TTT_Nightmare_Church_Final [Gmod TTT Map]

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TTT_Nightmare_Church_Final [Gmod TTT Map] by gtamike_TSGK
Posted 3 years ago2014-10-22 17:25:13 UTC • Completed • Garry's Mod
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TTT_Nightmare_Church_Final [Gmod TTT Map]
gtamike_TSGK gtamike_TSGK
Garry's Mod
3 years ago2014-10-22 17:25:13 UTC
3 years ago2014-10-22 17:48:00 UTC
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A TTT Version of Nightmare Church was requested for Gmod this is the Final Version!
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Note: No jump scares in this version (See GM and DM versions for that)
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Nightmare Church a perfect place for Trouble In Terrorist Town (TTT), it's fun to explore and has great places to hide dead bodies. There's lots of details in the map like the blood water fountains and good quality textures with bump effects etc. The map has a special built-in "Player Spawn Protection" at the start of each round to prevent spawn killers. Also there's a few things the player can interact with that gives the map character and makes it more memorable. Examples: Dynamic Gnome lantern, "Press Use" interaction on objects and so on. The map has good flow and it's hard to get lost because the map layout is connected very well. I've done a lot of optimization techniques to make sure the frame rates are stable for this detailed map.

  • Name: TTT_Nightmare_Church - (HD Version) Oct 2014
  • Made By: gtamike_TSGK
  • Map Type/Main Focus: Trouble In Terrorist Town (Garry's Mod GameMode)
  • Player Spawns: 35
  • Lots of TTT weapons and ammo
  • TTT Map settings/entities, gameplay tweaks and fixes, plus alot more optimized for servers.
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Map Update Logs - (The changes/improvements I've done to the map)
Designed By: gtamike_TSGK
40 Models Optimized And Recompiled By: Stoopdapoop

Enjoy and Feel free to host on your server :D
FAQs - Any map Crash is Clientside only (Something wrong with your gmod)
If you get a Crash on map load try this below before commenting.

1) Temporarily renaming your "models" or "material" folders as they might be conflicting with the map in some way.
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\Your-Steam-Name-Here\garrysmod\garrysmod

2) If above don't work Validate Garrys Mod from your steam game list. (Verify Steam Game Cache)

3) In your Garry's Mod folder rename the folder called "cfg" to "cfg_old" and turn off cloud save for Garry's Mod.

4) Try the none workshop map version.

5) Still not working?
DirectX launch options.

6) Update graphics card drivers.

7) Last option Reinstall Gmod
Don't forget to edit the mapcycle.txt and maplist.txt files on
your server and add this: ttt_nightmare_church

For more help read this - (Step 3 - Loading maps and addons)

Map Updates/Improvements (Sept 2014)
  • TTT logo in restrooms
  • Fixed bug where players could get out of map.
  • Built in spawn protect on new round.
  • No more player fall damage.
  • Changed/edited Soundscape settings.
  • Updated Thumbnails now better quality.
  • Skeleton in the fish water.
  • Skull model in the bin.
  • $nodecal "1" teddybear textures and picture frame.
  • Trigger_push near well.
  • Better shadows under clock tower.
  • Models now have less prop pop in now.
  • Player Clipped tree near church bell.
  • Made it more easy to climb the trees.
  • Moved the gnome model. (More easy to spot)
  • Prop Physics Clipped all of the maze hedge.
  • Clipped the fallen tree so props don't get stuck.
  • Skull model in the holy water.
  • The Gnome model is now a Transparent Dynamic Lantern that you can take with you.
  • Added some nice teleport particle effects to confession box.
  • Added env_blood for father grigori's head. (Dripping blood)
  • Hint texture text on open grave about dead bodies.
  • Zombie painting texture has a new fade effect (2 painting in 1)
  • You can jump now on the dog cage and then jump over the hedge near water feature.
  • Added a red arrow near dog cage as a hint that you can go up there.
  • Thunder sound Trigger timer reset from 250sec to 90sec.
  • Blood decal in open grave.
  • Piano has been prop physics clipped.
  • Removed Texture: vhs_nolabel.vtf - free up 1.33MB. (Texture skin was not used)
  • Removed Textures: fruit_objects01.vtf, fruit_objects01_normal.vtf, fruit_objects01_warp.vtf - free up 699KB (Textures was not used)
  • Optimized some textures (Without noticeable downgrade)
  • Radio Texture now is dirty. (No longer new looking)
  • Changed daoowl.mdl lighting origin. (more easy to see in the dark)
  • Moved the owl to a tree near the dog cage area. (more easy to notice)
  • Removed grave displacement Collisions.
  • Fixed small hedge texture bug.
  • Point of the roof structure now has $detail texture.
  • Newspaper stack texture higher res.
  • Block bullets clip to ladder.
  • Player clip to upper tree near roof area tweaked/moved.
  • Player clip to toilet area. (upper area)
  • Player clip on freemans head so you can jump on the upper bed.
  • Player clip to tree so you can climb it.
  • Player clip removed from Sewer. (More freedom space to run)
  • Player clip to confession booth, upper tree near roof area, dog cage, wine storage.
  • Physics prop clip behind sewer lid.
  • Physics prop clip in front of baby.
  • Physics prop clip to, toilets, electric area, hedge area.
  • Physics prop clip with filter_activator_name to, water well, grave hole, confession booth. (For trolley and gnome models)
  • Small Bug Fixes and General Tweaking.
Map Updates/Improvements (Oct 2014)
  • Changed spawn protect time. (30sec's per round)
  • Added player clip to bin. (You can look over the hedge if you stand on the bin)
  • Added Spawn "ttt_traitor_button" = Spawn Traitor Ladder (Traitors can get on the roof another way)
  • Added Spawn "ttt_traitor_button" = Piano Traitor Bomb (One explosion per round)
  • Fixed 2 lights in sewer that were brighter than the others.
  • Light map scale for blue carpet is lower (for better shadows)
  • Fixed "$fogend" water red text errors in console.
  • Grenades go through the big church glass windows.
  • Players can go through the freeman glass window.
  • Improved Cubemap Reflection in TV room.
  • Moved/Improved light_spot by the evil book.
  • Less model prop in.
  • Small Bug Fixes and General Tweaking.
Nightmare Church - Official Group
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Feel free to leave comments, the map is at final stage keep in mind. ;)
Have Fun Exploring and Killing Each Other!

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Commented 3 years ago2014-10-24 04:03:01 UTC Comment #17276
Awesome work sir, well done sticking with this to completion! You should really consider porting it to CSGO also, i feel like you could make it work for several gamemodes ;)

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