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Bulybrawl by Neo-TheOne
Posted 15 years ago2004-02-08 16:39:28 UTC • Completed • Counter-Strike
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Neo-TheOne Neo-TheOne
15 years ago2004-02-08 16:39:28 UTC
15 years ago2004-02-08 16:39:28 UTC
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My first ever map which already 11/12 people have enjoyed(the 1 person was very serious and was a bit of a moaner).Yes Neo vs Smith from Matrix Reloaded(neo vs 100 smiths). Based on it but with some added warzone and fun. Counter Strike map and creates mayhem when there are a lot of people on it :P Will get tedious if only say 4 people are playing it :(


Commented 15 years ago2004-02-08 16:40:00 UTC Comment #952
woooo im the first person :D
Commented 15 years ago2004-02-08 19:48:33 UTC Comment #953
There is a Matrix mod out somewhere. Din't know if it still exists though. Tryi looking up www.whatisexistance.com I think the address is.
Commented 15 years ago2004-02-09 11:47:03 UTC Comment #957
i got hte matrix mod, it doesnt work, i played a map wihc is almost the smae only it was for the specialist called ts_burlybrawl it had a good setting ony a bit small, dunno hhow that is wiht this map cuz i dont have cs installed:/
Commented 15 years ago2004-02-09 13:43:39 UTC Comment #958
its a cs warzone map and i have never played a matrix mod. TBH get he matrix online in summer 2004 www.thematrixonline.com
Commented 15 years ago2004-02-09 15:18:57 UTC Comment #959
-Usage of sounds in the map
-White room
-Pictures of Neo and Smith

-Texture aligning
-Brush work
-Level design

Score: **
Commented 15 years ago2004-02-09 15:43:16 UTC Comment #960
hey man first map go easy. And another thing ur playing cs here not map inspection for a compo.
guy runs out in search of last T and notices something
T runs out and sees CT looking at wall? screw this sh** BANG NooooOOooooo HEADSHOT... Terrorist win
Commented 15 years ago2004-02-09 15:45:02 UTC Comment #961
and the white room is the MAINFRAME of the matrix and its a corridor not a room :P DUHHHH!!
Commented 15 years ago2004-02-09 16:03:09 UTC Comment #962
Actually, a few would argue that this is the place criticism goes. It helps to have your map downed by people, because then you know what to work on next time. ;)
Commented 15 years ago2004-02-09 16:17:20 UTC Comment #963
Actually, a few would argue that this is the place criticism goes. It helps to have your map downed by people, because then you know what to work on next time. ;)
Commented 15 years ago2004-02-09 16:21:20 UTC Comment #964
Yeah well said. Unlike jaadsi who prob is a noob at cs if he has the damn game :/
Commented 15 years ago2004-02-09 16:33:23 UTC Comment #965
that aint really nice, this is a place where you get critisism, if you dont whant that then go somehwere else
Commented 15 years ago2004-02-09 16:50:07 UTC Comment #966
Looks like Neo doesn't really like my comments :D
Oh well, that's his problem
Commented 15 years ago2004-02-09 17:30:55 UTC Comment #967
BUT ITS NOT A COMMENT its being bias agaisnt a new first map someone has sent in and ur forgetting the purpose of it.CS = multiplayer = people want warzones... Play cs and take a look at every map u play.
Commented 15 years ago2004-02-10 05:06:12 UTC Comment #970
Pepper has a point there. Just because ur new at mapping doesn't mean squat. Some newbies produce sensaitional first maps. This site is here to help u improve and refine
Commented 15 years ago2004-02-10 20:35:01 UTC Comment #975
hey neo, why did you allow ratings on this map if you didn't want people to give their opinions? if someone doesn't like your map, that doesn't make them biased. if jaardsi was tryin to shoot you down, he wouldn't list any positive points about your map. there's no need to make personal attacks on someone just because they said your map has areas where improvement is possible.

no one likes to hear that a project they worked hard on sux, but that is a reality when producing something for consumption by the masses. individual preferences are different, not everyone will like your creation. you don't have to agree with the criticisms, but they are going to be a reality if you plan on releasing maps to the public. it does no good to get all bent out of shape over negative feedback... it takes a bigger person to accept criticisms with an open mind than to lash out at the person who criticized.
Commented 15 years ago2004-02-11 03:29:27 UTC Comment #977
Good points, Anthony and RacerX. -I couldn't agree more. I Will inspect this map when I'm able... 6 failed D/L attempts so far, sorry for pushing up the D/L count.
Commented 15 years ago2004-02-12 16:54:18 UTC Comment #990
i think this is a good attempt for ur first map and makes a great warzone but im going to make a map(a bit like an aim map) but from METAL GEAR SOLID 2 on the last level ARSENAL gear.
Commented 15 years ago2004-02-22 18:31:05 UTC Comment #1081
ok someone is pissing around with this. Ok its shaby but someone is voting over and over again 2 STARS!!! ONLY 30 people have downloaded it so how can there be 103 votes!!! FFFFFFSSSS. Fu**ing spammers.
Commented 15 years ago2004-03-04 23:13:49 UTC Comment #1154
Ok my friend Carrion Clown made maps before he quit playing cs I was kind of like you but he wouldnt quit i thought it was boring anyways when you play for instantce italy or office walls arent always stright they arent plain they have texture they bring you into the game wich make its fun to play you can some what imagine the scene so do like he did take the advise i know it takes a while to load into hl espically when you have alot of stuff in your map, but make use of the 3d cam with hammer and fix as you make just a little hint always after you cut see what is still there or it looks like crap
Commented 15 years ago2004-03-07 22:38:30 UTC Comment #1182
UH, this is not fair to NEO, people voting over and over again!
Commented 15 years ago2004-05-17 20:22:54 UTC Comment #1905
This map lacks something, maybe its the poor use of brushes and textures. Try to fix it up or redo it a bit, espiecially the un-aligned textures, I dont think your giving it your best efforts here. 2 stars.
Commented 14 years ago2005-02-15 07:07:39 UTC Comment #6010
lol 119 votes :S

Well not bad for your first map! It's better than my first map :)
Commented 14 years ago2005-04-27 17:56:17 UTC Comment #7030
Very interesting use of sounds and lighting. Great for your first map. Keep working on it.
Commented 13 years ago2006-05-06 18:19:55 UTC Comment #11696
this debate makes me hungry
Commented 1 year ago2018-01-09 05:28:46 UTC Comment #21199
This is a trainwreck.

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