the light bridge. Anyways, the maze-like puzzle may not be the most suitable theme for Portal 2. I was just being creative and experimenting with non-traditional themes for the maps.
Commented 7 years ago2011-07-10 14:13:35 UTC Comment #19331
To be honest what confused me most about the light bridge jump was the lasers with the portalable wall behind it. In hindsight, I have absolutely no idea what purpose that served. I spent ages mucking around with that wall, the cube and the light bridge to no avail.

As it stands, it is there merely to confuse players and provide an insta-death for anyone who slightly mistimes the jump once they work out the proper solution. I certainly think that section of the map would be much more intuitive and less punishing if that wall and the lasers didn't exist.
Commented 7 years ago2011-07-10 16:08:10 UTC Comment #19333
How did you jump over to the other side without the portalable wall?

I cannot do it unless I use the portalable wall to shoot a light bridge to stand on. Without it, I find it impossible to simply jump to the other side.
Commented 7 years ago2011-07-11 01:26:12 UTC Comment #19340
I managed to make the jump on the second attempt once I'd figured out the 'solution.' I guess it wasn't the intended one! I assumed the light bridge was there purely to block the player and the lasers/wall there to confuse players.

I should also point out that I again did not recognise the wall behind the lasers as portal-able immediately.

AND the box needs a dispenser. If it is fizzed the puzzle becomes impossible.
Commented 7 years ago2011-07-11 02:34:43 UTC Comment #19341
Do you know that it's impossible to have two reflective cube dispensers within the same map (BSP)? I had one, but the output kept interfering with each other until I found out about this limitation.

I modified the fizzler so the cube does not get fizzled when it goes through the grid.
Commented 7 years ago2011-07-19 19:15:54 UTC Comment #19375
Here is a speedrun video completed in under two minutes.

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