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de_dystopia_revisited by WeightlessFalls
Posted 7 years ago2012-12-15 15:34:46 UTC • Completed • Counter-Strike
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WeightlessFalls WeightlessFalls
7 years ago2012-12-15 15:34:46 UTC
7 years ago2013-01-30 11:06:17 UTC
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Hello. I proudly present my new map for cs1.6

The Storry someone will eventually read...

_In the dystopian city, there lie symbols of ideals and and acts which made the city the way it is now. A colorless, soulless ruin with a lifeless population.

But a group of people, seek to change the societys view, and bring back what it has forgotten. Freedome!

Terrorists: Destroy the oposing forces main building (A), or destroy the symbol of the city rulers, presented in the garden (B)

Counter Terrorists: Stop the freedome fighters from destroying your main (spawn) building or the symbol in the garden._


This map took over 3 weeks to create, including textures, models, sprites, sounds etc... and is by far the biggest and most complex map I have ever made. As the name says, this is a remake of my previous map de_dystopia, but it is a total reconstruction of it, and the only things that are similar are the layout and some textures and models, but even they have been edited and reworked.

I hope you enjoy playing it :)

And please, rate and comment. Thx!

NaitsirK signing out.


Commented 7 years ago2012-12-16 12:12:31 UTC Comment #20211
Wonderful changes and additons, especially the show/concert posters, they fit well.

Height scale is still i little big in places(curbs, stairs, top-stairs railing, but other than that i love it.

A note on the sound as well, it drops off very sharply from one place to another.. but i don't know how to fix that in gs.

anyhoo i really, really love this theme, well done!
Commented 7 years ago2012-12-16 15:47:22 UTC Comment #20212
Thank you.

The sound drops for some reason I'm not aware of, I think it might be that it is due to only 1 ambient generic being in the room, but when I put more then 1, the ambient generics went out of sync so fast that I didn't get to say showelpicks! But I think I wont be changing the map anymore, I just ain't got the will to do it :P

And thx again for the rate and comment :)
Commented 7 years ago2012-12-16 18:21:02 UTC Comment #20213
It's nice to see a map where the terrorists are actually good guys for once :D

The map itself is really great, I won't go into much detail, but I think it's well thought through, and it's great that you added a little story to it.

Commented 7 years ago2012-12-16 19:05:32 UTC Comment #20214
Thx Skals!

I wanted to see the T's on the good side for once, so I made a small story for 'em :D
Commented 7 years ago2012-12-16 19:31:11 UTC Comment #20215
Hey, I just found a video on some Japanese site hehehe
Might come in handy if ur skeptic about DL-ing the map, but I suggest u play it first :)
Commented 7 years ago2012-12-18 14:23:28 UTC Comment #17463
Damn, thought it's a fy_destopia redone to demolition kind of map... :P
BTW, interesting map and idea overall, a bit dark though :)
Commented 7 years ago2012-12-20 03:30:15 UTC Comment #17464
Heh, I know what u mean, but when I was searching for a name for a run down city, I thought "lets try and search for de_dystopia on google" and when it didn't turn up anything I started the project and finished it for the TR contest on GB. After that I found out about your map being called fy_dystopia (Allso love the de_abducted xD), I mean I saw it a long time ago, but forgot its name through time. DDR was made because I wasn't satisfied with DD, so I remade it into what it is now :P

You can check out this maps predecessor on GB if ur still going there, but It is too buggy to be played and has some serious errs, or de_dreamer, you might like their style :)

O, and an update of this map is to be expected, I let timmycakes try and optimize it a bit more then I did, and I might boost the light leves a bit to suite gameplay more.

Anyway, thx for the comment :)

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