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Two Towers

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By satchmo (See more)
11th November, 2004

166.46KB - BSP

Last edited: 12th November, 2005


Single-player version of the Two Towers.

You've infiltrated the watch towers of a remote military outpost, but your cover has been blown. You have killed the commanding officer, but now you have to finish off the rest of the squad.

Watch out for raining grenades!


avatar satchmo says: 13th November 2004, 13:53 PM
I've tweaked the map to reduce the r_speeds a bit. Hopefully this will facilitate the fast-paced gameplay.

Enjoy, and try not to die.
avatar Sajo says: 14th November 2004, 14:40 PM
Im here to make comments:)

- too easy
- no story
- no architecture(all of them are prefabs)
- monster placement sucks
+ at least its kinda fun


sory:(.Well actually this was a DM map not a SP but your museum lockdown sp map is better than this.
avatar satchmo says: 14th November 2004, 18:46 PM
Thanks for the input, Saco. It's funny that you think it's too easy, because Captain P thinks it's much too challenging.
avatar Spooky says: 14th November 2004, 18:57 PM
Well... this map was completely ... kick-arse!

+Nice Gameplay
+Nice Architecture
+Layout was pretty cool

overall.. a 4/5.
avatar satchmo says: 14th November 2004, 19:10 PM
:) How interesting people's opinion can be so discrepant. But that's why we have a comment section, and democracy rules!
avatar Captain P says: 14th November 2004, 20:51 PM
Hard in terms of an overload of grunts and a need for ammo, especially in the start. Often, such maps fall down into what I call 'glock sniping'. It leaves the player but few choices: rushing in, wich is often very hard, or glock sniping, wich I find often very boring as it's nearly not challenging. IF you have a glock, of course. So in this case it's just a hard map (not for everyone, it seems).

Now I understand it's hard to make combat interesting, but I also think a player doesn't neccesarily have to engage into combat immediatly. In games you often see a certain increase in difficulty. As the player gets more and different weapons, the combat also becomes harder and, hopefully, more interesting. I wouldn't advise you to use grunt enemies at the start immediatly, they're not the most easy ones, especially not at the start when the player is often still low on ammo (or experience?).

I'd also advise you to build things up throughout the level. Integrate the weapons into the gameplay. When the player has a shotgun, give him some opportunities for close combat. When he has the crossbow, let him do some sniping (but try to keep it challenging by not giving away all enemies, or making the snipe positions hard to get to or to stay at. Don't forget to reward a player after some hard fighting either...).

Also, a player doesn't always have to be in combat. Give him some breaks, a little puzzle in between, or just some exploring. Prevent the level from becoming boring so put in some things to keep him busy, or start building tension before the combat (wich can really raise your combat to higher levels, making it belong in the map). Gameplay is more than combat and puzzles alone, you know... :)

As for the environment, it'd be good to experiment with cover and the like. Don't give away too much of the map at first too, give the player something to explore. Ok, this is a small map and quickly made, but mind it for next maps. Players like to find new things, they often like secrets (fairly hidden ones ;)), the like it when they get rewarded after having done something hard. Otherwise you'll leave them unsatisfied...
avatar Captain P says: 14th November 2004, 20:52 PM
So, challenging isn't the same as hard. :)
avatar satchmo says: 15th November 2004, 15:39 PM
Indeed, more true words of wisdom from Captain P. I'll take all that into consideration once HL2 mapping gets rolling.

I did, however, provide the player with grenades in the beginning of this map. My original intent is to use them to clear the grunts waiting downstairs and also throw it across to the top of the other tower to eliminate the grunts with the RPG ammos.

With a well-thrown grenade, I could usually wipe out both of the grunts in the neighboring tower using just one grenade. It takes some practice and skill to lob the grenade accurately, but that's the challenge and fun of it.
avatar rifter says: 22nd March 2005, 06:25 AM
Satchmo, this was a hard but fun map. Kept me on my toes and had lots of ways to approach the problem. Must use strategy on this map--only fools rush in. Maybe those having trouble with this aren't looking around before getting started. I spotted those grenades and pretty much followed the strategy you mention above (which I hadn't read yet.) Lob a well-placed grenade at the other tower, then another grenade down below at the boxes of explosives. A third well placed grenade in the near corner of the second tower area and the rest is dancing away from raining grenades. I liked it.

I only wished there had been a better ending. After killing everybody, being able to open the gate or something.
avatar satchmo says: 25th March 2005, 01:03 AM
Thanks for the feedback, rifter. It's an old map, and I didn't spend too much time on it.

If you have HL2 already, play the map called sp_justice ( I spent almost three months on building this map, and I put a lot more thought into it than this simple map you played. The gameplay for sp_justice is just as interesting, and strategy is essential for your survival.

In fact, I wrote an extensive walkthrough for Justice, and you'll like the ending better. ;)
avatar satchmo says: 25th March 2005, 01:06 AM
And if you don't have HL2 yet, you can play the other HL1 map I made ( It's also got interesting gameplay, and it's also very challenging. You have many ways of beating it, and using strategy is important.

I also have a comprehensive walkthrough for "Escape".
avatar rowleybob says: 18th April 2005, 02:21 AM
Didn't try this one, but I gave DM version +625 pts.
avatar Sajo says: 31st August 2005, 06:09 AM
Captain P ,cant play SP well.That why he calls everything hard.
Right?Captain P

avatar satchmo says: 13th October 2005, 19:19 PM
I agree that this map is pretty darn hard. I die many times myself playtesting it.
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