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Ominous Reality Part1

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map screenshot

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By Strider (See more)
9th June, 2004

498.48KB - Nothing included

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Part one of a three stage adventure. Part two out soon, maybe. Oh yeah theres no story just alot of action, nothing special.


avatar Captain P says: 9th June 2004, 08:48 AM
Done very nicely, it shows you've thought it out very good. Plays well, balanced. Enemy placement was good, although I felt there were a bit too much different enemy's in such a short map. But since you haven't intended it as a story-driven map, it's not a real problem here.

You show potential, it's a great leap forward since your previous maps. You should really put some story in, your mapping deserves it.

Just a little thing, a bit more diversion in the lighting could make it more interesting. It's lit very well but some area's could have benefited from less lighting, to create a more tense mood. But still, very well done!
avatar Chemberly says: 9th June 2004, 13:45 PM
I liked it, a lil short, but good quality stuff , I ran outta ammo and x2 Slaves so I had to crowbar one of'em :)
avatar ZombieLoffe says: 9th June 2004, 19:33 PM
Lets do it old-style, JNZ cons and pros:
- Few weapons and enemies

+ Really nice architecture
+ ... and texturing
+ ... and enemy placement
+ ... and layout

_ Summary _
A really wellmade map with some axxion innit.
Waiting eagerly for Part2 :D

avatar Strider says: 10th June 2004, 03:38 AM
avatar Strider says: 10th June 2004, 03:39 AM
Part two is set outside so expect grunts and alien battles.
Few more weapons too.
avatar VOX says: 11th June 2004, 21:45 PM
How can you run out of ammo? you get a 50 round 9mm clip and have to fight 3 headcrabs and 2 slaves after you pick it up. 2 shots to kill each head crab.
6 ammo gone
3 shots to kill a slave
12 ammon gone
plus handgun come with 17 rounds, have to miss 55
avatar VOX says: 11th June 2004, 21:45 PM
by the way, awesome map, waaaaaay better than mine...
avatar davideo59 says: 12th June 2004, 02:24 AM
avatar Chemberly says: 12th June 2004, 06:16 AM
Not really miss, more like overkill, add-in some misc shooting of things and it'll polly add up nicly, but thank you for elaborating on how much ammo thier was...
avatar zeeba-G says: 12th June 2004, 08:45 AM
AHHHHHman i wanna dounload the map hehe anyone know how to get lynksis to work?
avatar twain088 says: 12th June 2004, 10:54 AM
must say nice job! but I am curious to how long it took to compile. Oh good work keeping the r_speeds down also.
avatar Strider says: 15th June 2004, 07:28 AM
it took ages to compile but apparently it was worth it!
Oh yeah Part 2 is almost done
avatar SilentGunz says: 28th June 2004, 20:35 PM
Part1 was awsome! I'm going to play Part 2 definatly.
avatar Ansith says: star star star star star 2nd January 2006, 00:50 AM
Its a shame that you dident finish this 3 stage adventure thing, It would have been good. 5* me likey
avatar rowleybob says: star star star star star 20th January 2006, 02:29 AM
+Excellent brushwork and detailing!

I loved the many-sided pipes along the walls, and of ones in the floor with the blue lighting. Nice, original detail work on doors and just about every thing else in this one. The puddle(s) coming from the barrel is one of the most realistic I've encountered--actually round-shaped--, and nice live wires!

+Nice Triggers, ambients and sprites!
+Nice easter egg behind the rubbish--which was also nice :)
+Nice lighing and nice use of HL textures.
+Good monsters and weapon placement.

-could do with a better story or premise, as I wasn't sure what was going on.
-gameplay was fine, but could be improved, and maybe a little harder
-I'm noticing a trend in your maps--lots of breakable boxes with nothing in them. Give us some MRE gibs or something :)

Beautiful detailing, Excellent work!

5 Stars
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