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de_racetownz by doggybag71
Posted 12 years ago2011-09-02 00:01:21 UTC • Completed • Counter-Strike
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doggybag71 doggybag71
12 years ago2011-09-02 00:01:21 UTC
11 years ago2012-01-15 01:45:00 UTC
4.80 (5)
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Map of the Month winner for September 2011!

**UPDATE 2012-01-12**
  • lampachrono.mdl had a very thin space sign in the filename which gave problems for linux servers. FIXED
  • Compiled with VHLT25 -> a bit better r_speeds, better clipping and more vivid lighting.
  • Bumped up max viewable distance to 6400, fixed some dissapearing terrain.
  • Used func_detail and lowered model use to less than 300.
  • added elevator music
  • elevator not longer visible through sky from T-spawn bridge
  • and some more minor adjustments
**UPDATE 2011-09-06**
Included a better res-file in the zip that only has the names of the custom files.
T and CT have to make their way in to the small city as fast as possible. T's goal is to bomb one of the following places in the city: the park, the embassy or a cinema (the embassy and the cinema are at the same place more or less). And of course the CTs have to prevent this to all costs.

Each team has a 8 vans and can choose to take a ride through the countryside or to go underground by foot to reach the town.

Usuable items in the map:
16 Cars
2 AWPs
1 Elevator
2 Telephone Boxes
1 radio with on/off music (Guthrie Govan - Waves)

Special thanks to creators of the nice sounds, models and textures that I've been using for this map.

for more screenies visit de_racetownz on gamebanana

Map of the Month review by Rimrook.


Commented 12 years ago2011-09-02 00:51:16 UTC Comment #19428
Large and impressive.
Commented 12 years ago2011-09-02 18:50:50 UTC Comment #19429
Megaupload is cockblocking me. May i suggest here as more-reliable hosting.
Commented 12 years ago2011-09-02 19:13:59 UTC Comment #19430
Very interesting map, a bit in circles, but cool.

It has good FPS and wpoly, no lag on older machine (P4 2.0GHz 1GB RAM).

Its a nice car chase :)


Also, Captain T has a point, that host he posted is kick ass!
Commented 12 years ago2011-09-02 19:20:52 UTC Comment #19431
Commented 12 years ago2011-09-02 19:37:58 UTC Comment #19432
@Captain Terror
Thanks! I was looking for a good upload site like this! I've uploaded and changed the download link now. Here it is too,

Thanks, hehe, yeah it was a bit of a problem to fit the whole map into the drawing space of hammer. The Terrorists are actually driving under the city on their way in. So were it seems be blue sky above is actually the city itself :P.

I put a lot of effort into VIS blocking and such. Probably more than a month on just optimizing so I'm glad to hear that it gave some results :).
Commented 12 years ago2011-09-02 20:27:15 UTC Comment #19433
thank stojkens, he told me about localhoster! =)

de_racetown review
+superb goldsrc terrain and texturing
+neat prefabs. (those little vans remind me of autobot g1 ratchet!
+neat soundscapes
+that big tunnel is very dynamic and well done. nice vista too, thought the "crack" in the rockface is a bit strange-looking
+superb performance for such a huge map
+for the most part error free which is also rare for such a big map
+superb texture variation

+/- huge map is huge. I would have to go through this many more times or play on a server to really get a feel for the layout and see everything.

-some disappearing terrain when you first enter the town, not a huge deal, but probably fixed by bumping up the max viewable distance in hammmer worldspawn.

5 stars for the shear scope and great detail and lighting, without giving any thought to gameplay. Great work sir!


P.s.: msg me on steam or here if you get this on a server, i'd love to test out the gameplay!
Commented 12 years ago2011-09-04 06:50:52 UTC Comment #19434
@Captain Terror
Thanks for the review! :)

I will let you know when it's on a server.
Commented 12 years ago2011-10-08 07:30:43 UTC Comment #19491
great map!
Commented 12 years ago2011-10-08 17:21:25 UTC Comment #19495
Help! When I try to run the map CS gave me this :
"Host_Error: PF_precache_model_I: Model 'sprites/glow03.spr' failed to precache because the item count is over the 512 limit.
Reduce the number of brush models and/or regular models in the map to correct this"
I know the problem is in my CS, since other people are able to play this map, but how to solve this problem ?
Commented 12 years ago2011-10-11 11:55:59 UTC Comment #19504
Thx bojidar4oto!

Hmm, I am not sure how to solve this. I got a similar error message in an earlier version of the map because I had to many func_illusionary but I fixed it by tying them together.

Do you have the latest cs and steam? Try downloading my map again and unzip and overwrite the old files. Sorry, can't come up with any better ideas at the moment.
Commented 12 years ago2011-10-11 13:46:30 UTC Comment #19507
I have the newest map version, even downloading it from here does not solve the problem. Have the latest CS, steam bla bla too. I can live without playing the map, no problem. This stupid maximum limit was trouble for some of mine maps too. When you compile map it says: xxx/512 models, but the limit is actually lower, because it does not include the standard CS models, sprites and so, which will be loaded later ingame (I don't know how much are they and what is the real number that mappers should care about). So when you make maps you should not never reach more that 200-300/512 shown when compiling, or your maps will be unplayable TO ALL. After some "googling" I found that the limit of 512 is hardly coded in the engine (not in mp.dll) and to nowadays there is no cure known to mankind for this problem. Some try to solve it with amxx plugins...
Commented 12 years ago2011-11-01 00:00:00 UTC Comment #32816
Architecture — 10
Texturing — 9.5
Ambience — 9.5
Lighting — 7.5
Gameplay — 7.5

Video Review

Bottom Line

A fantastic and very innovatively constructed map for Counterstrike 1.6!
Commented 12 years ago2011-11-02 08:16:39 UTC Comment #19525
Turn off any plugins(if you have any)that may use custom resources(sounds,models,sprites,etc.).If it doesn't work then maybe the map really has too much custom resources.

The map was going to be better if the buildings were accessible, so you can hide in them looking for enemies.It's funny that, for example, you were trying to plant the bomb at the park,but you got sniped out by a CT from the office building.
Commented 8 years ago2014-12-21 01:13:22 UTC Comment #20775

Commented 1 year ago2022-02-08 12:44:29 UTC Comment #104088
It's too much fun

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