Commented 8 years ago2013-11-29 08:36:19 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Skewing textures in Hammer Comment #100957
AWESOME! Thank you! I did not know about the "align to view" option! Now I can skew whatever texture w/o having to make a new texture and use a series of wall panels or use rotated textures and wall brushes with slanted ends (to get the textures to line up).

Awesome looking spiral staircase, too.
Commented 9 years ago2012-07-10 03:27:14 UTC in journal: #7876 Comment #39663
OMG. and i hate using "OMG", but WOW! It's definitely on my wish list. I'm still waiting to play what I expect to be my favorite game. Did you get a good deal on it?
Commented 10 years ago2011-11-29 07:37:13 UTC in vault item: c31_captainterror Comment #19599
so jealous you got yours to run with 9000+ wpolys and mine kept crashing with around only 4000 :(

It looks awesome! Lovely detail with the railings, the lights, the floor stripes. I liked that you included the catapult launch tunnel, and the Colonial One ship!

You did great with the textures. I wish you had more variety to make it more realistic, cause I doubt anyone else has done a better remake of BSG for half life!

Ok, criticism time:

Where are the dang cylons that have boarded, I'm so ready to blow their toaster heads off!

And I agree with cStriker, give it more life. Though I'm sure the reason your map is lacking in this area, as well as gameplay, is due to time constraints. I would suggest maybe like steam exhaust from a vent or smoke from a damaged engine. Ambient sounds (though I know no custom snds were allowed for the compo.. so.. kinda limited there.) Maybe some vox sentences playing randomly, but that could be inconsistent with the theme.

And excellent work modelling the 2 versions of the Vipers in hammer!
Commented 10 years ago2011-11-26 08:47:54 UTC in journal: #7485 Comment #66663
Yeah, I've got to switch to mapping for source. I prefer GS mostly because of Op4 (and I know it inside and out). I'm picky about playing games with more standard military based weapons (HL2 is not my style) and getting to kill monsters (CS:S has no campaign nor monsters). I'm impatiently waiting for the Opposing Force Source mod.
Commented 11 years ago2011-01-30 13:05:45 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Splash Screens for Steam Comment #100717
steam recently added a way to add a second 32x32 sized icon to display in the game description area (but no way to add game info text to show up on steam yet??? anyone?)

to make the 32x32 icon, put your 32x32 tga icon file in same location as the 16x16 but add "_big" to the end of the file name