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The Transporter

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By Duffm@n (See more)
21st September, 2005

1.84MB - BSP

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This is MY compo map for the 'xen transporter' competition, so nobody try and enter it as theirs! im only uploading it to here because its too big. Download it if u want, but i wil probs be able to download after the competition has finished.



avatar Elon Yariv says: 21st September 2005, 12:59 PM
Hmmm...atlist post a txt file with a link to this map! lol Or else I may not remember it.

One thing fullbright -> BAD.
avatar Duffm@n says: 21st September 2005, 13:00 PM
sorry, i didnt understand wat u just sed!
avatar Duffm@n says: 21st September 2005, 13:01 PM
o rite, i hav dun that. but i dnt think it runs 4 sum reason
avatar Elon Yariv says: 21st September 2005, 13:03 PM
Post a text file(to the compotition) with the URL(place on the web) to this map so I will remeber it when I'll chack the maps.
avatar Elon Yariv says: 21st September 2005, 13:03 PM
avatar Duffm@n says: 21st September 2005, 13:07 PM
yea i hav dun that, but the map runs after i compile it, but not from the startup run box. i take it this wil b a problem?
avatar Elon Yariv says: 21st September 2005, 13:09 PM
Hammer normally runs it but you can make it not run the game! ;)
avatar Archie says: 22nd September 2005, 06:48 AM
Fullbright = appaulingly terrible.

Make sure rad is on 'normal' mode in the compile window.
And you must add lights entities
avatar alexb911 says: 25th September 2005, 08:40 AM
some clever ideas, obviously full-bright

although you mapped xen well, ie, rustic, and 'alive' the 'canons' where blocky, like an afterthought. it wod look better if you made it look like they were incoperated better into the ground.
avatar Duffm@n says: 27th September 2005, 13:10 PM
thanks for the feedback, athough when compiling with lights and vis the compiling would take too long, and i did not have the time to do it :( could of been done better with a bit more time
avatar rowleybob says: 7th January 2006, 21:33 PM
The first cave was very nicely done, and some other nice concepts in this map. Ironic though that your in Xen where I wouldn't expect any "square edges", but unfortunately the cannons and other things were perfectly square. Make everything in this map as nice as the first room and it will pwn!

Overall bad performance was a distraction thoughout-- I was running <30fps which is unheard of on even the worst--in terms of performance--maps.

As everyone keeps saying running "full vis" and rad should dramatically increase the playablity of this map. I personally don't like running vis and rad, because of the extra time it takes, but it's so worth it!

Nice job anyway!
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