MU_Nightmare_Church_Final [Gmod Murder Map]

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MU_Nightmare_Church_Final [Gmod Murder Map] by gtamike_TSGK
Posted 4 years ago2014-07-27 20:16:29 UTC • Completed • Garry's Mod
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MU_Nightmare_Church_Final [Gmod Murder Map]
gtamike_TSGK gtamike_TSGK
Garry's Mod
4 years ago2014-07-27 20:16:29 UTC
3 years ago2014-10-22 17:48:20 UTC
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Note: No jump scares in this version (See GM and DM versions for that)

Hello all, this map is out of Beta Stage now and has been heavily updated in all areas.
Thanks to the 23000 plus players that have played MU_Nightmare_Church and the people that have showed support.The map is at Final/Stable Stage, more Information listed below. (Build Time 10 Months, plus on top of that decent map update support)

- Name: MU_Nightmare_Church_Final [Official Murder Map]
- Made By: gtamike_TSGK
- Map Type/Main Focus: Murder Gamemode (Garry's Mod)
- Player Spawns: 35 (built-in)
- Loot Spawns: 30 (built-in)
- Map Sample Videos:YouTube Playlist Link
- Map Updates/Improvements:
- Nightmare Church Official Steam Group:

- Map Topic:
- Fast Download: For Server Admins (.BZ2)
- Map Soundscapes: For Server Admins (Server Side Only)
- Steam Workshop Version:

Key Features/Description
Nightmare Church a perfect place for a Murder, it's fun to explore and has great places to hide dead bodies.
There's lots of details in the map like the blood water fountains and good quality textures with bump effects etc.
The map has a special built-in "Player Spawn Protection" at the start of each round to prevent spawn killers.
Also there's a few things the player can interact with that gives the map character and makes it more
memorable. Examples: Dynamic Gnome lantern, "Press Use" interaction on objects and so on.
The map has good flow and it's hard to get lost because the map layout is connected very well.
I've done alot of optimization techniques to make sure the frame rates are stable for this detailed map.

[quote=Mechanical Mind (Murder Gamemode Maker)]
Murder Version 17 - 13th March 2014
  • Added knife charge convar
  • Added ad for Melonbomber
  • Added spawns for mu_nightmare_church_b1
  • Knife charge now ends on holster
  • Decreased knife charge time

Murder Version 19 - 14th July 2014
  • Added spanish translation (mu_language "spanish")
  • Added german translation (mu_language "german")
  • Added french translation (mu_language "french")
  • Added support for final version of mu_nightmare_church (Workshop version)
  • Fixed black mark on Murderers face

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Nightmare Church - Official Group
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Feel free to leave comments, the map is at final stage keep in mind. ;)
Have Fun Exploring and Killing Each Other!


Commented 4 years ago2014-07-28 10:04:00 UTC Comment #20691
Video of the map and with the Murder Gamemode installed on the server (Garry's Mod)
Commented 4 years ago2014-07-29 23:39:56 UTC Comment #20692
Houston we have the final version, well done man! =)
Commented 4 years ago2014-07-30 07:56:01 UTC Comment #20694
Indeed thanks it's good to get the final version out.
The other version (with jump scares) is at RC7 stage. [July 4th 2014]
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-01 19:43:53 UTC Comment #20695
NOW you can make the CSGO Defusal/DM version? :PP (though switching all the effects might be a bit of a PITA?)

Anyhoo, great map sir, this is probably my favorite DM map of all time, WELL DONE! =P
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-05 14:42:33 UTC Comment #20437
We will see maybe one day lol
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-17 15:57:15 UTC Comment #18627
Dude c'mon, do it for the children ;)

Seriously you should port it to cs in-time for halloween, it would be an instant hit ;)
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-18 11:51:00 UTC Comment #18626
Maybe :P :P :P

Anyway I just finished making this 9 min video ;)

mu_nightmare_church - [Tricks and Easter Eggs]

Commented 3 years ago2014-09-02 14:48:28 UTC Comment #18347
Got lots of versions, I guess another could be done lol

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