Die-Way 2 demo2.0

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Die-Way 2 demo2.0 by YEE YEE
Posted 1 year ago2023-01-30 01:40:41 UTC • Unfinished • Half-Life
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Die-Way 2 demo2.0
1 year ago2023-01-30 01:40:41 UTC
1 year ago2023-02-02 13:52:09 UTC
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Unfinished map, revised some questions,Perfect something :hammer: . thank you for your feedback! If you have any questions, you can make suggestions. Thank you! :P


Commented 1 year ago2023-01-30 06:57:57 UTC Comment #105037
I am not the best reviewer but I'll try.
I am also not the best gamer. I played this on hard and it was... Hard.

The first arena looks pretty nice. I like how you can open the shutters and see what you're going to have to deal with, the brick building looks good and you have a goal set with the explosive box in the container.

This is where the skill issue comes in. The amount of soldiers for what you have feels a little much, especially when I think they can all throw grenades. I found it quite tough to get outside because grenades kept being thrown at the door.
The explosive "detonator" also doesn't look too special. It does have the cable running to it and is connected to the, electricity tech thing? But there isn't a button or display that makes it look different from the normal crate. I was clicking e around it thinking it would have something to do with it but I didn't actually know what I had interacted with.
After (what I found to be) a hard fight you're very quickly thrown into another without many recovery items. I ended up having to hide and just take potshots for a while.

After you go through the container there's another large group of aliens and because I was already quite low this was actually really hard, even with the turret. And again it doesn't feel like you get much back in the way of health or armour.

From the first level, you can see the hallway inside get cut off and the light levels noticeably change when transitioning into the second level.
The hallway is really tight and the soldiers can still throw grenades, so I found myself dying to that quite a bit. There also appears to be a soldier behind the turret indicating that he's controlling it, but you can't actually hit him as there seems to be an invisible wall?

I like the little elevator climb and how you can hear combat from above.
The goop room is a nice little change of scenery even if it is only for the ending.

I think the map looks pretty decent but I feel like it could be a tad more balanced.
Hopefully this doesn't seem too negative! I did enjoy it, just found it quite hard.
Commented 1 year ago2023-01-30 20:03:30 UTC Comment #105038
Definitely a challenging map but with a handful of issues which make it a little unfair at times. In the starting area, there appears to be an issue with some of your entities, such as the doors and the lit of the crate. For some reason, from certain angles these are blocking the player's bullets, meaning you can empty your entire stock of magnum ammo into the grunt outside and hit nothing but the air in front of him.

Also, the grunt fights in the office, even in the office are wholly unfair to the player. The mounted gun at the end of the hall cannot be stopped, even if you kill the grunt shooting it. This combined with the tight spaces and enemies at every possible angle mean that this is a near impossible gauntlet which took me multiple attempts. I love a challenging grunt fight, but the issue here is the small space and vast amounts of clutter which turn it into an exercise in slowly peaking around corners and chipping away at whoever you see first before you can move on to the next target.

On the level design front, try to make use of func_detail for the various objects and vehicles around the map. This will prevent your brushwork getting carved up like so, and save you some compiling headaches down the road:
User posted image
Commented 1 year ago2023-01-31 05:49:13 UTC Comment #105041
I like these maps, even though they start very hard and then get easier - it should be the other way around!
I played it on Normal difficulty, and the first battle with the grunts is still way too punishing. Cover is necessary to fight all those soldiers, but the cover becomes a death trap almost immediately when the grenades start to fly. The GL grenades were the worst - they can kill almost without warning because they explode on contact, unlike the hand grenades which give the player time to escape. A fight like that would feel more adequate as a conclusion, rather than a beginning.
The office fight was interesting - most people who played HL would see a grunt using a mounted gun and think, "Ah yes, kill the grunt to stop it", and then feel confused when they can't shoot the grunt at all. I know I did. I don't know if that's bad or good, though: on one hand, confusing the player may lead to frustration, but on the other hand, it made me stop and think about what I really had to do, which gave this encounter a puzzle-like quality that I really enjoyed.

A couple nitpicks minor issues:
  • The "battery" for the detonator is short enough to walk over, so it has to be pushed while crouching (or thrown with the Use key)
  • If the player jumps on top of the armored vehicle near the detonator crate, he will fall inside it and may get stuck
  • Some of the walls inside the office area look a bit too thin
All in all, there is some interesting gameplay going on, but the difficulty needs balance. Good luck!
Commented 1 year ago2023-01-31 06:05:24 UTC Comment #105042
Thank you for your feedback. I will correct them one by one. ;)
Commented 1 year ago2023-02-01 04:08:45 UTC Comment #105045
Played again on Hard, its a lot better now!
Here is some more feedback:
  • There are no autosaves! it's a good idea to place them before fights or dangerous areas, or the player will have to start all over again if he forgets to save
  • The player can get stuck if he jumps on the chair in the starting room
  • First fight is much more fair, good work there
  • Office corridor fight is better, but I liked the old pushable crate, maybe you could create another similar area later on where you have to push a crate to avoid getting shot, I just think that's a nice idea
  • Jumping on the large crate in the green goop room is possible, but too difficult, might be a good idea to add another floating crate next to it
  • In the corridor behind the switch that lowers the goop, the door behind the zombie opens if touched (it should be a fake door)
Very minor details:
  • The toilet stalls don't have toilets in them
  • The hand dryer sound plays forever if you press its button, it should ideally play for a few seconds then turn off, every time the button is pressed
  • I recommend using a trigger_endsection to send the player to the main menu when reaching the end
You're doing well, the gamplay here is fun! Keep going!

Edit: I looked at the sources and there's a few more things:
  • The info_landmark entities should be in the exact same spot relative to the map
    In the first mapIn the first map
    In the second mapIn the second map
  • In the first map, there is a window on the outside that matches the wall right over the sofa in the corridor fight, but inside, the wall has no windows
    The wall in question... Wait, how did that grafitti get there?The wall in question... Wait, how did that grafitti get there?
    In the editor, the front door and the window lead nowhereIn the editor, the front door and the window lead nowhere
Commented 1 year ago2023-02-02 03:22:55 UTC Comment #105046
没玩过,但是感觉不如原神 :heart:

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