Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes FGD

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Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes FGD by I have a plan
Posted 3 months ago2021-02-28 09:28:58 UTC • Unfinished • CS: Condition Zero
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Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes FGD
I have a plan I have a plan
CS: Condition Zero
3 months ago2021-02-28 09:28:58 UTC
1 month ago2021-04-30 13:59:19 UTC
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!NOTE!> This is for CS: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes. A single player only game.

Hello everyone! I've been working on this for far too long... But here it is! The FGD for CS:CZDS!
If you have any issues or suggestions, please don't hesitate to write it in the comments!

So, please have fun making some CS single player maps! Oh, and check back often, there might be an update or two waiting for you! :cool:

//UPDATE - New to version 1.1.1 HOTFIX

// > 30/03/2021 V1.1.1 HOTFIX EDITION
// - General cleanup of .FGD
// - Added monster_terrorist_jungle_xyz to monster_counter_terrorist_repel and monstermaker entities.
// - Added 'zhlt_embedlightmap' and 'zhlt_embedlightmapresolution' to BaseClass 'ZHLT'.
// - Added discription to monstermaker entity.
// - Added 'grenadetouch' key description to BaseClase Breakable (Wonky key but useful for realistic glass.)
// - Added spawnflag 2 and 4 to func_tank. (not sure what they actually do yet.)
// - Removed the 'preset' key from speaker entity.
// - Removed spawnflag 8 from monster_apache.
// - Removed 'UseSentence' and 'UnUseSentence' keys from BaseClass Monster

// > 30/03/2021 V1.1 Release
// - Added in weapon options for 'onlydamagedby' and 'notdamagedby' keyvalue in func_breakable.
// - Added 'notdamagedby' and 'grenadetouch' key to BaseClass Breakable.
// - Added choices into 'classtype' key for monsters.
// - Added 'Target X' baseclass to func_button.
// - Added 'model' key to monster_hostage.
// - Added 'idlesound', 'deathsound', 'quiet', 'firesound' and 'health' keys to monster_apache.
// - Added choices to 'particle_type' key to env_particle.
// - Added 'item' key to player_weaponstrip.
// - Added choices to monstermaker 'monster_type'.
// - Added spawnflag 16 to 'scripted_sequence'.
// - Added 'healthUpdateRate', 'healthModifier', 'UseSentence' and 'UnUseSentence' to Baseclass Monster.
// - Added 'silent' key to func_pushable.
// - Added key 'classtype' to BaseClass BaseTank.
// - Added BaseClass Targetname to trigger_usetool.
// - Added 'spawnawake' to BaseClass Monster.
// - Added all presets from CS:CZDS sentence.txt to 'speaker' entity.
// - Added description to 'deathtrigger' key for BaseClass Monster.
// - Added 'sequencename' key to item_generic.
// - Added choices to 'maptier' key in worldspawn.
// - Added 'bodygroup' key to BaseClass gibshooterbase.
// - Added 'immediate' key to trigger_camera.
// - Added 'gagged' key to monstermaker.
// - Rewrote descriptions for func_breakable to include the above mentions in 'onlydamagedby' and 'notdamagedby' keyvalue.
// - Rewrote descriptions for 'tooltarget' key to include how target_info is used to get proper angle.
// - Rewrote descriptions for env_particle 'vis point' to mention that it takes a target_info.
// - Rewrote descriptions for worldspawn's 'maptier' key to mention AI changes.
// - Fixed aiscripted_sequence 'm_iszPlay' and 'm_iszEntity' key from showing its help info.
// - Fixed ambient_generic 'message' from showing help its info.
// - Fixed trigger_endsection 'section' key from showing its help info.
// - Fixed cycler 'model' key from showing help info.
// - Fixed 'explosion' values. 'directed' now displays proper behaviour.
// - Fixed 'target' keyvalue dupes on trigger_changekeyvalue.
// - Fixed func_button dupe 'target' keys.
// - Fixed 'spawn' on func_breakable from showing '0' instead of 'none'.
// - Fixed env_glow display name mistake.
// - Fixed item_generic not have a target or targetname.
// - Removed a '!NOTE!' tag from something that did not need it.
// - Removed func_hostage_rescue (doesnt exist in this game).
// - Removed 'default' key from BaseClass Monster (Im just dumb).
// - Removed 'toolset' key on trigger_usetool (Obsolete).


Commented 3 months ago2021-02-28 10:56:13 UTC Comment #103363
Shut up and take my rating!
Commented 2 months ago2021-03-21 13:12:43 UTC Comment #103446
This is awesome! The previous fgd that i found didn't have half of the stuff in csczds but thanks to you i can finally work on HLMW ep2 properly with all the assets. Very nice job!
Commented 2 months ago2021-03-23 13:34:49 UTC Comment #103457
Good effort!
Commented 1 month ago2021-04-30 14:00:20 UTC Comment #103549
No problem, fellas. It's my pleasure to make this game come back to life!
I've just updated the download with the newest version. Have fun!

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