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Janitor Simulator by John Pot
Posted 1 month ago2021-08-22 07:03:04 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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Janitor Simulator
John Pot John Pot
1 month ago2021-08-22 07:03:04 UTC
1 month ago2021-08-22 07:03:04 UTC
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Janitor Things Janitor Do Janitor Proud Janitor Simulator
If there is any bugs inside the map, please let me know


Commented 1 month ago2021-08-22 15:34:30 UTC Comment #103675
Architecture — 4
Texturing — 5
Ambience — 4
Lighting — 4
Gameplay — 5

The map doesn't have much to show, there's no story, no shooting, no puzzle, also the purpose of the map is to put the player in the point of view of a janitor that I guess is in black mesa because of the textures, the map lighting is poor, the map is too bright and too white. The texture of the computer screen could be different and the same applies to the texture of the scientist's desk. The map architecture is simple and not very interesting, it's not a good map, but it's a good joke map. (Also if I made any writing errors, I'm sorry I'm still learning American English)
Commented 1 month ago2021-08-22 23:50:11 UTC Comment #103676
/\ Thanks for the feedback from The Skeleton

Yeah, I made this map on rush cause I wanted to released it very early before I kept forgetting that this exist
The purpose of this one map was just playing as a Janitor. To achieve something like this, I had to put many trigger_relays and multisource.
And yeah that's about it. I wanted to make some of the area half bright but, I just wanted to make the map simple and playable
Commented 1 month ago2021-08-24 15:54:59 UTC Comment #103677
I enjoyed this very much!
Commented 1 month ago2021-08-25 22:57:47 UTC Comment #103678
Lighting isn't anything special but I wouldn't call it poor. Some of the door lights are nice-looking. Too white indeed, but there's some color, which is good. What is good as well is that you're using texture lights.

The map's main problems crop up shortly after the start. A ghostly game_text tasks the player with getting some soda to drink. There's a tiny bit of ambience (should've added a tiny bit more in spots) and some scientists to entertain you.

But then comes the soda part. All the player has to do is walk up to the vending machine, only for another game_text to pop up and explain what's just happened. No feedback of any sorts - not a soda can popping out, nothing, sadly. Oh yeah, you forgot to add the word "mop" to "Grab the freaking and do the job". Nice testers you've got :D

The next task is to grab the mop and get rid of those stinky puddles all around. The mop has been in the start room all along, but you absolutely had to drink a soda first! No way around! It's sad that grabbing the mop doesn't produce any sound effects. You should've added at least one and it'd be a very nice improvement already!

This is where Janitor Simulator turns into Trigger Simulator. All the player has to do is run over the puddle. Yes, being a janitor is that simple! Jokes aside, I understand that there aren't any obvious improvements that may come to mind. As an idea, however, you could've made the player press the Use key on a puddle several times to gradually remove it, or something. And again, you at least should've added a splashy sound effect to make it more satisfying.

The Trigger Simulator continues, and now you have to get the garbage out of the trash bins. This is where feedback is completely thrown out the window. What you have to do is to walk up to each trash bin and that's it, with one caveat - all walking up does is increment an invisible counter. No sound, no animation or anything similar. No feedback.

Finally, to end the shift, our janitor needs to push a nearby cleaning cart into the now unlocked disposal unit. Another such cart, looking literally the same as the other, can be seen inside the start room. To my surprise, there's no way to push it out and trick the disposal unit. It is good you have considered it.

What you haven't considered, though, is that a dumbass like me might decide to jump into the disposal unit along with the cart! I got the "You're Winner" text as the unit was crushing me down along with the trash. Now, you could've clipped it off, however I don't remember if there's an easy way to do that to a pushable object. Alternatively, the disposal unit could've had a different shape. Or you could've taken the possibility into account. All up to you.

Good job either way. You should improve your lighting by having it less bright and less white, as pointed out above (just don't make it too dark), and also have more feedback and consideration put into your gameplay pieces.
Commented 1 month ago2021-08-27 16:07:21 UTC Comment #103680
Fun little idea, but I definitely agree with what Windawz said. It's basically a series of triggers and zero input from the player. You could do a lot with this idea using different tricks to show the bins being emptied or the pools of water being mopped up. Sound effects, actually requiring the player to "use" the things they're supposed to be working on and some rendering tricks.

The actual design of the small play area is a little bland looking as well.
Commented 1 month ago2021-09-18 16:21:34 UTC Comment #103720
it's a neat little map

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