Fixed Opposing Force view models

Opposing Force OP4
Fixed Opposing Force view models by Overfloater
Posted 4 years ago2020-04-01 07:40:59 UTC • Completed • Opposing Force
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Fixed Opposing Force view models
Overfloater Overfloater
Opposing Force
4 years ago2020-04-01 07:40:59 UTC
4 months ago2024-03-07 06:50:49 UTC
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Fixed Glock, Python, Desert Eagle, Shotgun, Crossbow, RPG, Gluon Gun and MP5 models for Opposing Force
By Overfloater/DoomMusic

This pack contains a set of improved view models for Blue Shift, with various animation, UV and mesh
fixes and improvements. Here is a list of changes:
- The broken UV mappings and bone assignments on the Glock have been fixed, and a lot of janky and unnecessary polygons have been removed. The ejection port is in the proper place now, and I've also added back chrome to the barrel of the pistol, and the ejection port. The back of the handle has also been restored with the texture from the original Half-Life Glock, while still keeping the feel of the Opposing Force/Blue Shift Glock.
- Python had it's speedloader's mesh fixed, so it's no longer full of janky polygons. I've added back the reloading sound properly. The back aiming sights have also been altered, so they fit on the weapon properly now, instead of jutting out to the sided awkwardly.
(2024 March 7th) - Modified the mesh of the python to remove that uncanny curvature towards the front.
- The RPG recieved various UV mapping improvements, and also I fixed up a lot of disjointed and missing polygons, so now you won't see holes in the mesh when viewed from specific angles, such as reloading, etc. The fidget animation has been adjusted, so that it no longer switches mid-animation whenever it plays.
- The MP5 had the bogus firing animation that played in place of the first firing animation removed, and I fixed one of the firing animations, so the left thumb no longer clips into the grenade launcher during firing. I've also re-added a texture for the aiming sights that was present in the original HL1 MP5, but for some reason was removed in the Gearbox versions. UVs have also been improved.
- The shotgun has been modified to use the much better Blue Shift animations, and I also did some minor UV mapping improvements.
(2024 March 7th) - Modified shotgun animations to be more natural on the left hand.
- The Desert Eagle had a lot of janky polygons removed, and I fixed up some of the UV mapping, as well as added a hole in the back of the slide of the gun for the hammer. I also fixed some UV issues, and made the mesh of the gun more symmetrical in geometry.
- The Crossbow's clip has been fixed, so that now the clip' top is no longer invisible, and the metal piece on which the scope sits had the missing top polies added in.
- The Gluon Gun had the missing parts of the bottom half of the barrel added in, so it no longer looks obviously incomplete. Also some smoothing was fixed, so the chrome looks proper on the right cable that connects to the barrel.

General changes:
- I resized all the textures to be power of two, so they should look much sharper ingame, compared to the original models.
- This model pack contains NO UV-shifting, because I used the studiomdl compiler I released back when I was known as DoomMusic. This ensures that the models have absoluely no UV-shifting at all, and helps improve texture coordinate precision as much as possible.

I've included all the source files in the "src" folder, so people can make their own edits.

Just copy the contents of the "models" folder into your "Half-Life/gearbox/models" folder, and you're good to go.


Model and animation edits by:

Original models and animations by:

Thanks to ljazz_CM320 for fixing some issues in the readme files.

Hope you enjoy this model pack.
- Overfloater/DoomMusic.


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