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By Tetsu0 (See more)
3rd November, 2004

301.54KB - BSP

Last edited: 21st November, 2004


Finally is complete. It is still open for improvement, but it is completed.
-Space station bomb map. Terrorists need to blow up nukes, or the very cliche' "radioactive space crystals" Pretty small map. The silo wall can be blows apart for easy access to Bomb site B.


avatar Trapt says: 4th November 2004, 02:00 AM
Screenie looks good. Include the BSP for us to play it without compiling.
avatar Trapt says: 4th November 2004, 02:04 AM
Had a look at the rmf, and here is what I think.

+Lighting looks nice
+Decent Architecture
-Texture alignment. If you are going to make things go downhill, make sure the texture lines up with the one going straight.
-Layout. So far it looks like it lacks layout. Something needs to be connected from the bombsite, so it isn't a dead end. Think about it. All good DE_ maps have about three different ways of getting into the bombsite.

Hope it helps. As it is now, 2/5 stars.
avatar Trapt says: 4th November 2004, 02:05 AM
Oh I forgot another negative thing for you to fix:

There are lights coming out of nowhere. Light fixtures would do well, and perhaps learn how to use texture lighting instead of using point lights (entity lights)
avatar Tetsu0 says: | Attachment | 4th November 2004, 20:05 PM
Heh.. something about the texture i got for the walls.. it doesnt like to line up properly. im thinking about making the enire middle section windows.. that would be a huge skytex though. This is cool (and aggtrevating) that the walls look decent. Im working on the paths to and from the bombsite right now, i dont feel like ginving the .bsp yet (only because it takes less than 2 min to compile) and its coming along very well as of right now.. so new update.
avatar RabidMonkey says: 4th November 2004, 20:26 PM
I'd make window frames, and slap a trim tex on them, imo, since windows look odd just with a wall - they always have trim.

Architecture looks good, texturing looks alright.
avatar Tetsu0 says: 4th November 2004, 21:20 PM
Ratings please?
avatar Tetsu0 says: 4th November 2004, 22:29 PM
Ratings please?
avatar Captain P says: 10th November 2004, 20:08 PM
Ratings say nothing imho. Comments, on the contrary, do...

From the screenshot, I'd say the architecture is very basic, as is the texturing. Plus those computers look awfully prefabbed. For CS maps, I wouldn't advise the hl.wad anyway...

So, my first impression isn't a real impressive one.
avatar Tetsu0 says: 13th November 2004, 02:38 AM
New update.
Bombsite B now completed. Excruciatingly generic nukes, no bombsite yet (you cant plant) blast dorrs, the whole shabang. I want to ask somebody for a favor. If they can please make me some computers fer my map? im out of creativness, :( please. either by prefab or a tiny .rmf, Tnx a bunch.
avatar Captain Terror says: star star star star star 25th April 2011, 14:29 PM
This is seriously pwn for one of your bronze-age maps!

I can't be too rough on the bad parts(which there are not many), considering the age of this map, so i'll focus on what really impressed me:

++the curved/beveled corridors at all different angles are VERY impressive, and NOT an easy feat for a new mapper!
+Layout is pretty sweet if a bit small.
+Detail in different rooms is great, if not feeling a bit unrefined.

With some small changes, like adding some more beveled brushes to some of the blocky bits like the windows, some nice texlighting with different colors, and a little more orgainization in the detail areas, this map would be 5 all the way!

I want to rate it 5 now just for how much it impressed me for such an old map, but i don't want the overrating police on my ass yet again.. Actually, you know what, screw it; i'm rating this 5 for an exemplary and inspiring beginner map. This map has more heart in it than most of the "expert" maps i see, and for that, i'm giving it 5 stars.

Great work! Please subscribe me for updates and changes to this1

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